[PDF/EPUB] The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics ✓ Alan Schwarz

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  • The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics
  • Alan Schwarz
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  • 20 April 2019
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The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics

Download ☆ The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Howing how baseball and its numbers have been inseparable ever since the pastime's birth in 1845 He tells the history of this obsession through the lives of the people who felt it most Henry Chadwick the 19th century writer who invented the first box score and harped endlessly about which statistics mattered and which did not; Allan Roth Branch Rickey's right hand numbers man with the late 1940s Brooklyn Dodgers; Earnshaw Cook a scientist and Manhattan Project v. Baseball and statistics go together like mustard and hot dogs peanuts and Cracker Jack From the games earliest beginnings fans spectators coaches and owners have been obsessed with gathering and analyzing runs outs hits and innumerable other aspects of the game Mr Schwarz s book traces the development of this companionship with well relishStarting as far back as the mid 1800s Mr Schwarz begins by profiling The Father of Baseball Henry Chadwick and his half century long relationship with the game Mr Chadwick was the first of many to devote hours and eventually years to designing new scoring methods box scores and statistics in order to advance his vision of the sport In fact the scoring grid he developed is essentially the same box score used todayIt was fascinating to learn how the game has changed over the past 150 years or so Initially for example the pitcher was just a mechanism by which the ball was put into play rather than arguably the most important single player on the field today The rules changed freuently as the professional leagues tried to find the right balance between offense and defense as the pitcher became vital and as the size of the field standardized All these changing rules wreaked havoc on the state of statistics Depending on the year batting averages could include walks as well as hits stolen bases could include any extra bases a runner advanced or sacrifice bunts could be excluded from a players at bat statsArguments ensued and freuently still continue over which stats were the most meaningful the most important the most helpful in selecting lineup or choosing strategy and over the best and most accurate way to calculate those numbers There have even been occasional backlashes throughout the history of the sport against the emphasis on statistics In 1880 critics charged that focusing on individual players statistics encouraged them to play for their records rather than for their side In 1958 a Sports Illustrated columnist complained that the greatest menace to big time sports todayis a nonsense of numbers and the stupefying emphasis on meaningless statistics which is draining the color from competition As recently as 2003 the Boston Red Sox hired a sabermetrician a statistician who specializes in baseball as a senior adviser to baseball operations and were accused of turning the team management into a pack of number mumbling zombies Regardless of these recurring complaints the fans thirst for stats was and still is insatiable However as different people or organizations calculated those statistics publications often went to press with conflicting information coming to a head in the late 1980s and early 1990s If The Baseball Encyclopedia and Total Baseball didn t agree just who was the average fan supposed to trust Did Ty Cobb have 4190 hits or 4191 Was Honus Wagner s batting average327 or329 Changes were sometimes made arbitrarily and explanations were hard to come by for the discrepancies Baseball s records so important and so revered were hopelessly screwed up and the average fan now knew it Mr Schwarz outlines the numerous efforts that have been made by dozens if not hundreds of baseball fans and statisticians over the years to clean up the confusing mess of facts and ensure accuracy in the sports historical records Even famous career totals engraved on bronze plaues in the Baseball Hall of Fame were not exempt from mistakes as a sign in the gallery warns The data on all players was taken from reliable sources at the time the plaues were made While many fans players and managers protested changing these sacrosanct numbers after so many years John Thorn a noted baseball author stated There can be no statute of limitations on historical error Despite resistance from many old school traditionalists by 2002 most major league organizations were working with sabermetrics either through hiring a consultant or actually having someone on staff Statistical analysis is now standard practice when determining lineup order or when to put a relief pitchers in and is being embraced by newer generations of both managers and fans Because of the efforts of so many to track analyze and calculate the stats fans can obsess over and revel in the numbers and thoroughly enjoy America s favorite pastimeFor book reviews come visit my blog Build Enough Bookshelves

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Download ☆ The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Most baseball fans players and even team executives assume that the national pastime's infatuation with statistics is simply a by product of the information age a phenomenon that blossomed only after the arrival of Bill James and computers in the 1980s They couldn't be wrongIn this award winning book Alan Schwarz whom bestselling Moneyball author Michael Lewis calls one of today's best baseball journalists provides the first ever history of baseball statistics s. Reading this book proves that you think too much about baseball and have too much time on your hands Great read though really enjoyed the evolution of measures throughout the game s history and howwhy we even started recording the wacky things that happened during a game beyond who won and lost

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Download ☆ The Numbers Game Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Eteran who retired to pursue inventing the perfect baseball statistic; John Dewan a former Strat O Matic maven who built STATS Inc into a multimillion dollar powerhouse for statistics over the Internet; and dozens Schwarz paints a history not just of baseball statistics but of the soul of the sport itself Named as ESPN's 2004 Baseball Book of the Year The Numbers Game will be an invaluable part of any fan's library and go down as one of the sport's classic books. My this game has changed and the numbers have driven most of the changes Schwarz may be writing primarily for the fan who digs deep but he tells and engaging story about the relationship between what we measure and how the game is playedThere is plenty of space given to the moneyball period Sabremetrics and Bill James influence However I was most impressed with Schwarz coverage of the first fifty years of baseball The details were fascinating