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  • 01 February 2018
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Connect By John Browne

Download Connect By John Browne ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Summary Connect By John Browne A practical manifesto for reconciliation This timely and important book features candid interviews with global leaders at the heart of this debate from Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Goldman Sachs’ C Connect and engage with society this is the rallying call to businesses by this impactful little bookWritten by the former chief executive officer of BP and two top McKinsey executives the book takes a hard look at how big businesses connect or accurately often fail to connect with society at large Built around many candid interviews with top global leaders and mixed with the authors own experiences the resultant book is a fairly informal powerful and engaging read dispensing advice over how companies and executives can enhance their performance by engaging radically with the world around themThe authors point out that this engagement is than philanthropy or corporate social responsibility CSR and the potential value for getting it right can be high they estimate that it can be contribute a boost of up to 30 per cent of corporate earnings and the shares of companies which connect effectively outperform those of their competitors by than 2 per cent every year That is a fair amount of money for effectively being a better connected corporate citizenIt was good to see how historical references can be weaved into current day activities and even future projections given all at the same timeThe authors are not afraid of throwing cold water over many popular themes in modern day business life such as CSR of which they are uite scathing CSR was an admirable attempt to improve companies relationship with society and to broaden the scope of their duties It told companies as well as investors to consider the well being of employees communities governments and other groups But CSR has failed both companies and society because the initiatives are almost always detached from the core commercial activities At best they distract attention from the vast societal contribution made by the day to day business At worst they represent a doomed endeavour to get away with irresponsible behaviour elsewhere Business leaders have been voicing these concerns for some time but while CSR has been declared dead intellectually it remains the model by which most companies deal with society In other words people still talk warmly about the Emperor s New Clothes just in caseThis was a great book and a review can only scratch the surface It is humble informative open embracing and very ish Even if you are not a top business leader with the power to change the course of your majestic ship it can still be a very good read that may help you along in the future

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Download Connect By John Browne ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Summary Connect By John Browne EO Lloyd Blankfein to Tony Blair and Tim Berners Lee inventor of the World Wide WebConnect shows how companies and executives can enhance their performance by engaging radically with the world around them Really next level stuff but it isn t light reading like your typical business book Not very speed readableRather than delivering they key principles through anecdotes Browne weaves in history from over the last two millennia Loved it

Summary Connect By John Browne

Download Connect By John Browne ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Summary Connect By John Browne Drawing on the professional experience of John Browne former CEO of BP and the insight of two McKinsey experts Connect articulates and explores the recurring rift between big business and society offering John Browne a British businessman whose impressive resume includes a decade plus stint as CEO of British Petroleum contends that businesses will not survive the near future unless they radically engage with society and accept the responsibilities they bear toward their stakeholders both great and small He contrasts this positive engagement with corporate social responsibility a stance adopted by businesses to ensure they comply with all applicable laws and are seen to give back to the communities in which they operate Too often however CSR fails to provide any meaningful self regulation to the companies implementing it and instead devolves into silicon manufacturers endowing playgrounds to city neighborhoods In other words CSR becomes an attempt to look good without adding any real value to the business s immediate communityBrowne offers four tenets of connected leadership for companies who want to avoid the latter pitfall and instead want to make relevant contributions to society while increasing their own value These tenets boil down to the necessity of understanding your company s societal context explicitly stating what your company s contribution to that context will be managing people resources and potential allies well in other words hiring CEOs able who are flexible intelligent and persistent and engaging radically by going above and beyond what is expectedThe first half of Connect provides a brief history of companies who did or did not model these tenets as well as plenty of contemporary examples that help readers apply Browne s ideas to the current tech dominant landscape BP Walmart and Unilever are used most freuently as examples which gets tiresome after awhile This part of the book is the most stimulating though as we get lots of concrete evidence for the claim that business success is dependent on social engagement that actually puts stakeholders particularly consumers first instead of social engagement simply intended to make companies look goodThe second half of the book looks closely at Browne s four tenets of connected leadership and how companies can exemplify them going forward This part of Connect can be hard to get through as it is abstract and tends to lack the organization of the first half There is a bright spot in the lengthy epilogue where Browne discusses the future of AI and business but the following discussion of emerging economies and global accountability is pretty dry The four tenets don t each get their own chapter and are instead divided awkwardly among three chapters that are heavily weighted with seemingly extraneous contentBrowne s overall message that companies must engage society to thrive that they must do so out of genuine concern for society s well being and that transparency is key to the success of this venture is important and relevant Many of the examples he marshals express this point very well However the book suffers from a lack of crystal clear organization and while Browne gives a couple nods to startups and entrepreneurs he focuses almost exclusively on big business This is understandable given his background but it s frustrating the future of commerce is if not dependent upon at least bound tightly to the success or failure of the small business model particularly the small tech based business model It would have served Browne s point particularly well if he d paid attention to the small companies which by their very nature are inextricably embedded in the society to which he is so eager to contribute