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Barbara Warren ¸ 9 SUMMARY SUMMARY Ú Dangerous Inheritance SHADOWS OF THE PAST Though Macy Douglas remembers nothing from the night of her mother's murder she's determined to prove her father's innocence in the crime But she soon finds that returning to her childhood home and digging up Warren s descriptions are both detailed and eerie and the clues along the way will keep the reader guessing The mild romance takes a back seat to the intense action making it difficult to set this book aside RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars TOP PICK

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Dangerous Inheritance

Barbara Warren ¸ 9 SUMMARY SUMMARY Ú Dangerous Inheritance Not think Macy's in harm's way but Nick's suspicions are soon confirmed when an assailant breaks into her house Nick tries to trigger Macy's memories for clues…but someone will do anything to ensure that the past remains forgotte Soap Opera and predictable

CHARACTERS ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¸ Barbara Warren

Barbara Warren ¸ 9 SUMMARY SUMMARY Ú Dangerous Inheritance Her family's past is a surefire way to attract enemies—and a killer that's still at large Now only handsome local cop Nick Baldwin can safeguard her—even if that means disobeying direct orders and risking his job His boss might This book is about Macy who loses two grandmothers within a short time of each other One she lived with and one she hasn t seen or talked to in seventeen years She finds out she is left the house her grandmother Opal lived in She also finds out she lived there for the first seven years of her life and her mother was murdered in that house Her father was convicted of the murder and died in prison One grandmother believed he was guilty and the other didn t She loses her job and returns to that small town and opens the house again Suddenly she is being threatened and stalked A good looking police officer Nick Baldwin comes into her life He first grabs her thinking she is trying to break into the house but then they become friends and He is one of the people in the town that is trying to take care of and help her The story is fast paced from one action to another This book is full of broken people In fact the whole town seems to have problems The murder seventeen years ago divided the town and now that Macy is back the town seems divided again well at first Who committed the murder Was it someone who wanted to frame Macy s father or was it really her father Was it someone who had political connections Did the police help to frame the father or just screwed up the investigation Who is after Macy and then threatens Nick The story is complex but very good Romance is small but does well within the story It took me about three uarters of the book to figure out who was the killer A very good read

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