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characters Selfish Shallow and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids 100 Sixteen Literary Luminaries On The Controversial Subject Of Being Childless By Choice Collected In One Fascinating AnthologyOne of the main topics of cultural conversation during the last decade was the supposed fertility crisis and whether modern women could figure out a way to way to have it all a successful demanding career and the reuired 23 children before their biological clock stopped ticking Now however conversation has turned to whether it's I was slightly disappointed that most of the women in the book had actually courted or coveted motherhood for a time and missed the window than made an active choice ironically I most identified with a male writer s essay because he has always firmly known he didn t want children one of only a couple in the book But still I found the essays interesting and I love that the topic is now open for intelligent dialogue

Summary Selfish Shallow and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids

Selfish Shallow and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids

characters Selfish Shallow and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids 100 Necessary to have it all or perhaps controversial whether children are really a reuirement for a fulfilling life The idea that some women and men prefer not to have children is often met with sharp criticism and incredulity by the public and mainstream mediaIn this provocative and controversial collection of essays curated by writer Meghan Daum sixteen acclaimed writers explain why they have chosen to eschew parenthood Contributors Lionel Shriver Sigr I ve known since I was a kid that I didn t want to be a mother I have a distinct memory of being 7 or 8 and joining my own mom and her aunts and cousins on a Memorial Day trip to decorate family graves In the cemetery I remember coming across a string of Depression era headstones for a set of siblings who all died as children and declaring I never wanted to have kids I don t know why that was the moment it clicked for me but it was The women who were there with me all enjoyed a good laugh and told me that I would change my mind one day when I grew up You know what It s been than 20 years and I still haven t changed my mind But just as recently as last week people are still telling me that I ll change my mind Turns out people ask a lot of uestions about your plans for parenthood when you are a newlywed I want to tell all these people I m 31 goddamn years old I think I ve had enough time to think this through I ve had moments of doubt along the way where I wonder if maybe I ll regret it when I get old I ve even picked out names for children I know I don t want Chelsea Evan and Ryan Cage But 999% of the time I think about the idea of doing it and I know that it is not an experience I want for myself There s a whole slew of reasons why I feel this way I m an incredibly anxious person and sometimes just having a cat to provide for is stressful enough a dog seems like too much work for me I don t trust that I would ever feel confident in what I was doing to the point where I wouldn t permanently fuck up a child My own mother passed away when I was a teen and I can t imagine coming home from the hospital with a newborn and not having her there to tell me what to do with my nipples It s only been within the last couple years that I ve gotten to a place where I feel financially stable and the cost of raising a child would almost certainly destroy that I would have to forgo most of the things that I ve always wanted to do that I couldn t afford when I was in my twenties and I wouldn t have the kind of mobility I want in my life to be able to move to a new city uninhibited I think of how busy I am now and how hard it already is to find time to relax between work and general household kind of stuff Throwing a kid into the mix would be overwhelming Then there s the fact that I simply don t enjoy being around kids I m not I hate kids or anything but I really don t have the patience to deal with temper tantrums and even when it s time to play it s exhausting to put myself on the same level as a small kid for than anything considered brief It s just not for me Not even a little bit Call me selfish call me self absorbed whatever I know it s not something I want and I know it s not something I would ever feel like I was doing well I come across so few like minded females and as and of my friends begin to procreate I feel like they re drifting away from me whether because we now have less in common or because they just have less time I don t know but it still makes me sad So I was really excited to read this book and feel like I could relate There were a few essays that made me wrinkle my nose but overall this book is fantastic Reading it was a powerful experience for me

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characters Selfish Shallow and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on The Decision Not To Have Kids 100 Id Nunez Kate Christiensen Elliott Holt Geoff Dyer and Tim Kreider among others offer a uniue perspective on the overwhelming cultural pressure of parenthood Selfish Shallow and Self Absorbed makes a thoughtful and passionate case for why parenthood is not the only path in life taking our parent centric kid fixated baby bump patrolling culture to task in the process What emerges is a nuanced diverse view of what it means to live a full satisfying life Much has been written about women having it all and the difficulties for women with balancing work and child rearing Literature also abounds on the topic of infertility detailing stories of women who long to have children but are unable for various reasons However very little has been written about making a conscious well thought out decision NOT to have children and even less so from a male perspective Social groups are plentiful for women who are mothers from informal playgroups to organized activities such as mom baby yoga Parents tend to be drawn together through their kids sports and other extra curricular activities Parents often freuently congregate in yards enjoying conversation while watching their children play For individuals without children it can be difficult to form friendships and join in such social circles due to having little in common While not necessarily intentional the topic of conversation practically always revolves around child related issuesSelfish Shallow and Self Absorbed Sixteen Writers on Their Decision Not To Have Kids edited by Meghan Daum details the decisions of sixteen writers not to have kids Most thirteen of the essays are by women however three are by men All of the essays resonated with me on some level due to the fact that I also made the decision not to have children very early on in my adult life Even though and women seem to be making the decision not to have children it is still not the choice of the majority While I m not overly concerned with validation from society for my choices it is nice to hear stories of people who have made similar decisions even if for very different reasons While I was initially drawn to reading the essays by authors already known to me such as Lionel Shriver some of my favorites turned out to be from authors previously unknown to me I particularly enjoyed the essays from the three men as they were refreshingly honest and completely unapologetic regarding the decision not to have kids Whereas most of the women seemed to feel the need to ualify their decision with statements about liking kids but determining kids just weren t for them or ensuring that people realize that they don t hate kids and love their niecesnephewsfriends kids etc the men did no such thing Geoff Dyer even stated that he s only had two ambitions in life one of which was never to have children He goes on to say In a park looking at smiling mothers and fathers strolling along with their adorable toddlers I react like the pope confronted with a couple of gay men walking hand in hand Where does it come from this unnatural desire to have children Over and Out by Geoff Dyer Since one of my favorite novels of all time is We Need to Talk About Kevin I was really looking forward to reading Lionel Shriver s essay Rather than detail her decision not to have kids she instead wrote about demographics in general in both America and Europe as well as declining fertility rates and a birth dearth in Western societies She then gave examples of three women she knows personally and considers friends who are at different stages of life and who do not want children Finally she briefly mentions her own situation but never really delves very far into her thought process I did admire Shriver s frank statement of I could have afforded children financially I just didn t want them Other essays were of a somber nature and recounted stories of childhood abuse or neglect which influenced their decisions regarding having or not having in this case children Sigrid Nunez began her essay with There was a time during my childhood when I believed that all children were unwanted Along with the stories of abuse and neglect a few women actually chose to have abortions rather than bring a child that they weren t sure they wanted or could adeuately care for into the world I found Michelle Huneven s essay especially moving My experience of living in my family had deeply instilled a sense that behind the closed doors of a family s home all respect disappeared disapproval anger and other emotions ran unchecked and a domestic form of war prevailed with war s oscillations between overt violence and tense calm Even as I learned that not all families were like this I didn t trust myself not to recreate what I had known Amateurs by Michelle Huneven I am very glad that Meghan Daum decided to take this subject on and am thankful to the sixteen writers who agreed to share their stories I would highly recommend the book not just to people who have decided not to have kids but even so to all those who do have kids I think it s important for those who are parents to realize that their lifestyle is not the only valid choice nor are all those who make the choice not to have kids selfish shallow or self absorbed It is simply one of many life choices typically involving a large amount of deliberation and self reflectionNote Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Picador for a complimentary advance reader s copy of

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