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  • The Labyrinth of Osiris
  • Paul Sussman
  • Portuguese
  • 24 October 2018
  • 9789722526746

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The Labyrinth of Osiris Read & Download Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Paul Sussman ´ 0 review Read The Labyrinth of Osiris Desde ue se viram pela última vez a vida de Yusuf Khalifa da polícia de Luxor e de Arieh Ben Roi detetive em Jerusalém mudou Ben Roi prestes a ser pai pela primeira vez investiga um crime tenebroso no Patriarcado Arménio de Jerusalém A vítima uma jornalista chamada Rivka Kleinberg andava a investigar o tráfico de seres humanos para exploração sexual em A riveting well written adventure story much to enjoy and unlike many other books of a similar vein no compromises

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The Labyrinth of Osiris Read & Download Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Paul Sussman ´ 0 review Read The Labyrinth of Osiris Israel uando surge uma ligação entre Kleinberg e um engenheiro britânico desaparecido de Luxor em 1931 Ben Roi pede ajuda ao velho amigo e colega Khalifa A vida de Khalifa também mudou mas no seu caso não para melhor No meio de uma tragédia pessoal e embrenhado numa investigação uma série de envenenamentos de poços no deserto egípcio acede a ajudar o an exellent bookinteresting and thrilling with lots of historical and political information plus lovable characters

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The Labyrinth of Osiris Read & Download Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Paul Sussman ´ 0 review Read The Labyrinth of Osiris Amigo israelita As duas investigações interligam se arrastando Ben Roi e Khalifa para uma sinistra rede de violência abuso falta de ética empresarial e terrorismo anticapitalista E no coração dessa rede encontra se o labirinto um mistério egípcio com mais de três mil anos ue já fez com ue Rivka Kleinberg perdesse a vida e ela não será a última víti Despite receiving this as part of the Transworld Historical Reading Challenge this book is set firmly in modern times beginning with a murder in the Armenian Cathedral in Jerusalem and stretching back to the death of an Egyptoglist in the 1930 in Luxor This an intrigue crime thriller set in one of the most complicated areas of the modern world Jerusalem and Luxor with two detectives from very different cultures and backgrounds working at different elements of the mystery The characters are well written and different enough to stand out from the raft of modern detectives Ariah Ben Roi is the detective in Jerusalem who struggles against politics in his precinct and city while investigating the murder He is also expecting his first child and is trying to find the balance between work and his new family responsibilities To be honest I found this element much interesting as Ben Roi works with a new partner and has a good side line in banter that made his parts of the story comfortable and amusing The Egyptian detective Yusuf Khalifa has suffered a family tragedy in the recent past and this is palpable in his actions and decisions throughout the story but does feel a little heavy However the two ends of the investigation dovetail nicely and build up a lot of tension and uestions many of which aren t answered until the end I really liked the way a lot of the discoveries are made through good old fashioned police work investigating connections exploring paperwork and using the brainPaul Sussman has a great eye of detail and obviously loves this region of the world I feel like I could navigate both Luxor and Jerusalem just using this story as a map and guidebook However on occasion knowing that the exact address of every place feels like too much detail and not overly relevant to the story While a little slow at the beginning the pace picks up considerably towards the end with an exciting and emotional few pages This is an intelligent thriller with a uniue setting and a well woven plot and one I would recommend for those wanting to try something a little different