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Free read The Certainty of Violet Luke Download The Certainty of Violet Luke ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Jessica Sorensen ï 9 Download Kfully she survives and makes a promise to herself to put her life back together and to try and figure out exactly how she feels about Luke Price the one person that’s always there for her But as a recovering alcoholic and gambler Luke has his own struggles to overcome He’s also fallen in love with Violet but fears tellin. 35 Stars This is the final book about Luke and Violet and I expected some riveting scenes as well as one big hea Sadly this book fell short for meThe author spent way to much time having Violet contemplating jumping off buildings than investing in a solid court scene andor Luke and his mom scene Tying up this far fetched connection between the two for me left things too uickly solved I did however like how Violet finally gets a clue when it comes to Luke I think I m in love with you She bites on her lips and shakes her head No I don t think I know I also enjoyed the involvement of Callie and Kayden in the story The ending was sweet but overall Luke and Violet s story was just okay for me

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The Certainty of Violet Luke

Free read The Certainty of Violet Luke Download The Certainty of Violet Luke ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Jessica Sorensen ï 9 Download G her the truth that it will scare her away or worse she won’t reciprocate the feeling Plus there never seems to be a right time to say it either the case Preston or life getting in the way Can the two of them ever get enough peace in their lives to conuer their fears and finally tell each other the truth about how they fee. This review may contain SPOILERSOkay so basically I read this book for an entire month because there was not much happening The story between Violet and Luke could ve been packed into two books instead of these three There was literally just the conclusion in this book with all the excitement focusing on Violet getting in touch with her feelings which easily could ve been integrated into the second novel I struggled a lot with the beginning of the book cause the scenes were soo drawn out and flat out boring I m sorry but that s just how I feel I don t think Violet and Luke are my favorite couple and I d rather stick with Callie and Kayden A few positives in this novel are Luke s healthy progression were he clearly feels a lot better with his issues and him focusing on helping Violet He is one of the main reasons why I got through this book eventually I think out of the three components of their story this is the weakest link and unfortunately also the book I dislike the most I do feel their was a satisfactory conclusion just not a good overall storyline35 stars

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Free read The Certainty of Violet Luke Download The Certainty of Violet Luke ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Jessica Sorensen ï 9 Download Violet Hayes’s life is a mess Between her stalker Preston refusing to leave her alone her parents’ case still being unsolved and falling behind in school she always feels on the verge of losing it When some unexpected news comes her way it’s the final straw and she ends up doing something that almost costs her life Than. 35 4 Certain Stars Nothing can be erased in life Life is permanent from the breaths we take to the decisions we make Luke Violet s journey has been tumultuous it s been hard to read at times emotional and there were points that were just down right depressing The conclusion and third book of their story still had the heartache and struggles but it also had hope Maybe just because one of them was keeping it together I felt like there was promise that they would be able to just maybe have a happy ever after even with all the tough stuff they d been through Violet is a hot mess She is destructive She s on an entire different level of down than she was before She has her reasons most of them valid but it doesn t take away from the fact that she is wrecked She s broken and she s not sure how to get it together Luke is sober He s uit gambling He s trying to stay healthy take better care of himself and take care ofkeep an eye on Violet at the same time A lot is going on with family with the case and the stalker It s not easy on him but he spends his energy focusing on Violet He s falling for this girl and has been for a while but she s on a bad path He just wants to pull her out of it Let her know she s safe with him That he s there for her and not going anywhere She needs that but will it be enough You re always keeping me from falling Instead of both of the main characters falling apart like they did in the past Luke was able to be strong for Violet She needed that strength She was of a mess in this book than ever before I loved Luke so much in this book He has the patience of a saint and lets his good heart shine thorough I adore him and was happy to see his turn around Violet there were moments she completely exasperated me I tried to stay patient with her I can t even imagine going through all she s been through and now getting all these revelations It can t be easy I was frustrated at times as much as I tried not to be but I can say that by the end I was happy with her More than anything I loved that this couple fought They fought for themselves they fought for each other and they fought to be together Even if it wasn t always easy The Coincidence series is one thats emotional heart wrenching and beautiful They tend to be a little on the depressing side at times but those times that the hope shines through it s a beautiful thing As always I enjoy Jessica Sorensen s writing I love that she s not afraid to go there and tackle difficult topics Her characters aren t perfect they aren t cookie cutter book boyfriends and lovable heroines They re raw real flawed and broken but somehow they find fulfillment in one another I am very much looking forward to the final Callie and Kayden book I miss my boy and I REALLY can t wait to read Seth and Grayson s story I love those guys The conclusion of Violet Luke s story gave me that closure and peace I was looking for And the epilogue was beautiful 3

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