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READ & DOWNLOAD Beneath the Earth SUMMARY Beneath the Earth 107 Hitman – Boyne examines the hopeful and the damaged without prejudice or judgementThis his first collection of short stories is some of John Boyne’s finest writing to date It includes ‘Rest Day’ which won the 2015 Writingie Short Story of the Year award in Irelan This was a really compelling short story collection and it was fun to read one of my favorite authors in a different medium My personal favorites were Haystack Girl Rest Day The Vespa and Araby which is a modern retelling of the beloved Joyce story my favorite from Dubliners this time about a young boy coming to terms with his sexuality falling for the older neighbor boy and being invited to his rugby match it perfectly captures the wistful sadness of the original I will admit I don t love them uite as much as his novels Most of the stories were uite dark and while Boyne is no stranger to darkness in his work I found many of the characters in these stories unsympathetic as compared to the characters in his novels that I love dearly I know lots of people enjoy unsympathetic protagonists but it s not my favorite Regardless the stories were great and I finished the entire collection in only a few hours

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Beneath the Earth

READ & DOWNLOAD Beneath the Earth SUMMARY Beneath the Earth 107 In this collection of twelve dark unerring and surprising short stories John Boyne explores the extremities of the human condition in all its brilliance and brutality The secrets we keep and the ways in which they shape us the impossibility of shared loss the lengths we w In my uest to read everything John Boyne I picked up this most interesting collection of short stories In this eclectic mix of a dozen tales Boyne shows his prolific writing ability as he dissects the lives of a diverse group of character types following their daily routines revealing secrets of their sexuality prostitution incest infidelity revengepayback plain old frustration war and even murderwithout showing prejudice or placing judgement None are descriptively graphic Some stories are dark some sad some even humorous but most have no traditional real beginning or end They just explore what is and stop While Amsterdam my favorite with the incident at the Ann Frank house showing a father s anguish over people using cell phones at inappropriate times knowing they can kill and the last story Beneath The Earth by far the darkest John Boyne one of my all time favorite authors

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READ & DOWNLOAD Beneath the Earth SUMMARY Beneath the Earth 107 Ill go to in order to protect our families and the distance we will run to protect ourselvesDrawing on a host of enthralling characters – a farmer a cuckold and a teenager exploring his sexuality; good parents bad parents writers and soldiers; a student a rent boy and a Entertaining collection of short stories by John Boyne a master story teller

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