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Seduced by My Doms The Doms of Genesis #5 Download Á 2 You find what you’re looking for where you least expect it That held true for me ER nurse Liz Johansson; the night a young man named Trevor arrived at the hospital and turned my life upside down Perhaps it was divine intervention that my care for Trevor led me to his friendsSinfully hot James Bartlett and his eually gor. I think this is the first book that I ve actually read by Jenna Jacob though I ve know about her for a while now Her lively and witty writing style has pleasantly surprised me And the story is well written addictive and hot as hellI found the whole story extremely arousing From the very start the scenes are convincingly set up to convey the intensity of the message Liz is a nurse so the hectic atmosphere of an ER is shown in full force Then her character has family issues that tie really well with a patient who triggers delicate memories That s how she meets the alpha male aka impossibly hot I want to keep you in my bedroom dark hero of the storyWow the chemistry is as hot as the Sahara desert I loved how she can t avoid crushing hard on him despite a certain misunderstanding and a big difference in lifestyles The author s writing style infuses lots of dynamism and carnal responses to every momentAnother remarkable element of the novel is this group of friends who share the BDSM philosophy They openly talk about their feelings lives and relationships which intrigues and puzzles Liz She s out of her depth scared of trusting a man or her instincts I liked that despite her desires there are some issues to overcome before they both plunge into a vortex of lustJames is a sweet hottie who coaxes her fears into a spark of adventure Though she s still hesitant due to moral misgivings they have long and enlightening conversations about the BDSM lifestyle That was interesting to read Then in the middle of the novel a new Dom makes a forceful appearance to rattle things up At first I didn t much care for his intrusion but it certainly made for an enticing plot twistHe s cocky arrogant and just what the doctor ordered to push Liz s limits Anyway the two Doms dynamics work beautifully They free Liz in an unorthodox way full of dominant sensuality and overbearing concern Sometimes the story becomes a little bit repetitive in Liz s fearful reaction or too much when she begs outside of the bedroom Beyond that Seduced by my Doms is a hot tale of guilt drama love and freedom through hard measures that includes a cathartic ending with two very dominant men and one woman who gives herself to them body and soul Entertainment at its fullestFirst reviewed on Literaria

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Seduced by My Doms The Doms of Genesis #5 Download Á 2 Geous boss Ian Stone; two men so tall dark and lethal they conjured fantasies my body ached to fulfill It was impossible to choose one or the other and hungering for them eually tore at my moral code I had to find the will to banish my shame or risk losing them foreverPowerless over their potent carnal command together th. The book starts off with plenty of action and forward motion In the ER a young man has been brought in severely beaten Liz a nurse takes the case although it strikes a chord to a man from her past While working with Trevor the patient she meets his partner and many friends including James James is instantly enad with Liz and shortly starts to introduce her to his lifestyleLiz is a great character She s feisty intelligent driven with a side of broken Her sorrow doesn t prevent her from being a productive member of society but she has kept herself in a box unable to truly enjoy much since her brother s passing I also appreciate the evocation that Liz is a natural submissive even though she s a strong person I love this begins hot and fast and never lets up A relationship is built with James and Liz before adding Ian While some may be upset Ian introduced until nearly halfway through he is always in the background Plus it feels organic to solidify the two who met first before throwing in a third In the last half of the book we get a better sense of James and Ian as friends and partners They balance each other out with complimentary traits While Ian has experience in BDSM and often presents as top alpha James brings geniality when Liz needs it In the end I could take or leave Ian but the three of them make for some smoking scenesAlthough a majority of the timeline is compressed into about a week I value the flow if anything it left me wanting This book doesn t slow down from beginning to end It s filled with incredible primary and secondary characters I ve read Embracing My Submission but haven t made it back to read books 2 4 in the series yet Afraid I d be lost I was pleased to find it isn t needed to enjoy this story I m sure catching up on those would help with the bigger picture but it didn t take away from the specifics Overall this is a burning read you won t want to put down until it throughRating 45 StarsTo see reviews like this go to Smut and BonbonsComplimentary copy received in exchange for honest review

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Seduced by My Doms The Doms of Genesis #5 Download Á 2 Ey led me down a blissful path of uninhibited passion Unlocking my forbidden desires while healing the scars of my past they opened my soul to something so powerful and alluring I couldn’t turn away Seduced by their infinite love and dominant touch they taught me how to surrender my fearsmy heart and learn to live again. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review TeamThis was a great addition to the series you don t have to read the prior books but it will give you back story and make for a enjoyable read Liz is an ER nurse and when a patient comes in badly beaten she is instantly drawn to the patient and doesn t want to leave his side Trying to find the patient s next of kin she ends up on the phone with a sexy voice James and that voice does something to her From that moment on things take off The patient who is Trevor from previous books has won a spot in Liz s heart for personal reasons which have you crying and reaching for a tissue and Trevor has his own personal angel now Liz is swept into a world she has only read about in books and she isn t sure if she should run or jump all in Just when Liz thinks she has things figured out with James in walks Ianand man that was some introduction Besides the decisions to have not one but two doms in her life Liz is also met with her past a past that doesn t seem to want to let go Another must read in the series it will have you crying laughing and wishing you were in Liz s shoes Characters The characters were well written and believable Sex oh yeahReligious noWould I recommend to others yesMore than one book in the series yesGenre MFM BDSM RomanceWould I read by this author yesWicked Reads Review Team

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