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Thoughtful Thoughtless #15

Summary Thoughtful Thoughtless #15 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Life revolves around his music and his band mates and that's the way he likes it And then one woman changes everything Kiera is the kind of girl Kellan has no business wanting she's smart sweet and dating his best friend Certain he coul. 35 starsI can t remember the last time I read something that was purely the alternate POV of the same bookmaybe it was Walking Disaster Hmm I don t remember but the point is I don t read those much because I don t want there to be a risk of ruining the original version of the story I took a leap of faith this time because of the hero Kellan Kyle He s one of my all time favorite book boyfriends and there isn t much I m not willing to endure while reading if it means he ll end up in a better and happy place Because honestly This book had many many things that would normally drive me up a wall had I read it in another book I also want to say that if you re reading this book expecting there to be new stuff to be added to the original storyline of the Thoughtless trilogy wrong mentality When the author said Kellan s POV of Thoughtless she really meant thatyou re getting a rehash of book 1 in his view At this point I would only recommend this book if it doesn t matter to you that the plot is the same you just want Kellan any way you can get it I went into this book with that in mind so my review won t touch on the plot redundancies because really that s not even supposed to be an issue Now about this book It was a slow burn a snooze fest and an angsty rollercoaster ride all in one Different sections of the book made me feel different things and by the end I was just tired and exhausted from it all First and foremost reading about Kellan s heartbreaking upbringing in his own voice downright hurt The emotional scars his parents left on him were deep leading him to feel this perpetual loneliness inside of him while on the outside he looked like a perfect golden angel And yet for all his looks and charisma he s insecure about feeling about emotion and about loveWhen Denny and Kiera enter the scene the snooze fest sort of began In Thoughtless part of Kellan s allure was the fact that I didn t fully know his thoughts when Kiera did this or that and while it was pretty adorable and heartwarming to see the depth of his love and longing for her I feel like the author exposed too much if that makes any sense There are some things best left unsaid and be open to the reader s imagination instead so I was a little discouraged to have to read EVERY single one of Kellan s thoughts about Kiera this and Kiera that for half of the book Honestly these were the parts that drained the life out of me because Kellan s world IS Kiera His love for her blinded him to the rest of the world and in everything he does and sees it s all her even when she s not really his and to have to read about that kind of torment killed me There was one thing that really bothered me though and it was a technical issue so nothing to do with the characters themselves In my opinion I think the author is weak with the male POV and it s the reason why I can t bring myself to give this book at least 4 stars I don t say this to hurt her it s just an observation Because when I read this book there really was no difference in writing style or tone between this book and Thoughtless Kellan must ve hid his sensitivity very well because in here he noticed the tiniest things like how eyes have different shades he used flowery words like blossomed do dudes really talk like that described looks and clothing to the finest detail etcall things that I d normally read from the girl s POV But in the end I am glad and immensely thankful that I got to hear his side of the story Most importantly it made me understand him better as a person and though I will always believe Kiera doesn t deserve him I now understand why he believes she is the one for him something I could never accept even though I loved Thoughtless Because the plot itself is the same as before I didn t feel the same kind of intensity like I did when I read Thoughtless However Kellan Kyle himself will stir up enough emotions for you and if you re determined to read about him rather than about the story as a whole this book will probably be a winner for youThoughtful is Kellan s POV of Thoughtless book 1 in the original trilogy Even though it s technically a standalone I would not recommend reading this on its own At the very least read Thoughtless ARC provided by Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Summary Thoughtful Thoughtless #15 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In Thoughtless Kiera told her story Now it's time for Kellan Kyle to share his side in Thoughtful The only place Kellan has ever felt at home is on stage Gripping his guitar in a darkened bar he can forget his painful past These days his. OHHHHH MY GOD This is Kellan s POV of Thoughtless BLURB The only place Kellan Kyle has ever felt at home is onstage Gripping his guitar in a darkened bar he can forget his painful past These days his life revolves around three things music his bandmates and hot hookups Until one woman changes everythingKiera is the kind of girl Kellan has no business wanting smart sweet and dating his best friend Certain he could never be worthy of her love he hides his growing attractionuntil Kiera s own tormented heart hints that his feelings might not be one sided Now no matter the conseuences Kellan is sure of one thing he won t let Kiera go without a fight TEASER She handed me the necklace and my fingers were shaking as I took it The guitar was perfectly crafted delicate but sturdy and there was a large circle diamond in the center that sparkled in the lights It was me and it was Kierathe perfect embodiment of what we were or rather what we d never be I couldn t think of anything better to give her to help her remember me and what we d gone through I ll take it I whispered not even looking at the price tag Excellent the woman beamed I ll go ring you up While she walked away Evan stepped up to me Kellanyou can t expect her to wear that It s too obvious I shook my head as I stared at the glow emanating from the diamond I don t expect her to I don t expect anything But this is what I want to give her My eyes were watering when I looked over at him This is how I want to say goodbye

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Summary Thoughtful Thoughtless #15 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D never be worthy of her love he hides his growing attraction until Kiera's own tormented heart hints that his feelings might not be one sided Now no matter the conseuences Kellan is sure of one thing he won't let Kiera go without a figh. 4 I love you Kellan Kyle even when you look like an obsessed psychopath Stars I will not dwell on explaining this book s story because I don t believe there s many readers who don t know Kellan s and Kiera story Even the people who didn t read the books Basically girl moves to another city with boyfriend they going to live with boyfriend s friend boyfriend finds a job in another city girl and friend fall in love huge mess happens In a very short way it s basically itWe ve read this story trough Kiera s eyes but in this book it was Kellan s time to tell the story Despite not being necessary I advise you to read this book only if you have read the Thoughtless series before And if you haven t get on it like yesterday If for some reason you want to break something after reading the first book don t give up the two others after that are perfection Maybe it s because I already know how this ends but reading this wasn t as hard as it was Thoughtless Still it was angsty emotional and when it ended I had go read Reckless epilogue just to remember exactly how this whole mess ended This series was one of my favorites ever and it was great to be inside Kellan s mind even when he looked a little nuts If you re a fan of the series you can t miss this book On another note I know that Reckless already has one but it would kill give us another epilogue Maybe one further in time Rating 4 Stars Characters Development If I haven t read the whole trilogy before I would have loathed Kiera And in some moments I did Luckily I know she gets better and ends up redeeming from all of this mess so I got over it Kellan is a different story he s a book boyfriend I ll always love but seeing this story trough this eyes not only was hard as in some moments he was so obsessed over Kiera that he looked borderline psychopath Being inside his mind was painful at several moments but I loved this opportunity for being there I loved seeing the D Bags trough his eyes and the friendship between them and I had almost forgotten how I loved Anna It was nice to see of her either Steam Some hot scenes Sensible Subjects view spoilerBesides Kellan fcked up past and mind Not really hide spoiler

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