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Non Stop Till Tokyo Read ´ 100 Apped in rural Japan with the gangsters closing in Kerry doesn’t stand a chance Then help arrives in the menacing form of Chanko a Samoan American ex sumo wrestler with a bad attitude a lot of secrets and a mission she doesn’t understandKerry doesn’t get involved with dangerous men Then again she’s never had one on her side before And the big. A departure for me mf very heavy on the thriller contemporary set in Japan This book is dear to me I loved living in Japan I loved writing a balls to the wall violent fast paced thriller and I had huge fun with Kerry s voice Chanko s frankly difficult personality and their utterly disgraceful friends and accomplicesI ll say now there s insults and racial slurs because this book contains bad people and also rude people serious violence and off page sexual abuse Please heed the warnings Otherwise enjoy

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Non Stop Till Tokyo Read ´ 100 Taciturn fighter seems determined to save her life even if they rub each other the wrong wayThen her friends are threatened and Kerry has no choice but to return to Tokyo and face the yakuza Where she learns too late that the muscle man who’s got her back could be poised to stab itWarning Contains graphic violence swearing and implied sexual abuse. DNF Despite KJ Charles being one of my few auto buy authors this book lost me at just past 80%There s an intricate fast paced Japanese Mafia Yakuza Vs Hostesses plot Told mostly through dialogue even when self preservation screams loose the phone Most of the action is relayed in conversation rather than witnessed or felt and I didn t get much of an impression of where they were how far the characters had travelled or of how much time had passed Charles knowledge and affection for the country however is obvious and the book reads like a love letter to Japan I found that aspect interesting and nicely delivered the culture really comes acrossMajor LOVE for the hero being a large in every sense ex sumo Chanko does his side to side jog and explodes off the page take that Mr Air brushed perfection It s the reason I bought the book and I can t express how much I heartily approve It s a heavy sprinkle of magic I LOVE ChankoOnly uibble there is that the sex is off page Noooo I wanted some smexy Chanko actionUnfortunately the heroine and narrator Kerry makes less of an impression Despite the story being in first person she keeps her secrets and doesn t share her emotions The distance stopped me fully connecting to the story though the fast pace carried me through She shares a little family history past the half way point but the effect is still too enigmatic a narrator Also her emotions rarely go beyond confessed nausea and tears view spoilerShe gets punched in the breast and it s I had no idea how much that would hurt It jarred me as though it was an experience she set out to discover As someone whose accidentally got knocked on the boob I was thinking FUCK THAT HURT hide spoiler

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Non Stop Till Tokyo Read ´ 100 A man with a past is her only hope for the futureKerry Ekdahl’s mixed heritage and linguistics skills could have made her a corporate star Instead she’s a hostess in a high end Tokyo bar catering to businessmen who want conversation translation and flirtation Easy money no stress Life is good until she’s framed for the murder of a yakuza bossTr. flawed but compellingas a thriller it s too dependent on expositional dialogue with a dissatisfying deus ex machina to bootas a romance it suffers from the demands of the suspense storyline which was ambitiously involvedthe unfortunate result is a story that is only a little than a series of intense conversations between various parties who need to have things explained to themhowever the gaijin author s abiding affection for that titular city and its singular people fairly radiates from the page which made for a fun read despite my uibblesplus BONUS OMGz for nonewhite nonskinny samoan wrestler love interestmmm my toes curled up like a couple orders of shrimp cocktailand as for that deuspurrs mata nebe seeing you

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