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Jamie Author Catherine Lievens Free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Sometimes even a small decision can change your life Jamie is a normal guy with a normal if not boring life Everything changes when he goes camping and stumbles on a well guarded secret in the woods shifters exists It opens a whole new world to him a world he wouldn’t have thought. 35 starsNice story But unfortunately the chemistry between them is just so so For shifter books I need them to be combustible

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Jamie Author Catherine Lievens Free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Possible outside a novel and he has to decide if Ward is worth the changes that are turning his life upside down Ward has searched for his mate for a long time and now that he has found Jamie he will do everything he can to keep his gorgeous human even face jealous exes or try to con. This is a shifter story with predominantly feline shifters though there are other hidden paranormals in this world This is not an insta love story for the folks bothered by that The human MC is recently out of a long term relationship so he s not ready to accept a permanent mating no matter how appealing the black leopard shifter is We aren t witness to all the courtship but Ward spends about two months dating his mate JamieI enjoyed both Jamie and Ward I always love it when one of the men if doting and devoted toward the other There is some action after the mating is completed that is presumably the basic set up for the next few stories if not the whole series There is enough of a lead in for other stories view spoiler Keegan Bryce Finn Oliver etc hide spoiler

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Jamie Author Catherine Lievens Free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Vince Jamie to get over his fear of relationships He needs a chance just one but just as Jamie begins to trust him things starts to crumble When Jamie disappears Ward looks for him but without clues how can he find his mate Will he find Jamie in time to save him from a horrible futur. A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest reviewTwo starsDespite my enthusiasm going into this book hot shifters manlove the execution of it left me than a little disappointed Right off the back it was clear that the author loves reading paranormal romance I mean how else do you explain the story beginning with not so savvy camper Colin 24yo and recently dumped consoling himself in the woods of Wyoming when he stumbles upon large and sexy Ward 75yo and a leopard shifter playing around with a few of his friends The book is riddled with common shifter tropes and I could tell that at least some were meant to be funny Colin was the kind of sweet guy that I like to see find someone to care about him but I couldn t help feeling like he seemed like an irresponsible or emotional teenager at times than 24same thing with the little brotherWard had the erection of a man whose found his soulmate but I want of an emotional connection with him I appreciated him respecting Colin s desire to hold off the mating but since we don t get to seem them work through any issueslife challenges togetherit is kind of hard to feel the bigger than life romance you want in a paranormal I m not saying there aren t a few romantic momentsthey just didn t stand out to me I didn t shed any tears for their new relationshipAll the key elements of a shifter romance were present Immediate recognition of a mate including long stare into each other eyes and strange mystical connection I actually love this but the revelation was sort of awkward Denial that shifters exist This sort of seems to play out as a conversation with a sibling about paranormal romancesreally This sort of turned me off and made me wonder if maybe I just wasn t in the mood for a story with a strong comedic element Eventual acceptance of shifters If he had made one comment about being possibly eatenI would have thrown my ereader I did find the brother s easy acceptance a little weirdlike when I found out my older brother had an imaginary friend until he was 12particularly when compared with Colin s old maid ish behavior uestioning of mating process I actually hated this part and I wasn t sure if it was because it seemed sort of thrown in or because it was competing with Colin s ongoing angst about being good enough to hold the attention of Warda feel that wasn t fully explained by one breakup Possible reveal of shifters to the general public After being found playing in the woods the three cats sort of have an uh oh moment but still get outclassed by a human I couldn t help but be not impressed with this group s shifter abilitiesview spoiler Evil organization focused on riding the world of shiftersconducting weird experiments A sort of blah element of the book for me There s uite a bit of bread crumbs leading up to thisfeelings of being watchedbut Colin s captivity isn t actually that scary Exposure to other shifter breeds Colin meets other breeds while in captivity and they open up the door for other books hide spoiler