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characters This House of Grief ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Accident The court case became Helen Garner's obsession She followed it on its protracted course until the final verdict In this utterly compelling book Helen Garner tells the story of a man and his broken life She presents the theatre of the courtroom with its actors and audience all gathered for the purpose of bearing witness to the truth players in the extraordinary and unpredictable drama of the uest for justice This House of Grief is a heartbreaking and unputdownable book by one of Australia's most admired writers Helen Garner's first novel Monkey Grip won the 1978 National Book Council Award and was ada. This House of Grief by Helen Garner is a truly sorrowful book as one might imagine from the title In 2005 on Father s Day in Winchelsea Australia Robert Faruharson drove off the road into a dam He was able to exit the car safely but his three young sons drown Separated from his wife Cindy Gambino Faruharson had the children for the day and was on the way to returning them to their mother Purportedly suffering a syncopal episode caused by a coughing fit Faruharson lost consciousness and control of the car Garner writes of the Supreme Court of Victoria where Faruharson s trial takes place as a freelance journalist and curious citizen I had spent many days solitary and absorbed in the courtrooms of that nineteenth century pile in central Melbourne Garner follows the case keeping notes and witty observations of testimonies defense and prosecuting lawyers and body language of those involved uestions abound Did Faruharson plan to murder his children to get back at his wife who had gotten a new boyfriend Was this really a horrific accident caused by the rare condition of cough syncope The truth is hard to pin down and Garner will show this as the lawyers uestion witnesses Police evidence of tire prints trajectory whether there were steering inputs how the bodies of the children appear how Faruharson acted at the scene the things he did immediately after and following the incident his relationship with his wife his frame of mind in the weeks and months prior to the incident and conversations taped by the police between Faruharson and his wife and between Faruharson and a friend are all up for detailed inspection The chapter about whether a car door can be opened after a car goes into the water had me online googling how to exit a submerged car Someone Faruharson Or one of the boys had managed to unbuckle the youngest a 2 year old The other two boys had taken off their seatbelts The driver s side door is openGarner paints a picture of the uest for truth at times like a cast of actors participating in a theater play and at times the earnest effort of a court of law I love the cover picture of the three glasses of water one for each of the boys Garner writes As he did every day for the comfort of counsel the tipstaff set out along the bar table several tall clear plastic jugs of water The eye rested with relief on those evenly spaced columns of purity Getting to the truth isn t easy and sometimes it may be impossible An immersive experience to take in the courtroom drama as Garner presented it and a tantalizing puzzle of who did what and why it was also a heartbreaking study of the dynamics of a destroyed family It was interesting to me because an acuaintance of my son and daughter in law was murdered along with her three children by the husband father who then shot himself committing suicide I thought I might find some kind of answer in this book as to why something like that might happen Those uestions are probed but not answered fully not to my satisfaction at least and I admit that might be an impossible task Garner is a trustworthy and relatable observer Sometimes she cracks a little wry humor it s necessary Recommended

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characters This House of Grief ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Pted for film in 1981 Since then she has published novels short stories essays and feature journalism In 1995 she published The First Stone a controversial account of a Melbourne University sexual harassment case Joe Cinue's Consolation 2004 was a non fiction study of two murder trials in Canberra In 2006 Helen Garner received the inaugural Melbourne Prize for Literature Her most recent novel The Spare Room 2008 won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for Fiction the ueensland Premier's Award for Fiction and the Barbara Jefferis Award and has been translated into many languages Helen Garner lives in Melbourn. Fuckyeah this book My jury experience years ago got rid of any misty eyed romanticism about the democracy of the jury or court system it is clear that this system of ours is a highly imperfect compromise This book is about the courts And it is so well done Neither schmaltzy nor hard nosed Intelligent honest and important I want to hear about these things in long form I want diverse observers in the courts bearing witness telling the story This is a good use of a writer s time and energy and she has done a good job

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characters This House of Grief ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anyone can see the place where the children died You take the Princes Highway past Geelong and keep going west in the direction of Colac Late in August 2006 soon after I had watched a magistrate commit Robert Faruharson to stand trial before a jury on three charges of murder I headed out that way on a Sunday morning across the great volcanic plain On the evening of 4 September 2005 Father's Day Robert Faruharson a separated husband was driving his three sons home to their mother Cindy when his car left the road and plunged into a dam The boys aged ten seven and two drowned Was this an act of revenge or a tragic. There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a true crime Is thereBut in this case I honestly wish I were reading a crime of fiction then a real one because the reality of the events leading up and surrounding the death s of three brave little boys is seriously beyond belief and outright distressing And the memory is still fresh in the minds of Australians and in particular Victorians who live and drive nearby the dam trying get their head around this harrowing crime wondering why and how it happened Helen Garner was no exception her unanswered uestions became an obsession And when it came for Robert Faruharson to go to trial the father accused of murdering his boy s as an act of revenge on his estrange wife Garner sat in every proceedings until the final hoping for a explanation Do you think the story he told the police could be true that he had a coughing fit and blacked out at the wheel There is such a thing It s called cough syncope The ex wife swore at the committal hearing that he loved his boy s So Since when has loving someone meant you would never want to kill them She said it was a tragic accident that he wouldn t have hurt a hair on their headsGarner was my eyes and ears and this is as close as I ve ever come to a real murder trial Her meticulous attention to detail and picturesue imaging of the courthouse portrayed in her elegant language is just immaculate You can tell what a person is thinking by their body language and facial expression a frown tight lipped a tugging of shirt collar and Garner s precise observation of the courtroom characters made it uite an absorbing read as you re not swamped with so much of the factual details but getting an insight and gut feeling of the type of relationship between Faruharson and his family and the sway of the jurors during and after a witness testimony Garner didn t give much indication on her views on whether she thought he was guilty or not or whether a witness testimony was favourable but she had a daughter of a friend Louise sitting through the first trial with Garner which she was very grateful and enjoying her company Louise is an intellect young lady and her point of view was frank and direct I really like Louise she didn t hold back in saying what she thought and I could see myself nodding my head in agreementPeter Morrissey Faruharson s defense lawyer would ve been amazing to watch live I got the impression that Garner was initially anxious and skeptical of Morrissey by his entrance disheveled cloak and wig and his blokey nature whistling the Collingwood football anthem as he strolled in But I had a feeling it change during the proceeding when she had the opportunity to see him at work I think she admired what Morrissey was trying to achieve He s a raging bull persistent intimidating and grilling with his cross examination that by the end the witness would even doubt their own memory He discredited a key witness to the prosecution in the second hearing and in doing so there was a good chance of a non guilty verdict in the second hearing They bought in expert medical witnesses all with numerous theories and diagnosis on Faruharson mental state and the cough syncope A three day intense uestioning on the Major Collision report in reference to yellow paint markings to indicate tyre tracks apparently there was an error the marking didn t seem to be in line Cunning tactic used by Morrissey to make the juror s forget a previous statement which made his client look bad But instead they were so bored they were drifting off to sleepThe only time the courthouse was eerily uiet was the profound statement from the police diver who dived into the dam to try and locate the car She spoke to the court with her eyes shut and her arms outstretched it was deep it was dark she couldn t see a thing When they lifted the car from the dam it s the image of the boy s that will stay with me for a very long timeSo many holes theories contradicting statement in this case that I don t think we d ever know what really happened except Robert Faruharson But obviously the jury saw something there to come back with a guilty verdict twice