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About Last Night About Last Night #1 Download Ð 100 Read & Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Belle Aurora Read & Download About Last Night About Last Night #1 Email from a potential client finds him intrigued about the shy awkward woman A back and forth is started and before uinn knows it a friendship is formedTime passes and. This book OMG I loved it Brother s best friend books are my absolute favorite and this little sexy number is going down as one of my favorites yetWe first meet Mia She is back home from school and ready to really begin living her life Her whole life she has struggled with self esteem and body issues She has worked hard to get healthy and feel better about herself but she still feels awkward and shy around men She decides to hire an escort to help her overcome her insecurities with men but not just any escort Matt uinn has been Mia s brother s best friend for the past five years He had a terrible upbringing and with little education sort of fell into being an escort It s odd to say that but it really fits the story Matt is a great guy genuine and caring He is the perfect guy for Mia They begin talking gradually by email and text Matt has no idea he is speaking to his best friend s baby sister They only met on one occasion and Matt was drunk and barely coherentThis book takes brother s best friend to a whole new level It s crazy sexy and I loved every minute of it The connection between Matt and Mia grows from the very beginning Mia already feels like she knows Matt from the pieces her brother shares While Matt is completely smitten with the shy girl with a witty personality When these two do finally come together is crazy hot and well worth the wait I loved every second of this bookEven if you aren t a super fan of brother s best friend books I still recommend this sexy read I loved the sexy funny banter they shared via text and email The moments they finally spent together were picture perfect I loved these characters so hard and was cheering them on the whole time This book delivers on all elements heartwarming sexy and funny I definitely recommend ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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About Last Night About Last Night #1 Download Ð 100 Read & Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Belle Aurora Read & Download About Last Night About Last Night #1 Uinn is smittenThere's only one problemThe client is his best friend's little sisterShe's off limitsHe knows betterStaying away from one another is easier said than do. FULL REVIEW POSTEDRating 3 ESCORTS StarsMy Views Overall this one was a nice sweet read which I enjoyed to uite an extent To be honest there were time when this book was too slow for my liking I must say that I loved the side stories Nick Addison and Bill and Terry better than the main story Style of writing Belle Aurora is an amazing writer her writing is fluent funny and she always deliver a page turner but for me she missed her mark with this oneCharacters Matt was Ohh so sexyHe was fun and I loved how he is not scared to state his feelings On the other hand Mia is the shy and funny girl who was really entertaining except for the fact that she acts like a teenager for someone who is 27 Together they were great and made me enjoy this oneFavorite Part NoneWhat did not work 1 The characters do not meet for approximately half of the book even though they text and converse a lot for me the first half was uite slow It s after the characters met that it started working for me2 I felt like the love confession the pacifying and the ending were rushed Similar books HmmUnfortunately I just finished On Jamaica Lane and jumped on this one and I just could help comparing the twoThey had uite some features which were similar Recommended As mentioned above this one was a cute read and funny to some extent and had Tons of HOT Sex so I ll definitely recommend it to you people However it must be noted that since the hero is an escort there ll be sex scenes of him and his clientschokengititikchokengs I didn t get why the book is named About Last Night Nothing happened last night or soClick On The Color Splashes To Join Me

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About Last Night About Last Night #1 Download Ð 100 Read & Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Belle Aurora Read & Download About Last Night About Last Night #1 A MALE ESCORTBROTHER'S BEST FRIEND ROMANCEMatt uinn has been an escort for most of his adult life He's so good at his job that he's booked months in advanceAn enuiring. 5 stars About Last Night is a book that I could not put down once I started it It is a bit predictable and even a tad cliched but for me the enjoyment factor was off the charts so I gave it a full 5 stars I don t know what it is about this book I just had so much fun reading it I was smiling and laughing and completely falling in love with Mia and uinn s story uinn is Mia s brother s best friend They ve only met once and it s been a while Mia is a tad bit shy and awkward And she s a virgin uinn is an escort She knows uinn is a professional She also knows that he s kind and sweet and won t hurt her So she goes for it She starts to message him under an alias of course and they develop a friendship You can only see where this is headed right How is this going to work out and add in these two start to fall for one another and uinn still doesn t know who Mia is for real I loved the build up Let me give a bit of a warning here There are things I m sure other readers won t love in this storyview spoilerwith the hero being an escort in the first half of the book it does show him being intimate with his clients hide spoiler