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characters The Illusion of Gods Presence ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB John C. Wathey ä 7 Free download An essential feature of religious experience across many cultures is the intuitive feeling of God's presence More than any rituals or doctrines it is this experience that anchors religious faith yet it has been largely ignored in the scientific literature on religionStarting with a vivid narrative account of the life threatening hike that triggered his own mystical experience biologist John Wathey takes the reader on a scientific journey to find the sources of religious feeling and the illusion of God's presence His book delves into the biological origins of this compelling feeling attributing it to innate neural circuitry that evolved to promote the mother child bond Dr Wathey a veteran neuroscientist. A few decades back my wife and I took the kids to Disney World In August On the third day of heat and humidity we were scheduled to go to that movie themed park which is part of Disney I think they changed the name of it relatively recently but whatever Anyway all my wife and kids wanted to do was stay at the hotel and go to the pool I being stubborn posited that I had not flown practically the width of the country to do something we could have easily and cheaply done at home My wife claimed it was not the heat not even the humidity that was keeping her from the movie park but the fear that seeing how they do the wonderful effects would ruin the movies for her The science will take away the essence of the movies and why do I want to risk that Plus it is so freakkkkkkkkin hot Well I m going I went I waited I wiltedJohn C Wathey s The Illusion of God s Presence had me thinking of those Disney days again Reading it was interesting and entertaining to say the least In fact I would say the book contained some of the most interesting information detailing scores of fascinating scientific studies all presented in the most boring style I think I ve encountered I went I waded I wiltedThere was a point or two during the early course of my reading that I thought perhaps the most memorable thing I would take from this book was the realization of the dyslexically similar spelling of two fields which have interested me going back probably to 10 BDE ie Before the Disney Era mentioned previously Theology and Ethology I majored in Psychology with an emphasis on Animal Behavior and almost enrolled in the monastery after graduation Not so though there was much memorable information in the book It was interesting to read of the various tie ins beyond their spelling between those two ologies For the most part Wathey made many excellent points However at times even though I agreed with most of his reasoning his conclusions felt a bit heavy handed to meCan things be too interesting I know it sounds ridiculous but I did get so engrossed in so many of the consecutively explicated scientific experimental findings that when Wathey finally returned to his title subject I audibly uttered Oh yeah the God thing The last subsection of the book felt ironically preachy to me not that I disagree with its main premise I see the connection Wathey was making but I thought that topic God Humanity and the Earth would have functioned better and felt less preachy if it were an Appendix In fact the entire Chapter 15 What if God is not Real may have functioned better as an Appendix because I feel it went beyond the scientific discussion of the illusion of God s presence presenting the author s personal views again not that I necessarily disagree with those viewsI know Mr Wathey is supremely proud of his seuel and he has every right to be I m sure it is well researched and extremely thorough in its presentation and explications just as this current work is However I couldn t help but chuckle after the nth reference to his seuel where n exceeded my species specific innate releasing mechanism threshold a small homage to Lorenz and Tinbergen At that point every reference to the seuel took on a John Frum or Godot feel He said it s coming Just wait You ll see Charlie BrownAs I finished the book on a beautiful Labor Day afternoon I contemplated the many thought provoking studies I had now been made aware of Fascinating for sure Valid no doubt Stimulating absolutely Discussion provoking indeed But I have a nagging thought Perhaps my wife s opinion of that Disney movie park vs the movies applies here Science as valid as it is may take away the essence of religion Why do I want to risk that Plus Wathey s style is so freakkkkkkkkin dry Let s go to the pool

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The Illusion of Gods Presence

characters The Illusion of Gods Presence ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB John C. Wathey ä 7 Free download Giosity of women relative to men; religious obsessions with sex; the mysterious compulsion to pray; the seemingly irrepressible feminine attributes of God even in traditionally patriarchal religions; and the strange allure of cults Finally Dr Wathey considers the hypothesis that religion evolved to foster reproductive success arguing that in an age of potentially ruinous overpopulation magical thinking has become a luxury we can no longer afford one that distracts us from urgent threats to our planetDeeply researched yet elegantly written in a jargon free and accessible style this book presents a compelling interpretation of the evolutionary origins of spirituality and religion From the Hardcover editio. The Origin of God RevealedThe best explanation of belief in gods I have found The roots of belief lie in our extended early developmental genetic and experiential relationships with care givers mothers especially and social bonding The rather bleak ending of the book bothered me because it rang true that our course as a species may bring our own demise

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characters The Illusion of Gods Presence ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB John C. Wathey ä 7 Free download Argues that evolution has programmed the infant brain to expect the presence of a loving being who responds to the child's needs As the infant grows into adulthood this innate feeling is eventually transferred to the realm of religion where it is reactivated through the symbols imagery and rituals of worship The author interprets our various conceptions of God in biological terms as illusory supernormal stimuli that fill an emotional and cognitive vacuum left over from infancy These insights shed new light on some of the most vexing puzzles of religion like the popular belief in a god who is judgmental and punishing yet also unconditionally loving; the extraordinary tenacity of faith; the greater reli. There are a lot of individuals who in spite of reason and lack of evidence still persist in believing in a God There is no argument that can convince them for they claim to have experienced god personally and thus can believe This book offers a naturalistic explanation for this phenomenon It boils down to INNATE predispositions that are evolutionarily formed in the human species and reside in the orbitalfontal cortex that create in each of us the certainty of the existence of our mother immediately after birth and this occurrence is at the root of all subseuent feeling of the presence of a god Longing for the certainty of a mother blossoms into longing for the certainty of a God as we age A second root for the feeling of the existence of god is the need for social bonds in order to survive and it also is an evolutionary adaption These two roots are explored in detail the first root than the second in this work The author makes a lot of sense for you can clearly see this in everyday experience It is not a proof for the non existence of god but it is an explanation for a common phenomenon that otherwise defies rational analysis

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