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FREE DOWNLOAD µ Bumperhead Bumperhead follows Bobby a young slacker who narrates his life as it happens but offers very little reflection on the events that transpire He lives in the moment exclusively and is incapable of seeing the world outside of his experiences He comes of age in the 1970s making a rapid progression through that era's different subcultures and in a short period of time segues from a stone. Bumperhead is a coming of age novel about a boy who measures each generation of his youth by the records he listens to and the girls he fixates on It was a Seventies thing and if you grew up in the same generation as him I did then you d understand I don t know if younger kids will get some of what s going on here but I hope they hang in there anyway I found some of the parallels between this kid s youth to my own pretty eerie but it also made the book compassionate I felt Beto was speaking for me Bumperhead loses a star because he portrays aging in such a pathetic gruesome way virtually feeding into the ageism

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FREE DOWNLOAD µ Bumperhead A fascinatingly disjointed tale of drugs rock and roll and adolescence from a legendary cartoonistThe Love and Rockets author Gilbert Hernandez returns with Bumperhead a companion book to Marble Season Whereas Marble Season explored the exuberant and occasionally troubled existence of the wide eyed preteen Huey Bumperhead zeroes in on disaffected teenhood with its protagonist Bobby. I may be too generous with this 4 star rating though Bumperhead IS certainly above average It may not be as arresting as Ghost World or My New York Diary each vignette may occupy a short single page But its worthwhile and if anything deceptively profound Plus what s up with the i Pad as time traveling motif Yep An angry adolescent is always an excellent subject worth exploring

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FREE DOWNLOAD µ Bumperhead R glam rocker to a drunk rocker to a speed freak punk He drifts in and out of relationships with friends both male and female Life zooms past him Hernandez's approach captures the numbness and raw undirected anger and passion of a young man who waits for life to happen to him not noticing all the while that it is happening Subtle and thought provoking Bumperhead is a fascinating rea. Grabbed a copy of this at SDCC Another fantastic GN from Beto and a natural seuel of sorts to Marble Season I know he s been doing this for over thirty years now or so but he still seems to be getting better and better somehow

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  • Gilbert Hernández
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  • 17 June 2017
  • 9781770461659