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Revenge ni Miss Piggy review À 104 Out of me So I left the country to heal my broken heart but not to forget about their betrayalNow I'm back with a figure to die for and with only one thing in my mind reveng. Lame revenge tbh

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Revenge ni Miss Piggy review À 104 I'm Margaux pero mas kilala ako sa pangalang Miss P At mataba ako well I used to beI didn't mind people making fun of me before dahil kasa kasama ko naman ang best friend ko. I love the plot characters and the development of the story I really like her writing style and I commend her for that such a talented author keep it up I can t wait to read of this authors work

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Revenge ni Miss Piggy review À 104 Ng si Therese and the love of my life Dwight who looked past my plus size and saw the wonderful girl that I was Yun ang inakala ko Little did I know they were making a fool. I woke up at 3 am just to rant write a review about thisThe book was fine I like the concept of someone taking revenge coupled with the fact that the main character used to be fat It s something not discussed freuently in Wattpad and I appreciate the creative risk the author took for thisHowever as any Wattpad book or any female oriented romance book in general there s always the tendency to lean towards Disney princess sification of stories strong independent characters being silenced by prince charmings and the need for a happy ever after Margaux has a strong potential to be presented in a feminist track but sadly the author opted to pursue the Disney romance by silencing the revenge I would have loved the book if the revenge was actually completed spoiler and everything went into Margaux s plans much if Margaux and Dwight never ended up as lovers againAnd for the obligatory Pop Fiction rant part is PF turning into a worse version of VIVA PSICOM I see tons of typographical errors through out the book And the abrupt cut between the two parts of the book was just confusing While the flashback techniue used had potential I think the author was ineffective in presenting it because of the abrupt transition I mentioned

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