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uestors author Joan Lennon Free download Ú 105 Joan Lennon ☆ 5 characters characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Joan Lennon That to fail would mean unthinkable disaster It's a pity then that someone is determined to stop them From the icebound city of the dragons to the magical kitchen of The London House Joan Lennon has crafter a highly inventive story that is fast paced fantastical and fun I recommend this book to someone who really likes fantasy a lot In this book there are three worlds and each world is really different from another It is really fantasy because there are dragons and magical powers Fantasy is one of my favorite genres so I really did enjoy reading this book It keeps my mind off reality and I was able to connect to the three main characters because they are both children just like me This book is really different from other books because it shows that kids can also do great things and that they can be as powerful as adult Three kids were chosen from their planet to save the universe They were told that the universe was no longer in balance so it s their job to safe the universe At first I thought they were just kids they couldn t do anything but after reading it I learn that children are just the same as adults

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uestors author Joan Lennon

uestors author Joan Lennon Free download Ú 105 Joan Lennon ☆ 5 characters characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Joan Lennon Three worlds held in perfect balance Nothing can change that Well nothing except a cataclysmic disruption in the Space Time Continuum Luckily the people in charge have a plan Create three perfect Heroes the best of each world and send them on a uest to find the Objects o 2020 EDIT Reread as an adult uestors remains a three star but is no longer on my shelf Nowadays I am very uncomfortable with the handling of gender in the book Cam a child who supposedly won t have a gender until puberty could be read as non binary but the characters and the narrative keep referring to Cam as it instead of using theythem or other pronouns It s disgusting and dehumanising like Cam can t be seen as fully human until they are either a boy or a girl I know uestors was published in 2007 but that s no excuse this strict binary codedivide you must be male or female so as to be treated as such according to socially constructed guidelines actual wording that s said in the book based on your genitalia and there are no other options and spectrums in sex and gender it is a reprehensible and dangerous message in a children s book It s transphobic to the extreme to boot And uestors thinks it s subverting gender rolesIt s a shame because otherwise uestors is uite funny and witty with memorable and colourful characters But it is also largely underdeveloped Like there are hardly any scenes with the three uestor children Madlen Bryn and Cam and their Agent mother Kate Kate only had them as part of a grand master plan to bring the three worlds of this book s universe back into balance it was her duty nothing How does she feel about all of this I don t have a clue She doesn t seem to care one way or the other There is nary a family bonding moment or an emotional touch between her and her children who might get killed on their uests it s a shafted blip on the radar We never even find out who the children s fathers areThe hero children who had remained ignorant of their destiny and of each other s existence at the beginning are forced on their uest far too uickly with no training no preparation no weapons and no briefing on any basic survival skills whatsoever They don t even have time to change their clothes A couple of chapters of exposition is all that s given Any rush in a story involving time travel is rendered moot to begin with it completely negates the saying There s no time Hurry Yes there are a lot of time travel confusions and plot holes Plus incredibly stupid adult characters but maybe that was the point These are the least of the book s problems however The mental illness and autism rep in uestors is deeply troubling and problematic As in it s perceived in villainous or blameworthy characters Perhaps unintentionally it s viewed as dangerous and a threat to all civilisation Again 2007 no excuse % % thatThere are some typos as well Cam is referred to as a her once Oops Better than it thoughIt s a little sad that some books from my childhood are turning out to be not as good as I remembered But at least I have space on my bookshelf now Tee heeFinal Score 35PS Why does every adult female in uestors have to have a male love interest or have a man be smitten with them sexually Ugh And young Bryn had found Kate alluring and sexy before finding out she s his mother AND at one point he hits on a nurse Serena while he s injured and bedridden and she blushes and almost encourages him ARRRRRGHOriginal Review If you can t find a hero then you have to make one When things are desperate you ll try anything back blurb of 2007 hardcoverAfter reading Neil Gaiman s latest book for children Fortunately the Milk I ve looked back on other random creative and fantastical books ones from my childhoodFact I still own my old hardback copy of uestors bought on a whim one fine school day Despite being a confusing mess in some places I remember it so fondly that I can t bring myself to give it away uestors is a story about three Worlds out of balance The space time continuum is about to shift and go kablooey So a council of people with a total disregard for the ethical and moral issues of genetic engineering decide that the best solution is to create three Heroes born from one mother and send each of them to live in one of the three Worlds Because logic and cosmic fun don t mix A time shifting danger lurks and arrives too early for the titular uestors to be ready to save everything and everyone They must find the three Objects of Power from the Worlds in order to restore balance Upon learning their true identities and the mission which is the reason for their existing young Madlen and Bryn and Cam must put aside their differences and grievances so they can work together They travel and fight to retrieve what will save their home Worlds from destructionThe Heroes discover within themselves their respective skills and magical gifts and they have to use them fast for a villain called the Preceptor is determined to stop them on their uestAlmost nothing in uestors makes sense when put into uestioning However I think that the interesting characters and funny fantasy elements save it from being just another forgettable kid s book published amidst the Harry Potter craze It is rather similar to Harry Potter in fact but not distractingly so Madlen is the big sister and no nonsense leader of the uestors the Hermione Granger of the team Bryn is the stubborn roughly dressed and sometimes cheeky younger brother from the war World he possesses a heart of gold and an artist s soul Cam is a sensitive nature loving kid of no gender heshe will develop into a boy or a girl once heshe reaches puberty An original coming of age tale is at play here along with a nature versus nurture subtext Other characters the adults of the council to be precise are also funny and are even heartwarming to read about individually The trauma the three child heroes go through is put into consideration and their interactions with each other are splendidly written There is even an unexpected plot twist revealed at the end and it suits the silliness of the rest of the bookTime travel a boarding school zombies a hatchet sexist dragons ice mountains apples planes and dreams that tell your destiny such is the content of the action sci fi fantasy uestors I enjoyed it a lot than I did A Wrinkle in Time another similar book There is a mysticism and winsome aspect to uestors that makes it endearing While I wouldn t really call it a good book in terms of a well written and well structured story it succeeds in having a spark that shines through the characters and creative settings At least it s never boring which saves it from the fade of mediocrityHardly anyone has ever heard of uestors I d say check it out if you have the time You might be surprisedFinal Score 35

characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Joan Lennon

uestors author Joan Lennon Free download Ú 105 Joan Lennon ☆ 5 characters characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Joan Lennon F Power that will restore the balance But things go wrong when the Heroes are needed ten years earlier than expected and three confused kids set off to save the worlds Madlen Bryn and Cam have no idea what they're looking for or where they'll find it What they do know is I love Mrs Macmahonney The overall story was solid although the characters were a bit flat and the world building could have used a bit background but for a middle grade novel this was uite good

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