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After We Collided

Free download ↠ After We Collided ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Veni je nastavak romanse Tesse i Hardina priča o njihovu suočavanju s demonima iz prošlosti svime čime su povrijedili jedno drugo i stvarnim životom Nastavak u kojem će pojam ljubavna drama poprimiti sasvim novo značenje. Really wish Trevor was in this book Anyways I did a spoiler filled reading vlog for this book on my YouTube channel which you can check out here for of my thoughts

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Free download ↠ After We Collided ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free E Hardin shvaća da nema što izgubiti – osim njeJe li se doista spreman promijeniti zbog ljubavi Koliko je ona spremna opraštati i još važnije sviđa li joj se doista slika budućnosti s HardinomPoslije svega Sudar strast. Caution Rated R for language and hot stuff The tag line for this series should be I m sorry Please just give me one chance Cause I swear to Jesus it s said about 50 times in each book thus far How many times is Hardin going to screw up The answer infinity times and how many times is Tess going to forgive him The answer she s a dumb ass This is truly a bad soap opera But my god it s HOT People like myself sadly are drawn to the drama and overall steaminess of this book I m eating it up like a tub of ice cream on a hot summer day It s sooo good as you re eating it but you hate yourself afterwards Go ahead and judge me for downloading the next one I m judging myself fo sho

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Free download ↠ After We Collided ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Nakon burnog početka veze i šokantnog otkrića Tessa i Hardin moraju pronaći način da nastave svoju romansu No može li ljubav koja ne priznaje granice doista opstati Tessa polako počinje uviđati kako bi mogla izgubiti sv. So I made a huge mistake continuing this series This girl just kept pressuring me to read it and to be honest I actually wanted to give this series another chance I wanted to like this series Because when millions of people read a book and claim that they like it there s gotta be something wrong with you for not liking it as well right But I m wrong There s nothing wrong with me There s something wrong with everyone else It s just the same cycle over and over again Nothing new except that Harry excuse me Hardin is even controlling and abusive He stalks Tessa into Zayn s apartment and forces her to leave with him and threaten s to kill Zayn for talking to her Tell me that s not abusive I dare youSo what pisses me off is how easily Tessa forgives Harry for making her virginity a game If this girl has any respect for herself she would ve filed a restraining order against him Instead she decides to forgive him and decides she can t trust Steph when it was Harry who played with her heartThe lack of sisterhood in these types of stories make me sick And it gets worse Somehow Harry is in control of who Tessa can and can t talk to and that s another sign of an emotional abusive relationship When things get tough and you fall into the hands of alcohol that s another sign of an emotionally abusive relationshipWhen you have sex with a girl and she s intoxicated and you know she wouldn t have sex with you if she weren t drunk that s another sign of that s sexual assault I don t know if Anna Todd wants you to sympathize for Tessa but I can t sympathize for a character that makes dumb choicesI really can t If this was real life Tessa would ve left Harry or Hardin or whatever and went for Trevor or Zayn or whoever respects her as a person and not an object But the writer isn t doing a good job in making it as realistic like she said she is I mean abuse is realistic but come onI feel like I would like this book if the whole series ended with Tessa leaving Hard on for good and marries Trevor Trevor too good for her maybe Zed Zayn and never seeing him againThis isn t a good love story This is just a girl s fantasy of changing a bad boy mixed with co dependency and glamorizing abuse relationshipsAnyways this series is just boring And the only reason why so many people like it is because of smutWhy haven t I thought of it soonerJust add nonsensical drama and sex and there you go A million reads I am a geniusThere s so many great underrated stories on Wattpad it upsets me that people prefer a badly written fanfictions and a relationship that reminds me of the Fifty Shades rather than something original I don t hate Anna Todd I m proud she got a movie deal it proves that anything could be possible But her books are not my cup of tea and will never be so get over itIf any After fans are planning on leaving me hate comments just to let you know