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Kinski Uncut The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski summary ä 108 Nto the German army the last of World War II and on through his rise to international stardom as a film acto. I didn t really feel the need to finish reading Kinski s autobiography he was German he had major issues maybe he sometimes thought he was Jesus etc but parts of it are absolutely hilarious I recommend reading Kinski s anecdotes about Werner Herzog in particular his tale of Herzog stealing his food and then watching Herzog s documentary about his dealings with Kinski My Best Fiend Because that s what friendship is about really stolen food and attempted assassinations BFFs 4 ever

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Kinski Uncut The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski summary ä 108 This autobiography recounts the life of the German actor Klaus Kinski It tells of his tortured childhood in. I could never write a review that would do this book justice There are some amazing monomaniacal memoirs out there For example The Dirt by Motley Crue or John Lydon s No Dogs No Irish but then there is this Kinski is either totally insane or an amazing liar I don t know which but the way he recounts his life and his sex life is something to behold Why it is so difficult to get a hold of his two auto biographies is beyond me They should be perennial best sellers Just for any interaction he writes about with Werner Herzog is worth reading this book and that doesn t take into account the wonderful wartime stories that he has or his preteen sex life that is active than probably anyone s normal life So great so insane Thank you Karen for bringing this book into my life

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Kinski Uncut The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski summary ä 108 The poverty of pre war Berlin starving stealing perpetually frost bitten his conscription at the age of 16 i. I don t mean to state the obvious butKinski was INSANE This book is shocking and hilarious most of it is lies I am convinced Kinski painted any woman who wouldn t sleep with him with a bitchdyke brush for instance his Fairy Tale Theater co star Susan Sarandon and shamelessly lusted after mother sister and daughter His perspective on the human race is mostly hateful and I found myself really hating Kinski However there is an ongoing reverence for nature throughout his narration that I found touching Two things his violent Herzog rants are hilarious and he constantly compares female genitals to fruit and vise versaI read All I Need is Love right after reading the Sandra Lee autobiography Made From Scratch If you want two accounts of troubled impoverished childhoods and their polar opposite outcomes read these back to back

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