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Review ¹ The Cowboy and the Cossack 102 The cattle drive But as they overcome hardships and trials along the trail a deep understanding and mutual respect develops between the men in both group. The premise sounded really fun no matter how improbable The execution however leaves much to be desired Too many details about things that make no difference to the story lots of repetition and characters that just don t ring true The narration was fine but the cowboy and Russian accents got old fast Didn t finish but got past the half way point

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Review ¹ The Cowboy and the Cossack 102 On a cold spring day in 1880 fifteen American cowboys sail into Vladivostock with a herd of 500 cattle for delivery to a famine stricken town deep in Sib. Frankly I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this read This was my first foray into the western genre and while it encompassed many of the traits one would expect from the genre such as cowboys and the herd it was truly unusual and a bit over the top I would recommend this book to any person man or woman who wants a really fantastic story with compelling well thought out characters I couldn t help but feel a bit sad when it all came to an end Also worth noting are the fantastic illustrations by Brad Holland in this edition

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Review ¹ The Cowboy and the Cossack 102 Eria Assigned to accompany them is a band of Cossacks Russia’s elite horsemen and warriors From the first day distrust between the two groups disrupts. In 1880 fifteen Montana Cowboys are commissioned to take five hundred Texas longhorns across a thousand miles of Siberia They are escorted by the same number of Russian Cossacks When these rough Americans meet Russian warriors the clash of cultures inevitably follows but the universal language here is cowboy one of courage loyalty steadfastness and loveTold with humor and pathos I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud then wept uncontrollablyCowboys are naturally laconic Well move over Cormac McCarthy Louis Lamour et al Clair Huffaker s prose is clear cogent spiky and sparse There is not one wasted word in this novel Our narrator is charming and for once reliable All the characters are rich vibrant and authentic They stayed with me each time I put the book down which was not often and when I finished I felt a deep sense of lossInspiring philosophical heartwarming and just plain enjoyable we are very fortunate this book has been brought back in printThank you Nancy Pearl

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