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  • Paperback
  • 272
  • Beneath By Roland Smith
  • Roland Smith
  • English
  • 09 April 2019
  • 9780545564878
Beneath By Roland Smith

READ ¾ Beneath By Roland Smith FREE DOWNLOAD Beneath By Roland Smith T use email and doesn't have friends He's never really cared for anything but the thrill of being underground and for Pat of course So it's no surprise to anyone that after a huge fight with their parents Coop runs away One year later Pat receives a package c. So I don t venture into the 4 star ratings too often but I really enjoyed this book Perhaps it was because I was book talking this to the TR 5th graders for the last month and I started to drink my own cool aid but I think it s than that Coop and Pat are interesting characters The POD and LOD are very interesting antagonists and the links to 60 s era history is also intriguing I m definitely looking forward to the seuel

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READ ¾ Beneath By Roland Smith FREE DOWNLOAD Beneath By Roland Smith A fast paced thrilling novel that introduces a pair of very different brothers and the depths literally one will go to save the otherWhat waits BeneathPat O'Toole has always idolized his older brother Coop Coop is different He doesn't talk on the phone doesn'. This book came across my desk on approval While not in love with the cover I began to read the first page Then the second and then the third I was hooked Slightly offbeat family older brother missing a year parents break up then Pat gets a recorded message from his adored brother Coop exhorting him to keep what he says secret from everyone Before you know it Pat is on his way to New York to find CoopAt first I wasn t sure uite what I was getting into I expected perhaps a modernised Journey to the Centre of the Earth or maybe some kind of weird fantasy world that was under the ground instead of through the wardrobe or the looking glass It turned out to be neitherThe story opens up a secret yet not magical world under the streets of New York Those living in The Community are living under the radar and under the ground but have a functioning relatively normal society It includes such people as Terry who goes to work each day to his bank manager s position As Pat is admitted to see them he discovers that Coop has left them to go even deeper underground to The Deep It is here that Pat s adventures really take offWhat happens next is a blend of mystery adventure romance and conspiracy thriller It was a page turner and I was pretty annoyed to get to the end and discover that no it wasn t a dream but it was PART ONE

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READ ¾ Beneath By Roland Smith FREE DOWNLOAD Beneath By Roland Smith Ontaining a digital voice recorder and a cryptic message from his brother He follows the clues to New York City and soon discovers that Coop has joined the Community a society living beneath the streets Now it's up to Pat to find his brother and bring him hom. A surprising twist that keep me totally engaged at the end It isn t an easy book for struggling readerslots of inner dialogue and characters who may not seem important The setting beneath New York was really well written and fascinating