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Airborne A Sentimental Journey Read & Download À 104 William F. Buckley Jr. Þ 4 review Read & Download Airborne A Sentimental Journey E 13 and considers his success as a seaman and father A chapter on how to navigate stands ou. An early self improvement project was reading WFB with the intention of expanding my vocabulary In my fifties I m much intrigued by his phrases eg the shoulders of the ocean The vocabulary is obscure he d have said abstruse Words I learned while I read this bookanfractuositiesbillingsgatelambentineluctablenugatorythaumaturgicalemetictatterdemalionocholocracysufructdesuetudeWords I plan to incorporate in my vocabularyOkay maybe lambent glowing flickering with soft radiance I wrote down prestipulated mispronouncing it mentally as PREST i pu LATED Than laughed out loud Pre stipulated Got itBuckley his son his sister in law and friends set sail in the a sixty foot schooner Cyrano from Miami to Gibraltar via the Bahamas and the Azores I enjoyed reading about the planning the potential perils tedium mechanical failures a society in miniature sublime moments and successful completion of their journey I enjoyed Buckley s fifteen page explanation of celestial navigation with a sextant And chortled at the newest technology brought aboard a cassette television cartridge player I learned about heaving to bringing a sailing vessel to a stop and knockdowns boat suddenly goes horizontal YouTube offers spectacular videos of knockdowns Two uotes But this is sailing eh No matter that nothing worksso what if the electrical system on this boat is a cogent argument for the return to gas and steam because on a night such as this your hull buried in the swells and your sails knifing the wind the only things that matter are a steady helm a clear head and a warm jacket On a night such as this who needs the consolation of philosophy from Christopher Buckley s journalThe only female onboard goes by the name Bill Bill F is Buckley s wife s sister I point out a couple of signals to Bill one of whose enduring charms is that she is interested in everything while affecting knowledge of nothing though she is a grand master as administrator world champion as friend and counselor

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Airborne A Sentimental Journey Read & Download À 104 William F. Buckley Jr. Þ 4 review Read & Download Airborne A Sentimental Journey About this title On a month long cruise across the Atlantic on his sailboat Cyrano Buckley l. William F Buckley Jr was a man of many talents and interests Buckley founded the influential conservative political magazine National Review hosted the weekly public affairs talk show Firing Line wrote a syndicated newspaper column three days a week played the harpsichord started writing novels at the age of 50 and was passionate about sailing Oh and one time he ran for Mayor of New York City And what have you done today old sportBuckley s first book about sailing Airborne A Sentimental Journey was published in 1976 Airborne chronicles Buckley s 1975 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in his schooner Cyrano Various friends are along for the ride chief amongst them Buckley s only child Christopher or Christo as WFB refers to him When Airborne takes place Christo is a recent college graduate figuring out what he wants to do with his life Airborne features excerpts from Christopher s journal of the voyage and it s very clear that he has a way with words no surprise since we know that he goes on to become the author of 18 books famous for political satires like Thank You for Smoking and Little Green Men Christopher Buckley also wrote a fantastic memoir about his parents Losing Mum and Pup and reading that book piued my interest in reading his father s personal books like Cruising Speed and Overdrive which both chronicle a week in the life of WFB Buckley uses the ocean journey at the center of Airborne as a jumping off point to describe the important role that sailing has played in his life Throughout the book Buckley weaves in many stories about the boats he has owned and the adventures they have taken him on Buckley writes elouently about sailing The ocean and the sky and the night are suddenly alive your friends and your enemies but not any longer just workaday abstractions It is most surely another world and a world worth knowing p26 The sailing bug bit Buckley early At age 13 he was sailing regularly on a lake near the family home in Connecticut where he raced neighbors twice his age Seventy five races per summer for three summers may strike some as a few races too many It struck me as too few races by far p58 Buckley also describes the dangers of sailing and the power of the sea He also gives the reader an account of the tragic events of a cruise on Cyrano in June of 1971 While sailing on the Hudson River in Manhattan a young African American advertising executive named Marvin Hayes was sitting on the lifeline of the boat when it broke He fell into the water did not know how to swim and drowned before the boat could get back to him Lawsuits were filed and it was ultimately determined that shoddy workmanship was to blame the lifeline should have held up to 3000 pounds but the rigger had applied the wrong kind of crimp to bind the cable to the fitting that secures it to the stanchion p82 Buckley was not on board when this accident took place The voyage that Buckley describes in Airborne begins in Miami with a stopover in Bermuda and then on to the Azores The trip is rife with technological problems from the very start By the end of the voyage even Buckley s trusty sextant has failed him Now the list is pretty nearly complete the radar the autopilot the batteries the motor the generator the RDF the loran the chronometer and the sextant The factual errors in the instruction book for the HP 65 seem almost a diversion p211There s an interesting section on celestial navigation which Buckley was a big fan of It sounds very complicated to a non sailor like me but it s fascinating to learn about how you can find out where you are even when you re in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean As long as you can see either the sun or the stars As a prose writer Buckley s style is surprisingly similar to that of his nemesis Gore Vidal Both men were devotees of the aside the digression as though their brilliant brains had so many competing thoughts occurring to them at the same moment that they simply had to set it all down and well dear reader you ll just have to try your best to catch up with them Sarcasm aside that may have been close to the truth as they were both exceptionally brilliant men who probably did have a million different thoughts rushing through their heads at any given moment And while that is entertaining to read it can be tough to follow sometimes What I like so much about William F Buckley s personal style is his confidence You can see it on Firing Line He s leaning back in his chair slouching with his clipboard and pencil eyes lidded as though he might suddenly drift off to sleep and yet he is never at a loss for words for threading the complicated tapestry of the argument he is weaving He can write a newspaper column in 30 minutes He can sail across the Atlantic I m in awe of that kind of confidence probably because I simply don t posses it As Christopher Buckley writes in his journal There are times when I m right and times when I m wrong Usually I admit when I m wrong WFB it seems does not subscribe to this p94Buckley was renowned for possessing a huge vocabulary and it s on full display throughout the book I was thrilled to read Buckley use the word arteriosclerotic which was one of Tom Wolfe s favorite words that he used throughout his first book The Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby Buckley finds the world of sailors even a little too conservative for him Sometimes though the tribal spirit spills over and you get arteriosclerotic stuffiness p127 Buckley is aware that owning a yacht is what we would now call a first world problem as he writes about reprogramming his constantly malfunctioning HP 65 navigation device You may put that down if you insist in the category of the Problems of the Idle Rich p189 Throughout Airborne we see Buckley s pride in his son and so it seems fitting at the very end of the book he lets Christopher have the last word even though I m restless for the touch of land if you were to set sail tomorrow to cross another ocean I d sell my soul to ship out with you Any day p252

