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  • 03 July 2019
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Summary Vitamania 107 Ning journalist Catherine Price offers a lucid and lively journey through our cherished yet misguided beliefs about vitamins and reveals a straightforward blessedly anxiety free path to enjoyable eating and good heal. This is an excellent book which explores the Western obsession with trying to reverse engineer food into pills I m willing to bet that you or someone you know currently takes a vitamin or supplement Beware snake oil sales are at an all time high

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Summary Vitamania 107 Most of us know nothing about vitamins What's what we think we know is harming both our personal nutrition and our national health By focusing on vitamins at the expense of everything else we've become blind to the b. When I first read the description for this book I had mixed expectations For some reason the word vitamin caused red flags to go up in my mind and interestingly enough by the time I finished reading the book actually helped me to establish a better understanding of why that word can have that effect on me and many others For that alone I would consider it a job well done but I found this book full of many other fascinating explorations as wellThe author was smart to start with history because by grounding this book in the past she is able to present much than just a run down of scientific studies and facts which would be pretty dry on their own She is an excellent storyteller humorous when appropriate to the narrative and retains an eye for the big picture Vitamins are tiny things she explores them both on that level and on a global historical oneI love reading about history but I also find nutrition fascinating so the combination of the two kept me p

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Summary Vitamania 107 Igger picture despite our belief that vitamins are an absolute good and the of them the better vitamins are actually small and surprisingly mysterious pieces of a much larger nutritional puzzle In Vitamania award win. The subject of vitamins is one that you do not see being tackled that often nowadays and thus one could leave from the same premise that I previously did that all vitamins must be good for our healthBrilliant pieces of information are being posted as we go along with the reading such as the source of synthetic vitamin D that humans cannot make their own vitamin C and probably most notably being the fact that vitamins as dietary supplements are not reuired to be tested for safety or efficacy before being sold The latter should raise uite a number of uestions by nowThe second half of the book introduces an interesting term phytochemicals In short we are being informed about the vitamins and their synergy when eating whole foods Substances are being shown to be working differently when they are together than they do when they are on their own Researches are still underway and you could probably understand why such a delicate matter is rather slow in showi