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REVIEW Bitter Memories 107 Lthough the memories of their time together still haunted her So when she bumped into him on her trip to see her sister she was shocked The att It was cute but wasn t overly receptive to me I do like these type books but parts of this one are so ridiculous I found I was bored The hero and heroine go in circles all throughout the novel with their lies and stories It felt redundant

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REVIEW Bitter Memories 107 So we meet again… When their passionate affair came to an abrupt end Tanya hadn't expected—or wanted—to see Alejandro Vazuez Herrera again a The protagonists reunite after a 9 year separation which was caused by miscommunication and stupidity She s 27 and he s about 32 They both act like 13 year olds particularly stupid 13 year olds I feel nothing for you It was just sex Go away Are you sure Why did you leave me like thatWhah You left me I hate youSee there is still feeling between usYou only want me for my body you cheating bastardMi carina I don t have any other womenI won t be one of your stable of womenWell I can break it off with that woman whose insanity I have never noticed if you want You cheating bastard Stop bugging me I m trying to waste my holiday by staying indoors all the timeBut the island is so beautiful you really should stay in my apartment so you can see the carnavalI

REVIEW ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB × Margaret Mayo

REVIEW Bitter Memories 107 Raction between them flared again but Tanya had to try her hardest to deny it After all Alejandro had left her to marry another woman hadn't he ReviewAlthough I loved this book I felt the woman wasn t very likeable at all I felt so sorry for Alejandro He did nothing wrong She on the other hand was all me me me Totally selfidh Whatever he did wasn t good enough for her By the end of the book I almost wished here turn his back on her that s how much I disliked her This is the first book I ve ever disliked the heroine so much

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