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Read & Download » Lost in Love Summerhill #2 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Portia Summerhill feels like a loserThirty something jobless and living at home How could she not Next to her accomplished sisters Portia's achievements or lack thereof are that much noticeableThe one thing Portia can claim is expert knowledge on antiues and her ancestry and in a moment of. Portia may lead a life of privilege but that doesn t mean it s easy In fact it seems that everything she took for granted has been turned upside down The father she adored turned out not only to be a cheater but to have a whole other family on the side The home she loved and expected to one day inherit has in fact been sold to a resort company And it seems that without an education she may never find a purpose in lifeWhen her mother suggests she apply for a position at a museum she s not sure there s any point but she goes along with it anyway only to find herself absolutely determined to win the job once she sits down for the interview There s a pretty big catch though Despite her knowledge the only way they ll take her on is if she provides them with the Summerhill tiara a family heirloom that was conceded to whoever now owns the family estate she once thought she d inheritJackson isn t living life on his own terms Sidelining his own plans for his future he s stuck managing his father s business and just when he thinks he might be able to do something for himself he finds himself headed to England to check on yet another property his father has purchasedThis was a strange read for me not a bad read just a strange one While I loved Jackson I didn t really feel much connection to Portia probably because of her circumstances She s titled lives and breathes propriety and leads such an incredibly different life than any I can imagine I couldn t help but feel bad for her though trying so hard to become her own person and being looked at for her family name than anything Seeing Jackson take a liking to her the way he wasn t distracted by her title or place in society was great What I really fell in love with though was the side storyuinn Jackson s second in command and Meredith Jackson s ex fiance were what kept me turning the pages almost faster than I could read I didn t expect this view of another couple s budding relationship and I absolutely loved both of them Jackson was hot but give me uinn any day His pursuit of Meredith was teasing but strong subtle but take no prisoners and completely fascinating I know I m probably supposed to be talking about the main two characters but uinn and Meredith simply stole the show for me Perhaps if I hadn t been so taken with them I might have gotten into the main story but then again I think the way the book turned to two full fledged romances at once is simply brilliant If you love to read about love this one s a double winFicCentral received this book from AToMR Tours for free in exchange for an honest review Even so we re far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here

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Read & Download » Lost in Love Summerhill #2 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB E needs help getting his newest posh hotel launched and luckily for Portia he's willing to make a trade If she helps him meet the deadline for his new resort he'll give her the tiara Only the time she spends with Jackson the Portia wonders if she wants the tiara or the man keeping it from h. I love Kate Perry s Laurel Heights series Absolutely adore it It was one of the first books I bought on my kindle I read every single one of themNow I saw she has a new series I was thrilled This series in completely different in my opinion from the Laurel Heights one Portia s in in her 30 s living at home kind of a hot mess She is wealthy so she can afford to not work In fact she has never really had a job oh to be super wealthy Her family life seems to be falling apart He father she comes to find out had been cheating on her mother for years The cheat has now sold her home Portia is at a loss With no job and no skills to get one she is not sure what she is going to do Her mother suggests she work at a museum With all their connections it seems like a shoe inBut it is not so easy The museum wants her to get The Summerhill Tiara It all sounds too easy doesn t it Enter Jackson Jackson lives his life the way he wants He is a man of his own hers A true cowboy Then when is father falls ill he is forced to take over the family business When business takes him overseas he has no idea how his life will change No spoilers hereThe chemistry was great between these 2 I love Jackson I thought he was swoon worthyThere is plenty of side stories as well in this book If you have read other Kate Perry books you know she is setting them up for their own stories Plus an added hint that there will be a lot book Portia has a lot of sisters While this was very different from Laurel Heights it was still enjoyable

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Read & Download » Lost in Love Summerhill #2 í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Serendipity the perfect job lands in her lap curator at the Museum of British Peerage There's one caveat the museum won't hire her unless she brings the family jewels with her Or specifically the infamous Summerhill tiaraExcept a cowboy hotelier stands between her and her tiara Jackson Wait. Same formula as the previous books different characters However there are a lot of other storylines that happen here as wellSo this one s about Portia who is encouraged to secure a position at the Museum of British Peerage by her mother since P knows so much about Summerhill history But the jerk that runs the MBP will only give her a job to curate the Summerhill collection if she ll handover the Summerhill Tiara which was last located at her beloved Suncrest Manor which was sold by her late father to a hotel developerJackson is the CEO of the hotel development group he doesn t want to run it but is forced to by his father and in fact the day to day ops are handled by uinn who the secondary story involves Portia seeks out J to get the tiara back and ends up sorting and curating the antiues that had been removed from Suncrest to make way for the renovations J s dad also wants him to get back together with an ex fiance Meredith who is also the interior design person for the company However uinn s clearly interested in helping Meredith accomplish her bucket list but no one knows that the reason she broke it off with J is because she wasn t in love with him and she was diagnosed with breast cancerWe also meet Imogen the Summerhill sister and actress who is hiding out after a jerk of a boyfriend released a sex tape of them to boost his own brand Viola is in the process of divorcing her cheating husband and dealing with her sulky 14 yr old daughter Luca the race car driver friend of Nick Rosalind s fiance has inserted himself into the lives of the Summerhill women because he s interested in Beatrice And something s up with Lady Jacs but no one knows what yetThe PJ storyline was kinda boring the M relationship was way intriuing and romanticAnd one day I d like to have my own orangery in my home

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