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Jim Butcher ñ 0 characters Battle Ground review Ð 0 THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET SERIOUS FOR HARRY DRESDEN CHICAGO’S ONLY PROFESSIONAL WIZARD in the next entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dresden FilesHarry has faced terrible odds before He has a long history of fighting enemies above his weight class The Red Cour Words nearly fail me Even as I read this book I was stunned into silence You know one of those deep inner monologue silences that radiate deeply inward so much that I could hear a mental pin drop from forty mental yardsI knew from the prior book that we were preparing for WAR The outsiders were coming All supernaturals gods Fae and even normal folk were being called to battle It is ALL of Chicago on the lineWhat I didn t expect was for Jim Butcher to pull an all out Epic Fantasy battle against a freaking Titan including massive damage to the city the allies or to Harry himself You know what came to mind Butcher s Caldera novels Huge scope fantastic action magic and glory Now blend that in with ALL our most beloved characters from the Dresden Files Put EVERYONE on the field of battleI mean it s only the fabric of reality that s at stake The stakes aren t THAT highAnd then expect a novel that doesn t let up At all And even when the main battle is done that inner silence remainsLet me be honest here I cried like a little baby during this book Many times I was too shocked Too well maybe words do fail me after allEven now I m crying as I write this review

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Jim Butcher ñ 0 characters Battle Ground review Ð 0 T of vampires The fallen angels of the Order of the Blackened Denarius The OutsidersBut this time it’s different A being powerful and dangerous on an order of magnitude beyond what the world has seen in a millennium is coming And she’s bringing an army The Last Tit Edit 8132016 Added some new short stories and a link to the official future works pageThis Mirror Mirror review info dump will conclude with all the public info I can remember about other future Dresden Files works as well except Peace Talks which I reviewed here Jim is still working on Peace Talks and then expects to churn out book 2 of the Cinder Spires series before starting on this book so we ve got a while to wait on it but he seems really excited about it considering how much he s talked about it at A sessions and suchFirst there is an official page for Jim s future works that his website admin Priscellie keeps pretty up to date She and I try to keep tabs on this stuff and help each other out on stuff that might get missedhttpwwwjim butchercomfaupcomiMirror Mirror will be Jim Butcher s take on the Alternate Universe trope and its name is stolen directly from the applicable Star Trek episode Jim has said that There will be eye patches and goatees and everything as the above blerb mentions which was a key feature of the Star Trek episode I think he s also discussed how the Buffy episode The Wish is also an influence on his plans for this bookOur friendly Harry Dresden will end up in an alternate universe because that alternate universe s Harry will summon our Harry to take the fall for him and get killed Of course since this is our Harry alterna Harry s plan will go off swimmingly If you remember the fever dream in chapter 14 of Skin Game with the multiplying blue beetles that was supposed to be a foreshadowing of Harry running into alternate versions of himself in parallel realities Jim has said that these alternate realities split off whenever a mortal makes a significant decision that could go multiple ways The decision that caused this alternate reality is supposed to be the big decision in Grave Peril although Jim wasn t specific than that but all the differences in this reality are supposed to flow from that one decision going differently And it results in alterna Harry being the type of guy who would summon a doppelganger to die in his place and allow him to escape the conseuences of his actionsThe other big detail that Jim has mentioned multiple times is that he is really looking forward to writing alterna Marcone who is supposed to be a really interesting character On to information about other future worksBook 18 is supposed to be about professional wrestling Jim has mentioned in another A that didn t mention book 18 that much of the old godly like beings I think he specifically mentioned the Greek Parthenon are professional wrestlers because they get worship that wayI don t know anything about 19 but there is a trend that even Jim acknowledged when it comes to Dresden Files books that are divisible by 5 so if you think about it you can probably guess some of the details about book 20 Plus the first book of the capstone Big Apocalyptic Trilogy that is supposed to start after book 20 is called Hell s Bells The others will be called Stars and Stones and Empty Night Upcoming Short Works Here s what I know is public Cold Case Molly PoV novella due out 11116 per and a few other places in Shadowed Souls an anthology Jim edited This is supposed to be from Molly s PoV and will involve her first job as the new Winter Lady She teams up with Ramirez to take on a Lovecraft style Cult of the Sleeper Jury Duty Will be published in Shawn Speakman s anthology Unbound Jim went on Jury Duty several years ago and decided he had to subject Harry to the torment as well thus this story Edit Published 10152015Day One Butters PoV story due out in Shawn Speakman s Unfettered II anthology due out in 2017 This one will be Butters first mission as a Knight of the Cross Jim says that Butters gets his first Call for a KotC mission in the form of a World of Warcraft style uest exclamation point above the head of the person he has to help He also says that the newfangled Sword of Faith behaves differently vs not very bad people than it does against monsters so much so that Butters is relieved when he has something horrific to face because he actually has a lightsaber to deal with it which otherwise is about as effective as a Christmas wrapping paper tubeA Fistful of Warlocks For David Boop s fantastical Old West anthology Straight Outta Tombstone This one is from Luccio s PoV and fits with the Wild West theme of the anthology I ve read it and all the other short stories mentioned above and it s FUN and has some interesting cameo s other than just Luccio goosebumps 818 edit I just re found a WoJ from July 2016 where Jim says this one is based In Dodge City in 1883 Graphic novels Down Town was released October 15th 2015 Wild Card Wraps in September with Issue 6 then will be compiled in a trade hardcover a few months later Jim said at a signing 1022015 I ve got to send off outlines to a couple of graphic novels to Dynamite so we re gonna have fun One of them s basically going to be Harry Dresden vs the Joker or less although in this case he s called Puck Cuz Puck is an awful person he really is in the Dresden Files He doesn t run around being cool he s terrible And fun Unnamed Comic we re gonna catch up with all the folks that went off to form their Feng Shui out in California after Blood Rites the crew from Arturo s film There s a problem and so Lara s hiring Harry to fix the problem for her so she doesn t lose her grip on the White Court and that s the other graphic novelNon DresdenJim has written a short story for Larry Correia s upcoming Monster Hunter International anthology Release date and additional details TBA

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Jim Butcher ñ 0 characters Battle Ground review Ð 0 An has declared war on the city of Chicago and has come to subjugate humanity obliterating any who stand in her wayHarry’s mission is simple but impossible Save the city by killing a Titan And the attempt will change Harry’s life Chicago and the mortal world foreve Spoiler Free Video Review Here Talk Video Here relatively new to the series I started last December I didn t seem to have the disdain for Peace Talks some of the longtime fans did I didn t have the long wait and I went into it expecting it to be a part 1 of 2 and that maybe had my expectations a little checked I said I would grade it as a whole after I saw if Mr Butcher stuck the landing or notSo did he Like a fireball cutting through the bullshitBattle Ground is than just a fancy name it s the meat of this book For those missing the usual predictable chaos that Butcher is so well known for in a Dresden book with Peace Talks will get a second and third helping in Battle Ground This is the battle I had been waiting the whole series for In what seems like his Avengers Endgame moment in which his entire universe seems to be together for the first time things don t lack for action or big moments at allBut the emotional punches in this adventure are some of the hardest to cope with in the series There are great victories but even greater losses that are just soul crushing An extremely invested fan which if you aren t by book 17 I wonder why you re still reading is going to have a few there s something in my eye moments with this oneIn the end it s another satisfying adventure with Harry and co even if it leaves a huge scar on your heart and leaves you ready for what comes next Let the wait begin

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