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characters Loafing by La Brea 108 R” has started to terrorize the city Luckily for Nick his aunt and uncle have paid him to watch their house in Hancock Park while they take a couple months to travel throughout Europe He needs the income and free rent at least until he crosses paths with Lee a BMW driving country clubbing former coworker of his who may just have a job for him Nick bides his time by lounging about in the house and swimming in the backyard when he’s not privy to Arman’s shenanigans or hitti. The author commented on a review I wrote suggesting if I liked that book I should read his I did soApparently I now see he does this to a lot of people spamming suggestions to read his book He has given a lot of thought and energy to self promotion Would that he put some time into studying plot construction writing believable dialogue considering character development or even reviewing some basic grammar This book is sadly an example of the level that literature can drop to when left to self publication on the internet A boring story that goes nowhere with undeveloped characters having repetitive dull conversations Lots of descriptions of different routes to take through LA traffic and how bad each experience was as well as boring summaries as if from a daily journal of someone who goes to Starbucks sits on a bench by the La Brea tar pits and then swims naked in the pool at a glamorous mansion he is housesitting for a rich uncle He also spends a lot of time bemoaning his lot in life while not attempting to try to do or learn anything Sadly my summary made it sound interesting than the book actually did Lots of random meaningless details that do not contribute to mood ambiance or plotIn many cases like this I would recommend a writing workshop but for this one I am reminded of what a music teacher told me many years ago after I demonstrated my passioned attempt to perform on the flute better for you just to go back to playing the piano he said shaking his head sadly Well better for this author to try singing or tap dancing or painting watercolors because this writing gig is just not going to work out for him

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characters Loafing by La Brea 108 Ng the links with Lee Nick may feel that life is starting to pass him by but not without the increasingly freuent interruption of newscasts discussing the murders And he’s still not uite sure how he feels about Tara Everything is coming to a head From the stately mansions and chic bistros of Beverly Hills to the monotonous theme park motel dotted streets of Anaheim Loafing by La Brea takes its readers on a freeway ride through the good bad and ugly of contemporary Los Angeles. What I love about Michael Hughes writing is it s like a reduction or deconstruction is that the correct word For at a restaurant when they sort of take a dish and present its core components artfully with showmanship and pizzazz of the most interesting portions of what makes so many famed Californian authors great but for most intents and purposes removes the artifice and sensationalism sort of cluttering so many conventional plotlines and interfering with their authenticity and veracity of the storytelling There is plenty of reasonable excitement in Loafing By La Brea but where it truly shines is in the minutia those uiet subtle moments many authors will slapdashedly excise frustratingly omit in service of Plot and Saving the Cat but where great writers have a capability to truly capture valuable peeks into experiences insufficiently detailed historically Granting us perspective into these subtleties is Hughes greatest talent and he is a genius at memorializing such picturesue life slices And while certain simpering philistines might prefer a car chase or gun battle were freuently ensuing I ll submit those snapshots of singular meticulously captured experience are on par and not dissimilar from the most striking seuences of Thompson or Cain or Ellis or Tolstoy for that matter To be present enough to truly depict a time and place along with its curious inhabitants is a weighty task and Michael Hughes has an impressive knack for it I lived in the described area of Los Angeles around the time this was released don t any longer and have not for many years so upon reading was immediately amazed at just how this novel brought me right back there how the author superbly captured the prevailing character and tone of its scene and those familiar stock characters which inhabit it I edit a small literary journal and became familiar with the book s author when we published a short story of his Shattered also excellent free to read online incidentally and have since been greatly enjoying his lengthier works If you appreciated this I highly encourage you to pick up Pumpkin Farmer which has a similar tone and setting if somewhat darker vibes kind of in the same vein as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Looking forward to reading Inland Intrigue next

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characters Loafing by La Brea 108 On a bench by the La Brea Tar Pits twenty five year old freelance consultant Nick Conrad sips his coffee and smokes his cigarettes He has a lot on his mind There’s the perennial hunt for gainful employment There’s his buddy Arman whose self destructive boozing coke snorting and carousing is beginning to take its toll And then there’s Tara his ex She’s found work as a crime reporter just as a particularly macabre serial killer dubbed the “San Fernando Valley Slaughtere. I cannot believe this author is still spamming away all over Goodreads we got it you have no shame or self respect now STOP SPAMMING UNDER MY REVIEWS I asked him to do that 5 times by now and he just does not care

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