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Abracadabra Tut Characters ß 2 When Fletcher Perry mysteriously wins the bid for a genuine mummy's coffin at a magician's tag sale he decides to use it as a prop in his upcoming magic show at school Then Fletcher and his new assistant the mega popular Arielle Torres find themselves unexpectedly transported via the coffin back to King Tut's temple w. Abracadabra Tut is a fun time traveling adventure novel about young magician Fletcher who just can t seem to get his magic tricks right That is until he is gifted the ancient sarcophagus of Tut as at a sale of magicians tricks When Fletcher and his magical assistant Arielle attempt a disappearing trick with the coffin they are both transported to ancient Egypt where they meet King Tut himself and attempt to save him from an early death Fletcher has to learn to trust himself and his own abilities if he is going to make it back to his world safe and sound The novel incorporates lots of cool historical details like hippo hunting and wigs that I think will be interesting to young readers especially those studying Egypt in school and gives the reader a sense of what it might have been like to live back then McBrier s prose is confident and accomplished and it s easy to sink into the world of her story The book does have light levels of violence and touches on some difficult subjects like death and young marriage but in a way that seems appropriate for its age range A great read

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Abracadabra Tut Characters ß 2 Here Fletcher's modern day magic tricks attract the attention of the young king's guardians Thinking Fletcher must be a powerful sorcerer the guardians press him into service as the king's special protector Fletcher and Arielle however know that Tut is destined to die in his teens and so the race is on for them to dec. What a fun book to read It is geared to middle schoolers but good for adults too Since there is the right amount of adventure and romance it appeals to boys and girls

Read & download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Page McBrier

Abracadabra Tut Characters ß 2 Ipher the message on a mysterious amulet locate their missing coffin and get home before Fletcher's magic is revealed to be just so much hocus pocus This action packed adventure is unstoppable Abracadabra Tut pulls readers into an exciting journey filled with stage magic mystery chariots cobras and historical intrigue. My nine year old son loved this book

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