William F. Buckley Jr. Þ 4 review

Airborne A Sentimental Journey Read & Download À 104 William F. Buckley Jr. Þ 4 review Read & Download Airborne A Sentimental Journey Ogs daily occurrences and reflections recalls previous sailing experiences as far back as ag. Airborne is about William F Buckley Jr s first Trans Atlantic sailing voyage aboard his beloved cruiser Cyrano I stumbled on this little jewel in a box free books kindly given to me and thoroughly enjoyed it Being a huge fan of maritime literature both fiction and non fiction classic and contemporary I was immediately sold on this book and it did not disappointAll politics aside William F Buckley WFB was an undeniably brilliant writer and conversationalist Unknown to some he was also a highly competent skipper and racer His mastery of the english language and sharp wit really added to the enjoyment of the book For those with socio political hangups with WFB don t let his infamous ber conservative opinions and well known diatribes steer you away from reading Airborne He keeps it non partisan and focuses his incredible storytelling and writing skills on his intense passion for sailing navigating and wayward adventuring His love of the sea is apparent in every chapterThe book has a very pleasant anecdotal tone which made for a uick and entertaining read It is as if the reader is having a fireside conversation with WFB as he reminisces about his first Trans Atlantic sailing voyage and other fond memories of sailing racing and the pitfalls of boat ownership and euipment failure Buckley s wry humor and self deprecation is present throughout WFB also peppers in many fascinating asides on the technical aspects of sailing and a few short unrelated asides about famous figures with whom he rubbed shoulders with and often uipped A definite high point is the chapter devoted to celestial navigation in which it is broken down in layman s terms WFB was renowned for his mastery of celestial navigation and his ability to explain it in a simple no nonsense manner Text is also interspersed with very entertaining ship s log entries by the Captain and numerous members of his crew which included his youthful son Christopher and other characters who s contributions were colorful to say the least and often hilarious Laughs abound as they recount downright hedonistic shore leaves and shipboard pranks often perpetrated at the Skipper s expense Though there is plenty of levity there are deeper introspective moments shared by WFB and crew as well as several edge of your seat moments as they brave the elements and fury of the sea There are also plenty of great photos diagrams and maps throughoutI highly recommend Airborne to the seasoned sailer layman adventurer nautical fanatic and casual reader It is a really fine book and great edition to any library Not knowing much about WFB politically or otherwise prior to reading this book I now count myself among his fans The world lost a great writer sailer humorist and man when WFB passed away in 2008 This book serves as a testament to his incredible life and contributions to the literary and sailing communitiesI m looking forward to reading the second book in the WFB series of four sailing books Atlantic High followed by Racing Through Paradise and Windfall I have no doubt the other books will deliver the same enjoyment

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