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review Ansichten eines Clowns × eBook or Kindle ePUB Heinrich Böll schildert das Scheitern einer Liebesbeziehung zwischen der Katholikin Marie und Hans Sohn aus reichem Haus und protestanti. What kind of a human being are you I am a clown and I collect moments I collect moments Hans is an exceptional human being He is completely subjective in every single action and emotion He refuses to accept standards and norms that are forced upon him by the establishment and he always follows his own heart and ethical values That spells trouble in the environment of corporate mentality where he grows up As a child he witnesses the collective thinking of his privileged family adapting wholeheartedly to Nazi Germany not necessarily out of fanaticism but out of opportunism He sees his own 16 year old sister leave forever in the last war effort and he never forgives his mother for encouraging her to go to sacrifice herself for the blood and soil of Germany He won t allow his mother to forget her past later when she makes a political U turn and works on a post war political committee for racial integration He is terrified by the ease with which other former fanatic Nazis start careers in democratic institutions and he passionately reminds them of their hypocrisy When asked what a clown is and wherein his comical talent lies he replies that he shows people an abstract mirror of who they are The comical effect is based on the recognition of truth underneath the mask For his profession as a travelling clown his skill is greatly appreciated but in real life he fails brutally because he sees through the mask of corporate thinkingWhile the Nazi doctrine looms over his childhood his worst struggle is against empowered religion in post war Germany the all encompassing Catholic church which dictates social norms and behaviours Hans loses his partner a deeply religious and confused young woman because he can t fake honest belief and won t bow to the dictatorship of church and state to satisfy their moral dogma As he is reluctant to sign a paper promising that his future children will be raised in the Catholic faith Marie leaves him under the influence of a whole community of Catholic advisers both priests and laymen Hans broken hearted has to live with the feeling of having lost his true love to conventional corporate morality In his eyes Marie s marriage to a trustworthy Catholic man constitutes adultery and prostitution as she submits to a sexual relationship to satisfy not her own natural inclination but society s idea of correctness I found it fascinating to follow B ll s reflections on how easily ethical values can be turned into their opposite depending on how you perceive yourself as part of a corporation religious or political or as an individual person with a subjective inclination that doesn t recognise the boundaries that society sets according to objective rules traditions and standards For Hans there is nothing heroic in his sister s forced self sacrifice for the German Reich and there is nothing laudable in Marie s metaphysical fright and subseuent choice of a different partner He the ridiculous clown sees the ridiculous in collective thinking if that is not altogether an oxymoron as groups tend to act without thinking blindly following the voice of the crowdIn the end he is alone sad and poor for success is to be found in the groupthink of established power structures not in the individual search for freedom of thought and feeling He puts on his clown mask and shows society the empty features of its hideously cracked faceI didn t laugh at the Pierrot though I thought I finally understood my true profession And there is nothing worse Hans says than clowns that laugh at their own performance It is for the others to sit in groups and to laugh at the sad lonely clown

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review Ansichten eines Clowns × eBook or Kindle ePUB Sch erzogen Marie kann und will nicht darauf verzichten gemeinsame Kinder katholisch zu erziehen Dabei geht es nicht um Antikatholizismus. The Clown is a story of an outsider and although the novel is satirical it is sad I don t trust Catholics I said because they take advantage of you And Protestants he asked with a laugh I loathe the way they fumble around with their consciences And atheists He was still laughing They bore me because all they ever talk about is God Then what are you I am a clown I saidSanctimony of clerics hypocrisy of politicians everybody attempts to make believe that there was no past And the main character is like a fledgling that has fallen out of the nest he is lost and full of self pity They also know perfectly well that even an unscrupulous artist has a thousand times conscience than a scrupulous manager and they possess one all conuering weapon the sheer knowledge of the fact that an artist simply cannot help doing what he does painting pictures traveling up and down the country as a clown singing songs carving something enduring out of stone or granite An artist is like a woman who can do nothing but love and who succumbs to every stray male jackass The easiest people to exploit are artists and women and every manager is from one to ninety nine per cent a pimpThose who pretend are happy and those who don t want to pretend are miserable

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review Ansichten eines Clowns × eBook or Kindle ePUB Wie es Böll vorgeworfen wurde sondern um das nach wie vor aktuelle Thema von Doppelmoral und Borniertheit unserer Wohlstandsgesellschaf. This one is ideal to show the overestimation of the classic upper literature especially if it is mixed with patriotism and this idealization of our author who is treated like a national sanctuary Yes a long time ago there weren t many authors but one must differentiate between the ones that sold many great books because they were talented and loved by a huge audience and those who got hyped by the decadent establishment and so called intellectuals B ll is no bad author but this work is simple minimalistic and of average uality nothing outstanding or uniue There could be a kind of tutorial to get a Nobel Prize for literature that goes as follows Just take large epic topics that have influences on in contrast small in detail described persons that deal with many inner and outer demons and avoid to be entertaining funny logical have too many settings or follow the thousands of years old rules of good storytelling There were so many great authors at any time that never got a Nobel Prize and enriched my life while many Nobel Prize laureates where disappointments If they had written pure sociological psychological philosophical nonfiction books it would have been ok because the reader would have known what to expect from the work There is so much Zeitgeist that it is difficult to understand without detailed foreknowledge the often strange writing style open ends and yes mumbo jumbo And it doesn t make fun to read it there is no flow kicking in Kids hate reading because of stuff like this that they are forced to read in school and each country has these ancient works of strange authors in the schedule Do you know how many of them had really weird views of the world that used to be normal at those time The joker on the other hand is a clown beloved by kids but comics aren t good enough for schoolMark Twain or Jane Austen made real art that is old but entertaining and timeless The Nobel Prize it appears to me has in many cases always been and and become a kind of intellectual self gratification of readers writers and the jury And what may be difficult to write a lord of the rings or game of thrones or always similar story about a tearful mentally unstable person with a cynic world view that is behaving like an arrogant emo kid with severe personality disorder uite kind always the sameA wiki walk can be as refreshing to the mind as a walk through nature in this completely overrated real life outside books

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