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Read µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Bill Bryson Bill Bryson's African Diary Download Ù 106 Tropical diseases insects and large predators But the vibrant reality of Kenya and its people took over the second he deplaned in Nairobi and this diary records Bill Bryson's impresssions of his trip with his inimitable trademark style of wry observation and curious insight From the wrenching poverty of the Kibera slum in Nairobi to the meticulously manicured grounds of the Karen Blixen house and the human fossil riches of the Natio This is not really a book It is Bill Bryson s Diary about his 8 day trip to Kenya with CARE international It s just 55 pages long I got it from the library due to being interested in charity work I found it odd that it was in the library in the first place as it is not for profit and all the proceeds go to CAREsurely having a copy in the library defeats this purposeanywayContent wise it was okay but limited The descriptions of the slums and various people Bryson met were interesting but there was not enough proper detail due to the limited writings He also describes other experiences at length eg taking a trip on a light aircraft I found his descriptions of these experiences over dramatisedfreuently referring to the likelihood of death etcThere was the odd swearword but for a non Christian book it wasn t too bad I found myself wondering what the purpose really was in writing this book It reminded me again of the tragedy of offering help without hope The author wonders what else can be done for these people many of whom are refugees and he comments that they have no hope for the future He doesn t realise the significance of his observations but reading that as a Christian his words jumped off the pageThere can be no future hope without the saving message of Jesus and freedom from sin

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Read µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Bill Bryson Bill Bryson's African Diary Download Ù 106 In the early fall of 2002 famed travel Writer Bill Bryson journeyed to Kenya at the invitation of CARE International the charity dedicated to working with local communities to eradicate poverty around the world He arrived with a set of mental images of Africa gleaned from television broadcasts of low budget Jungle Jim movies in his Iowa childhood and a single viewing of the film version of Out of Africa Also with some worries about In 2002 CARE International invited Bill Bryson on an eight day trip to tour its humanitarian work in Kenya with him writing it up into this Bill Bryson s African Diary something of a misnomer as Bryson only visits Kenya The entire proceeds of the short book will go to help the kinds of people depicted inside it and it s a wonderful read tooAs you would expect the horrors of the country s widespread poverty aren t ignored as Bryson visits Kibera a shanty town on the outskirts of Kenya s capital city Nairobi with a population of between 700000 and 1 million people The conditions are appalling and thousands are HIV positive and yet the place officially doesn t exist and is ignored by the Kenyan government He also visits a refugee camp where the people there are stuck in a bureaucratic limbo stateless just existing with little chance of a future But the book isn t all a sobering guilt trip as Bryson also takes in the wonders of the Kenyan National Museum which houses 500 of the roughly 5000 fossilized human bones in existence and Olorgasailie an area where early humans made tools for a million years There are also gently humorous passages in Bryson s inimitable style involving the dangerous and poorly maintained railways and the nightmare of flying in a light aircraft during a storm The most interesting and inspiring part was seeing a bank called Wedco give loans to develop small businesses helping give some of these people a shot at a real life that they wouldn t have without it And the small village of Ogongo Tir where CARE installed a new well for them but gave them responsibility over it underlining that while they need a hand to get the ball rolling the people there want to take control of their own destinies rather than depend forever on the West I hesitate to use the word but Bill Bryson s African Diary is entertaining as well as informative with Bryson serving as a genial conduit to learning about CARE International and its outstanding work in Kenya It s a uick read but a memorable and moving one with an excellent cause at its heart well worth picking up especially as the purchase price goes to help these people s lives become a little better

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Read µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Bill Bryson Bill Bryson's African Diary Download Ù 106 Nal Museum Bryson registers the striking contrasts of a postcolonial society in transition He visits the astoundingly vast Great Rift Valley; undergoes the rigors of a teeth rattling train journey to Mombasa and a hair whitening flight through a vicious storm; and visits the refugee camps and the agricultural and economic projects where dedicated CARE professionals wage noble and dogged war against poverty dislocation and corruption First of all this is not a book It s a diary Bryson recounts his 8 days in Kenya with members of CARE International And that s 7 days longer than I d want to be there What a dreadful place Poverty crime hunger lack of sanitation no clean water disease corrupt government and a hostile climate Some of the other reviewers on Goodreads fault Bryson for not covering enough ground but I disagree You don t need to read 300 pages to see the terrible conditions in which these people live EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES This short booklet is enough to make the point And if you read between the lines you will notice that Bryson runs us through a gamut of emotions ranging from humor before the journey to fear about the trip to disgust upon arrival to sympathy when connecting with the locals to enlightenment when he understands that the solution to the problems are within reach I checked out the Kindle edition from the Chicago Public Library at no charge so I am donating 10 to Careorg to cover the donation that would have gone to them with a bookstore purchase If you read my review and read a Kindle edition please do the same We CAN make a difference Thank you