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Read Wrapped Around Your Finger Wrapped Around Your Finger Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Would He takes her in public on stage punishes her with both sensory deprivation and erotic overload And then he proves to her that all of those actions suit her to perfection Costumes erotic toys role playing and a 247 BDSM lifestyle fulf. this is book 3 in the series This is Alison s almost memoir As much as I am able to tell The man she loves the lengths she goes to for him the things he teaches her about herself In the first two books the story didn t follow day by day In fact in Dark Secret Love the first book in the series Alison skips through time catching us up to where the character Samantha a version of Alison first meets Jack She gives us the back story and then she shows us the ropes of her introduction to BDSM 247 In book two The Delicious Torment we meet Alex who is Jack s assistant Alex is also Jack s sub and Jack uses Alex to further expand Samantha s limits I loved the first two books this book is my favorite thoughIn this story Jack has a special surprise for Samantha He lavishes her with a special treat but she has to wait Since waiting is not really her style she gets anxious and in doing so she gets 7 days of spankings These 7 days are the heart and soul of this tale The things that Jack plans out and does to Samantha during these 7 days give us a glimpse into what it really means to be Jack s sub I don t want to give it all away This book was such a delight to read In Wrapped Around Your Finger we get a daily account of what Samantha s life is like with Jack The ways that he engages and tops her are simply well not simple I don t have the adeuate vocabulary to put into words what I feel for this story It was perfect and horrifying It was sexy and a bit of a mind fuckAlison invites us to interpret her devotion for Jack and their devotion for each other This book this series really should be called a great romance Yes it was really sexy I loved the way Alison writes about the pain the humiliation the lust but she also works in her uncertainty This is for real This is not for faint hearted players or someone that wants to read a flippant summer romance This is a couple threesome really that expounds on what it means to go all out for someone Stepping out of her comfort zone repeatedly for growth Jack opens up Samantha s world and with that her trust is multiplied We can see how Jack is Dom always and also a great teacherEach book in this series could be read as a stand alone There are no annoying cliffhangers or uestions left unanswered there is just of Samantha s journey I am so excited to hear that there are from this series It is not a trilogy as I was first lead to believe there are a few books coming I am anxiously awaiting the next one Only because I am so greedy for this story Since this story is so real I know it will appeal to lovers of BDSM old and new This is just a great example of how it can really work and is the only way to nirvana for some Get this and get a clear view of Dominance and submission

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Wrapped Around Your Finger

Read Wrapped Around Your Finger Wrapped Around Your Finger Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ill Samantha’s dirtiest dreams Yet can she manage to stretch her love for Jack to incorporate his carnal need for his male assistant Alex as well Take the ride with this deviant trio and enjoy their complicated intricate happily ever afte. I know that there are books before this one however this one can be a stand alone as well I enjoyed reading this book The concept well thought out and well writtenSam has her Dom in the BDSM lifestyle Her Dom also has a Dom in training or w sub himself Sam has been completely accepted her role in her dom s life However she still pushes her boundries because she likes the implement of pain that she needsWhen her punishment has to last for seven days she is both excited and terrified as to what is going to happen In the end of the seven days Sam has learned about herself her Dom and the other man in her Dom s life She has grown to accept her life as it is That she will not be the only person to satisfy her Dom She is not the only person he needs in his lifeI enjoyed reading this book It brought you into the lifestyle of BDSM The author has a way of making you wan to try exactly what is in her books experiement evenI just with the book was a little longer and had details when it came to the rules of the house in which they live

Summary Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Alison Tyler

Read Wrapped Around Your Finger Wrapped Around Your Finger Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Entirely suited to one another Jack and Samantha continue to explore their sultry kink drenched love affair Jack a dominant’s Dom pushes Samantha’s boundaries making Sam do things she’d never thought she wanted to never believed she. This series is remarkable in the way it controls my emotions and imagination I preorder the book I keep the date rolling closer in the back of my brain when I forget lots and lots of other sadly important things and then wait until I m in an undistracted space before reading it on one sitting or so then think about different parts of it for days It s gripping That Alison Tyler writes mostly short stories must help since she s so good at immersing you in the scene and giving you the stakes in spare clever and self deprecating language Or she writes short stories because she s so talented at slice of life interactionsThat it s almost completely centered on sex scenes doesn t hurt either Seventy five percent of the book or is non stop sensational actionBut I think the intensity of the books is due mostly to the singularity of Tyler s focus There s not a plot here Samantha isn t leaving Jack isn t kicking her out and the suspense over Alex is interesting as a window into Jack s psyche than as a mystery itself As a character Sam doesn t like Alex so we don t like him though she does admit that he s good in bed and formidable competition and keeps her on edge That she doesn t say he s super annoying doesn t keep me as a reader from thinking that for her because Sam is such a cool likeable genuine character When she engages in a bit of snark and calls Alex baby Dom a couple of times I smiled because he is and it s funny Sam s life is unconventional and a bit frightening but she s all in and enjoying the ride so why shouldn t she have a little fun poking at Alex Of course doing so is dangerous because Alex has a sharp bite that I expect we will see soon enough In the last book The Delicious Torment we got a sense of Alex s vulnerability but in this one we get Jack s and that s the pay off Tyler deepens the character of Jack in each book and that s the pull to see what he ll do next and what it reveals about him as a man Okay as a character too but since this is fictionalized from Tyler s own life and journals I think a lot about who he is as a person and how he loves His brilliance and drive must appear as arrogance at his job but he s never like that with Sam or at least that s not how it feels He s high handed in every way a bit haunted self contained but the affection that comes through in the way he manhandles Sam is poignant As the narrator Sam doesn t indulge much in self examination which is fine But she struggles and gives words to her feelings about that struggle to understand what she s about to forgive her past mistakes to accept that she ll continue to make them in a way that s fascinating because she s a she s a wild child and an intelligent observer and a knock out writer Sam deepens too in the scene with the wives from the office where she tries to fit in and then gives up with the way she says she s not pretty and Jack s response to this is classic and the way she says that feeling dirty is part of the appeal of their sex life She accepts but still is hard put to explain why she has such a need for pain or Jack does for inflicting it Saying that others can call themselves submissives loud and proud and post about how there s nothing wrong with spanking or bondage but she needs to keep the shame as a turn on is a funny irony of these books and a reason Tyler s erotic stories are so good Take the humiliation out of kinky sex and what you have is people swinging on an adult playground Ho hum But have them be dripping with shame So so good You feel relief for both Sam and Jack that they ve found each other because without their other hand they really do seem tortured and incomplete Together Magic Love stories don t come any deeper or better than this with or without the erotic pleasure But I ll take mine with

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