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characters Eldorado review Eldorado 103 Ngered Gina had to acknowledge the strong feelings he aroused in her But did Jarvis just want to acuire the Johannesburg property through her or did he really want her for herse. I didn t particularly like this onesomehow the fact that the hero set out to manipulate the heroine by making her fall in love with him didn t sit well with mehe set out to use heroines crush on him for a stupid house he didn t even redeem himself as it was the heroine who came crawling back to himhe didn t even make any effort in their marriage other than brooding or disappearing with the OWI felt bad for the poor heroinehis love declaration at the end was too lame I didn t believe that he really loved the heroine as it took the heroine having a miscarriage and nearly dying for him to realise he cared for herwhat a swine this author doesn t work for me alwaysI hated this herohe was too cold and arrogant and the hero had to practically beg him to declare his lovenot my idea of romance

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characters Eldorado review Eldorado 103 Somehow Gina felt threatenedHer rational mind told her she had no reason to fear Jarvis yet something deep inside warned her of his powerGina had had a schoolgirl crush on Jarvi. In order to inherit his family home Eldorado Hero must marry his mother s goddaughter The heroine who has always had a crush on Jarvis is wary but he wins her over On the day of their wedding she overhears Jarvis talking about the will and that s where all the problems start There s an OW and lots of sex without words of love view spoiler There s also a pregnancy and a tumble down the stairs This only resolved when Jarvis files for divorce to show that his home doesn t mean as much to him as Georgina does HEA hide spoiler

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characters Eldorado review Eldorado 103 S Now she was woman enough to know that she was being manipulated Her heart was torn between her caring godmother and her godmother's careless arrogant sonThough disturbed and a. Gina adores Jarvis and she uickly accepts his marriage proposal But when she finds out his reasons for wanting this marriage she is heartbroken Does she love him enough to keep up the charade while knowing that he married her only to get his hands on Eldorado Can she go through with this marriageSuper angsty story filled with passion misunderstandings and intense emotion Heroine is warm sweet and loving and hero is alpha but he is also a very decent gentle and considerate man I liked how he treated the evil OW and it was obvious to me he was in love with Gina from day one I would have given it 5 stars but heroine s miscarriage kind of ruined the perfection of this book for me

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