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Twisted by Andrea Kane review ¶ 100 Andrea Kane ¹ 0 review Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Andrea Kane New York Times bestselling novelist Andrea Kane leads you down a dark and twisted alleyway littered with drugs kidnapping and murder Navigating expertly between the mind of a deranged serial killer and the FBI special agents racing to end his lethal spree Kane delivers a complex unforgettable story based on extensive research with the FBI and its Crisis Negotiation and Behavioral Analysis Units Twisted is Kane's most accomplished novel yetWho will be nextFormer FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank survived a life threatening injury sustained in the line of duty only to face leaving a job she loves in. A Deadly Mythological Page TurnerI ve said this a lot in my reviews but nothing could not be further from the truth Sloane Burbank is the ultimate fictional heroine One I can actually look up to and attempt to be as great Being as skilled as she with self defense classes But it doesn t do as far as to make her so far away as a goddess Andrea wrote her like an actual person Not a goddess as Luke intended but an intimidating woman who can kick ass with issues and a throbbing ever present wound That alone would be enough to love this book but it has many bonuses I liked her friends Elliot and Hank and whoever else helped her to solve the missing women cases And then the Greek Mythology and Luke believing in it so fervently I love Ancient Greek philosophy and culture and mythology and that was just another bonus to this book Artemis was my favorite goddess before this book and still is knowing that Sloane pretended to be her and ultimately became her by defeating Luke or Delphi and saving the other lesser goddessesAll in all great novel Seriously Would recommend to anyone who had a taste for mythology psychopaths serial killers a killer romance excuse the pun and fast paced action that never fails to keep the heart from pounding furiously in anticipation for what happens next

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Twisted by Andrea Kane review ¶ 100 Andrea Kane ¹ 0 review Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Andrea Kane Never expected to see again He's pursuing the leader of a Chinese gang and trying to solve a series of grisly murders in Chinatown so he initially offers Sloane the case files and minimal cooperationBut as women disappear and others turn up brutally murdered Derek's priorities shift and he and Sloane come to the sickening realization that these random crimes are linked to the same crazed killer No one can anticipate when he will strike again but when Sloane becomes the target of the killer's twisted obsession it's clear that his ultimate fantasy is even psychotic than either of them ever imagined. Sloane Burbank is a former FBI agent who was injured in the line of duty and instead of taking a desk job decided to leave the Bureau until her therapy made her fit for active duty once In the meantime she is working as a private consultant for corporations and the police She is contacted by the family of a childhood friend as a last resort that their daughter has been missing for close to a year and hired to look into the case for them This one missing person case takes her into a series of related missing women cases all having even the remotest link to herself leading officials to believe Sloane is the ultimate target At the same time the FBI agent in charge is involved in a case of a series of brutal prostitute murders down in Chinatown which may somehow be related to the missing womenComment Wow This was a stunner I wish I hadn t waited so long to read this as I would have read the seuel by now too Two things initially put me off the cover and the description on the back as a romantic thriller I m not a romance reader and the word had me thinking this might be a bit of fluff but boy was I wrongA very creepy unusual serial killer is the focus of this book which shifts focus occasionally to the criminal s first hand point of view and then back to the third person narrative of the main plot This person is very freaky and the whole story of motive that the author has created is very uniue and fantastic I uickly had my eye on a suspect and played into the author s hands all along as I followed her red herrings and was joyfully surprised how wrong I was at the revealUsually in these thrillers with malefemale partners we have sxual tension or a relationship going on but the romance writer in the author comes out in this area of the book and there is uite a bit of descriptive sx in the book that I would rather have done without Some people would consider it uite graphic though in the whole realm of what I ve read I d say it gets very close without uite getting to full fledged graphic For this reason I can t give the book a full rating I ve read a lot of thrillers and this type of romancesex doesn t sit right with me Save it for the paranormal romances I sayOtherwise Ms Kane has crafted a taut uniue and very satisfying page turner of a thriller I will be reading the seuel soon

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Twisted by Andrea Kane review ¶ 100 Andrea Kane ¹ 0 review Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Andrea Kane Order to recuperate As an independent consultant she now uses her specialized skills to train law enforcement and private organizations in crisis resolution But when one of her closest childhood friends mysteriously disappears and the woman's devastated parents beg for her help Sloane takes the case even though her ex lover Derek Parker is the FBI agent in chargeSpecial Agent Derek Parker now assigned to the Asian Criminal Enterprise Task Force in the FBI's New York Field Office has no time to spare for a year old case he sees as a dead end especially since it would mean working with a woman he. I cannot rate this book I am too angry at the moment which would affect my judgementWhile our psychopath was predictable the author did a great job with the unravelling of his motives It made sense Everything was wrapped up very well The relationship between the main characters was well developed as well Everything was great exceptview spoiler the fact that she killed my main character It broke my heart I am not even sure I want to read the seuel even though I am sure it ll be awesome hide spoiler

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