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Willa Thorne Õ 2 Download Review ï His Pawn Manhattan Tales #1 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00T3GVOUWThe plan seemed simple I'd use her every which way and then send her back to her brother with a clear message You had your fun and I had mine Little did I know that I'd fall for herMeet Mason Woodward a British Billionaire who manages his father's comp. Lately I have been on a roll with reads from new authors to me And Willa Thorne is another lovely addition This book had me clutching my pearls if I wore pearls and blushing like a virgin I was a hot messMason Woodward is one smoking hot dirty talking kinky tie me up yes please ball of pure alpha male My favorite type He can also be a complete cocky jerk face Who also has a past A cheating ex girlfriend and one backstabbing ex best friend What better way than to get revenge Seduce the little sister of course And that would be Jillian Pryor She s shy a little on the nerdy side and just lost her job which I found completely hysterical as to why she was fired and broke So after 5 years she reaches out to her brothers ex best friend Little does she know she s about to embark on a deal of a lifetime Hey She s single and young Go get you some girl And she does Over and over and over Mason does not disappoint Neither does Willa Thorne in creating these scenes Holy hot I read sex Lots of it And it takes something special to have me feeling it all over Mr Woodward is a very naughty man Trust me Just read it and you will understand So during this agreement feelings start to develop Lines are blurred And Mason is hiding his motives from Jillian What will happen when she finds out And what will happen after that ending Good god I am so freaking happy that book 2 is out because I NEED TO KNOW Willa I am so glad I picked this book up Because once I did I couldn t put it down Your writing and story had me sucked in right from the beginning And you made me blush That s a hard thing to doYou guys have to go 1 click His Pawn if you have not already Mason Woodward will not disappoint

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His Pawn Manhattan Tales #1

Willa Thorne Õ 2 Download Review ï His Pawn Manhattan Tales #1 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Of Travis He'll hook and reel her in If Travis can take the love of my life then I'll take his little sister The plan seemed solid until she got under his skin and began to challenge everything he was thinking This book is for readers age 18 for language and sexual content The complete story will be available in August 20. Ahhhh Willa You slay me That cliffy is killerrrrrr Mason is the man I love to hate and hate that I love And hated him I did I had that something terrible is going to happen feeling in the pit of my stomach as the pages turned This book made me nervous If your e looking for a caring and sweet Hero Mason fails on every account He s selfish egotistical narcissistic and vengeful Until Jill puts a crack in every piece of his armorWilla gives us just enough insight into the man that Mason used to be back before his best friend and Jill s brother slept with the woman he wanted to call his wife to let us know that Mason is redeemable Even though his relationship with Jill starts out as a plot for revenge against Travis for that unforgivable act Mason uickly realizes that Jill is so much to him than a pawn at his mercy Lightness flows through her and he begins to suppress the demons that have haunted him all of his lifeThe sex is dominant and on fire Even though Jill knows that their relationship is short lived she can t help but feel the burn throughout her body every time she looks Mason s way I struggled a bit with the writing in this book The lack of contractions often made the story feel very formal when there was no reason for formality Additionally the way certain scenes went from one to the other felt choppy I loved the characters but would have fallen at their feet if their dialogue and connection was a little easier With a bit of editing this could easily be a five star seriesRegardless manipulation and sparks fill the pages as Mason Jill contemplate their next move in this sexy dark romance This debut from Willa will have you tied in knots begging for so much 375 starsI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis review looks prettier on my blog

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Willa Thorne Õ 2 Download Review ï His Pawn Manhattan Tales #1 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Any in Manhattan New York He's handsome wealthy has a filthy mind and knows how to get what he wants At one time he knew what it meant to care about other people until he found his best friend Travis Pryor in bed with the woman he intended to marry Now Mason has a plan for payback that involves Jillian the younger sister. 375 stars Really enjoyed this book My only issue is that not much happened in terms of the falling Inlove stage I wanted romance and less sex sex sex Lots of sex doesn t euate to love for me I was wishing for romantic scenes that allow the reader to follow Mason and Jill s journey to deeply love one another Mason starts off as a jerk with bad intentions but then of course Jill makes him change And I love an asshole turned good I am writing this review after reading all three books I enjoyed book 2 but felt like book 3 was useless In the last 2 books I feel as though it was all sex sex sex and one dramatic moment followed by sex sex This was particularly the case in the third book where I felt like it was completely unnecessary The second was still suspenseful and needed considering the cliffhanger of book one oh and I kind of hoped that the next book would start from the cliffhanger the fact that it didn t was anti climatic Anyways the second was needed for Mason s redemption and the suspense was good But the third just pissed me off I felt like nothing happened till the 80% mark where it takes place within a couple of pages then back to sex I did enjoy this series but I think this is a case where the author should ve stopped earlier

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