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The Texans Twins Texas Rodeo Barons #4 review ☆ 3 free read Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB · Pamela Britton Pamela Britton · 3 characters Definitely Not Daddy MaterialJasmine Marks is focused and hardworking and when she took a job as engineer for Baron Energies she left behind her support network Now the burden of caring for her twin girls is all on her and. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and FantasyI admit it sometimes I can be a little slow on the uptake I started reading Pamela Britton s The Texan s Twins and knew it was part of a series I even knew I had read one of the books already I even remembered what it was about But try as I might I couldn t find any other reviews I had written on a Pamela Britton book I was starting to think I had gone crazy But then I realized it wasn t the author it was the SERIES The Texas Rodeo Barons A divergent series written by several different authors You can read about the Barons series on Goodreads or FictiondbThe series itself focuses on the Barons family a vast assortment of yours mine hers second wife and ours crazy intense and very much a united frontThe Texan s Twins tells the story of Jet Jethro Barons the playboy of the family and single mother JC Jasmine MarksJC Marks has had a hard life The daughter of a wildcatter she was left an orphan early but she had her fiance that is until the oil rigs took him too Just a few months before her wedding Leaving her once again alone alone that is until she finds herself pregnant with twins Determined to give them a better life she finishes her education and attempts to get a job in the oil industry It s what she knows Finally hired by Lizzie Barons she is beginning to feel secure Secure that is until JC discovers that she is scheduled to work with Jet You know the guy who sort of schmoozes his way through life Obviously not the sort of man she is looking for Now all she has to do is convince her hormonesJet Barons is settling down sort of He knows he is needed at Barons Industries while his sister is on maternity leave He doesn t want to make his career at Barons at least not right now but he does want to make sure Lizzie knows things are fine His first official day on the job he meets the new engineer Of course first he mistakes her for a stripper that his friends sent as a lark Really A Stripper They are in the middle of an oil field Yeah that s where I would send a stripper After that oh so bumpy start Jet knows he has his work cut out for him First at the office then well out of the officeWhat Jet has to learn the hard way is that Jasmine needs a friend way than she needs a lover A lover would have to first be that friend And maybe Jet is making headway That is until he learns that one of her darling girls is ill and she really doesn t have anyone to lean on While he is at her side friendship turns to something and a relationship is formedWhat makes this book stand out is that while Jet is the bad boy is the fact that it s Jet who realizes that they have a chance together It s Jet who albeit ridiculously who falls first and it s Jet who actually has to suffer the broken heart Jasmine is the one afraid to share her heart or her children sThis book isn t rocket science It s pure romance About two people who have to put aside what they think they want and fight for what they really needI am totally looking forward to the next book in this seriesShauniThis review is based on the ARC of The Texas Twins provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on September 2 2014

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The Texans Twins Texas Rodeo Barons #4 review ☆ 3 free read Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB · Pamela Britton Pamela Britton · 3 characters She doesn't have time for a dilettante playboy like Jet Baron Besides she needs her job and she can't blow it by getting involved with the boss's sonOn the surface Jet Barron is a dabbler dropping into work one day and ri. Back to those Rodeo Barons The Texan s Twins is the fourth book in the series and the third one with kids in it I don t know I like the series and the adults and I m not finding the kids to be too distracting but I don t usually find the addition of them to be incredibly romantic So much of the plot line revolves around the kids And the of this I write the I realize that perhaps the appeal of these books that is books with kids in them is NOT a baby hungry biological clock ticking way but in a single parents deserve love too way I m going to need to think on this There is definitely a difference in my mind between a book like the first Barons book where the hero and heroine are pregnant from a one night stand and this one where the heroine comes into the story with 5 year olds One is about wanting a baby with a person and the other is falling in love with someone else AND their kids First the characters I really enjoyed both Jasmine and Jet in this one Jasmine is exactly as described She works her behind off to provide for her girls and is successful at it She s also realistically exhausted and stressed to her limits and a health scare does not make it easier She turns to Jet for comfort because she has no one else and she can not resist his offer She s terrified to start to care for anyone and insists to herself that this is just temporary a way to ease stress She doesn t see at all this is what love is all about Jet has a honestly earned reputation as someone who can t be taken seriously He understands why that is but he kind of chafes at it as he isn t really as flighty as his reputation seems Jet has been pulled into Baron Industries because of his father s injury Really How long can that take to heal anyway and while he has no desire to take over the company he is legitimately happy to be working there He especially loves working with the newest engineer Jasmine Jet falls fast and never really denies what he feels even as he is amazed by the possibility and when things finally implode in a scene I have never seen in a romance he gracefully steps out of the way for Jasmine It is thoughtful and kind and makes me love Jet Even the addition of the two little girls doesn t really distract from the story here They are always present Jasmine is a single mom with no other support this is a plot point and the story is very much about Jet falling for all three of them Was it a perfect romance No but it was very good and I read through it very uickly I am still enjoying the series very much with two books remaining The Texan s Twins was published on September 2

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The Texans Twins Texas Rodeo Barons #4 review ☆ 3 free read Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB · Pamela Britton Pamela Britton · 3 characters Ding rodeo the next But when he makes his mind up he goes for it full out He knows a lot than anyone suspects about the oil business about women And this woman needs someone to count on which will be Jet if he gets his way. I absolutely love this series and couldn t wait to hear Jets story he is a joker and a complete playboy and to have him play this line in the story line is fantastic The author does a fantastic job with the descriptions and the story line really works I am a huge sucker for the romances that have to be won and lessons that have to be learnt So this was a huge plus for me I read this book in one complete sitting and was sad when it ended I love Jet At the same time my heart was totally crushed by what Jasmine has had dealt to her in life and managing to do it all while raising the twins is amazingThis book is well worth picking up It is extremely well written and the characters are so good I love how the author added a back story as well with Jets sisters I highly recommend this to anyone How loves a good romance

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