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  • 28 May 2017
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Free read I Wrote This for You and Only You Download ñ I Wrote This for You and Only You Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N't get it Replete with the most recent and original entries this third book based on the I Wrote This For You project co. The type of poetry Free Verse The same Title Photograph Canto concept merged along with some of volume I II I love you like I love sea And I m okay with drowning The peculiarity I noticed about this volume is The Titles are arranged alphabetically I didn t find any poetical order between prose they stand individually beautiful I have told sky all my loneliest thoughts of you And all it does is shine starlight back at me But I guess that s what makes it such a good listenerUntil and unless you peel off the layers one by one of some of them they will reflect back as clich d words repeated over and over to preach positivism At points they will indeed frustrate you for good because they won t match with titles or photographs but just once take an effort to read them again and the chords of your heart will tuck into the accurate rhythm of it Such grave subjects as in particularly death love despair are addressed profoundly I particularly liked the Love uotations as the writer has converted different streams from the love ocean You make me nostalgic for a love that hasn t even happened yet Ending it with the favorite one If you re not afraid there is no end only an imminent bliss So burn like love and love like fire Adding my perceptions of Love Love is when hearts combine into one the pieces of the tricky puzzle which fits together The submersion of two subconscious minds eventually wants the journey to have a particular destination Love is simple endless eternize and why contaminate it with complications lust misunderstandings or attractions That reminds me

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I Wrote This for You and Only You

Free read I Wrote This for You and Only You Download ñ I Wrote This for You and Only You Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ntinues the exploration of hauntingly beautiful words photography and emotion that’s uniue to each person that reads i. That was an amazing collection I picked this book up randomly in Barnes and Noble today knowing nothing about it I was intrigued by the title and how there is really no author listed I just sat here and read the whole thing in one sitting The poems in this collection are simple and yet incredibly profound and beautiful photography accompanies the poetry These poems explore universal themes of love life death isolation connection nostalgia childhood and time in this moving collection Definitely check this one out

Free read I Wrote This for You and Only You

Free read I Wrote This for You and Only You Download ñ I Wrote This for You and Only You Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook I need you to understand something I wrote this for you I wrote this for you and only you Everyone else who reads it does. This book is written only for you This book is written for your own scrutiny rendering and perhaps even for your own sustaining You don t have to explain how the words relate to you nor how you make of the photographs After all No one will ever understand you in the way that you desperately want them to understand youA barrage of threadbare phrases one may argue But the thing about them clich s is that they have been so common we forgot how relatable they are This book with its beautiful words and somewhat obscure photographs made a strong point in the most poignant way that sometimes the most obvious things are the ones most overlooked As you get on with it in your head you overlay on each page a version of your own story to tell with your own photographs to showcase It inspires you to observe to learn and to understand whilst reminding you of the most important thing to participate You d flip to the last page wishing there s No scrap that you d not just wish there s you d wish you re writing the next ones This book will stir your inclination to write not because there s an audience to satisfy but because the act of it satisfies youIt s amusing how one gets to explain you better than you can for yourself This book delivered and didn t disappoint In fact it conveniently struck a few chords it s almost offensive If it hurts you if not being who you want to be kills you inside just close your eyes and remember Somewhere else I m something else Somewhere else I m something else And soon you will be here Soon you will be youSo right now I m closing my eyes