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  • The Mansfield Rescue The Mansfield Brothers #3
  • Beth Cornelison
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  • 12 March 2017
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Beth Cornelison Ç 8 REVIEW

REVIEW The Mansfield Rescue The Mansfield Brothers #3 108 READ ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Beth Cornelison Beth Cornelison Ç 8 REVIEW Never knew she needed his children the family she never knew she wanted Before she can rescue his lonely heart the handsome widower must become a hero Only Grant can rescue his little girl But time is running o. I read this book as a standalone having not read the previous two books in this trilogy I didn t have any trouble keeping up The story begins with Amy having an accident as a smoke jumper and breaking her ankle She travels across the country to stay with her mom while she recuperates Unfortunately she returns home to find her former abuser and stepfather out of jail and back with her mother With nowhere to stay and no friends in town Amy grabs her classic car out of the garage and leaves When the car breaks down Grant stops to help and renews an old connection with Amy from high school Eventually he ends up offering her a place to stay and his services as a mechanic Things rock on for a while and the two recognize their chemistry but try to ignore itprimarily because of Grant s kids When Great s daughter is kidnapped by a criminal with a grudge against his family Amy can t help but be a part of the search for the little girl she has come to care for Through the ups and downs of the search Amy and Grant become closer When Peyton is found and taken again by Amy s stepfather Amy is the only one who can save her I really liked the characters in this story especially Amy The suspenseful tension was well balanced with the romantic elements I also appreciated the cautious way the issue of sexual abuse was handled in the story I appreciate Net Galley offering a copy of this book for review

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REVIEW The Mansfield Rescue The Mansfield Brothers #3 108 READ ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Beth Cornelison Beth Cornelison Ç 8 REVIEW A single father discovers the price of revenge and the power of loveAfter his wife's murder Grant Mansfield vowed to stay true to her memory and to protect their children But fate has other plans His temporary. Grant Mansfield is still getting over the death of his wife in a car bombing a year ago at the hands of William Gale Amy Robinson is still dealing with the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather David Holland when she was a teenager plus the fact her mother took his side not hersNow David has just gotten out on parole and back with Amy s mother Amy a smoke jumper has broken her ankle and returned home but now can t stay with her mother After her car breaks down she encounters Grant and circumstances see her staying with him and his two daughters Peyton and Kaylee Attraction develops between them but Grant can t see himself falling for a woman whose job puts her in danger every day whereas Amy is determined to return to her old life once Grant fixes her car Trouble strikes when William Gale is let out of prison and then Peyton is kidnapped Which adversary from their pasts is the one responsibleI actually uite enjoyed this romantic suspense tale I really liked the characters and thought that the conflict preventing their union was believable and interesting Sometimes I did get the feeling that David wasn t over his dead wife enough and probably never would be but that s generally how I find any romance that involves a protagonist with a dead spouse It s a tricky situation to write about and not many authors get it right Kaylee the baby was adorable and Peyton made for a believable 7 year old She was a bit annoying but hey that s kidsI was also pleased that this avoided the common situation in thrillers that involve kidnapped children the main characters still finding the time and inclination to have sex I ve never bought it How could you possibly Here the focus is always on finding Peyton So if you like your Romantic Suspense with steamy sex and this line is generally steamier than Intrigue be warned you won t find any hereAn enjoyable read after a rather unfortunately long run of clunkers

SUMMARY The Mansfield Rescue The Mansfield Brothers #3

REVIEW The Mansfield Rescue The Mansfield Brothers #3 108 READ ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Beth Cornelison Beth Cornelison Ç 8 REVIEW House guest injured smoke jumper Amy Robinson has him burning with a white hot attraction and the single dad's nightmare comes true when his older daughter is kidnappedGrant is just the man the adventurous Amy. 45 Stars Wow I could not believe the amount of twist and turns that this story had I have read a couple of books by Ms Cornelison and I love her writing style I do have to admit that I still need to read the first book in this series and believe me I will be reading it very soon This story does have a very sensitive issue that not a lot of people like hearing about but it is something that happens to lots of children But this story doesn t only focus on the pedophile issue we have a little girl that misses her mother hurt feelings that end up in a runaway and then there is that case of a kidnapping But believe me that s not the only thing that happens in this storyWhen we meet Amy Robinson she is hovering over a forest fire and that when he luck changes because of a shift in wind she ends up having an accident She is out of the season and wants to go back home to Louisiana and visit her mother But she gets there she had no idea that her step father ended up getting out on parole I couldn t believe that her mother actually didn t believe that her husband that molested her daughter Amy ends up leaving her mother s home but doesn t get fair from her hometownGrant Mansfield lost his wife about a year ago and was left with their seven year old and fourteen month old daughters He is trying to adjust to life as a single father and is mad at the world He is mad at the person that murdered his wife and at times mad at his wife because they were supposed to grow old together Now he needs to hire a new nanny since the one he has actually resigned but agreed to stay until he found someone else On his way home he ends up passing an oldie car and almost runs over the owner They end up striking a deal and she ends up at his home I loved how easily Amy and Grant came close it was like they knew each other forever I could tell that there was a little bit of flirting when they first met and as they saw each other every single they were like a little family But the one that was having a hard time was Peyton because there was a time she saw them kissing and she would see him smile like how he would smile to her mother Amy was now taking care of two little girls and a couple of cats and she couldn t be happier but all that changed when her stepfather found her But that was not the worst Grant s worst nightmare happened the person he knew was responsible for not only forcing his brother sister in law and niece to go into Witness Protection but the person that killed his wife had been granted parole Then mother nature happens and everyone s world is turned upside down The Mansfield Rescue was a great read the I enjoyed immensely It was a read that was light hearted funny but sad at the same time I know that at the end of this story the tears came but not of sadness but because of happiness The chemistry that these two characters had was sensual and passionate I could totally see them having their happily ever after and maybe a couple of kids I totally recommend this readReceived ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review