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North Star Guide Me Home review ↠ 100 read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Jo Spurrier D bonds with her old friends but with Isidro incontrovertibly changed and her own wounds still fresh things can never be as they once were Burdened by all he's done at Kell's command Rasten knows he cannot at. I really liked the first two books but sadly I just did not feel the connection with this book and the ending just bloody bothered me Maybe I am being a prude or whatever but the idea of loving everyone and being with everyone in your family and having god only knows who s child just did not work for me Anywhoo that is my main problem with the end to the trilogy Oh also i found I did not like Rasten turning into a sook Other than that the writing was great and I wonder what Jo Spurrier will write next

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North Star Guide Me Home review ↠ 100 read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Jo Spurrier Some things are broken beyond mending Grievously wounded in battle Isidro's life hangs in the balance but the only person who can help him is the man he can never trust Sierra is desperate to rebuild shattere. I held the first two books in this series in high regard I have to admit the final book fell markedly from the standard of its predecessors and I was pretty dissatisfied with it after being so invested in the story and charactersBetween fight scenes the plot dragged through inner monologues that reprocess the characters same woes ad nauseum and repetitive arguments between characters that never progress toward any resolution view spoilerIsidro s desertion by Sierra Delphine s rejection by Isidro Delphine sitting around being pregnant my pet peeve in the genre Cam and Isidro s debates about Rasten s morality Cam s hypocritical comfort of Isidro brooding over his initiation to the Blood Path hide spoiler

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North Star Guide Me Home review ↠ 100 read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Jo Spurrier One for the horrors of his past But when their enemies in Akhara follow Cam's small clan back to Ricalan carrying a thirst for vengeance the skills Rasten swore he'd renounce may be their only hope for victor. I would say the author discovered polygamy between writing books 2 and 3 and went all in like a teenage girl discovering her first subculture but she threw in a few throwaway sentences about it in the earlier books Still it seems like Spurrier decided she had no idea how to solve the love tetrahedrons she created and just said FUCK IT EVERYONE S NON MONOGAMOUS EVEN THE ONE FROM A HEAVILY MONOGAMOUS CULTURESierra and Rasten mentioned growing up with multiple adults but it was framed as a survival mechanism and not a matter of love Isidro Cam and Mira were all children of leaders who lived in populated areas and had resources And don t even get me started on Delphine Great choices she has if she wants her daughter to know her father she either has to agree to polygamy or watch the man she loves build a family with another woman Spurrier did her dirty no one in the cast gave a shit about her predicament But don t worry these are the good guys so Cam will respect her decision not to sleep with him