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download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Paul Allen Paul Allen ½ 3 review read Asking For It Ed Greene a National Guardsman returns from Ira with a troubled conscience and stolen artifacts discovers his wife is being unfaithful and is haunted by a ghost in the antiue village where he has his cabin He finds hi. Whether author Paul Allen was describing snowy rustic pine treed backwoods country a young lieutenant s courageous military service and opposition to war a fierce blast of war battle or the scorch and sizzle of his love life there was never a dull moment in this terrific enthralling new novel Asking For ItNational Guardsman Lieutenant Ed Greene returned to his rural farming community a war hero He immediately sensed something wasn t right in his marriage when he and his wife returned to live in his remote New England cabin near Cape Cod MA It wasn t long before she left him for another man who she had an affair with while he was stationed in Ira Greene wasn t alone long when he reconnected with Beatrice Vary an art history major finishing her doctorial studies in Greco Roman Art at Brown University which was also his alma materLt Greene showed Beatrice the artifacts in his possession that captured Irai soldiers had looted from graves of which he planned to return to Bagdad He was also haunted and terrified of ghostly apparition he and Beatrice tried to understand the meaning could the haunting be related to his Naval Commander s father s suicide in the living room at his cabin years ago his stillborn daughter s ashes scattered near his property or PTSD following war trauma In his mental breakdown he fears for Beatrice s safety and insists she must leave him Reluctantly she packs and leaves after pleading with him to seek psychiatric counselingAfter Greene recovers somewhat from his mental anguish Beatrice returns to him They are soon ambushed at the cabin and Beatrice is kidnapped Greene enlists his buddies from the Guard to assist him in her safe return going outside local law enforcement Situations occur that will permanently change the course of both their livesPaul Allen is an accomplished novelist of Apeland Negro Fort Master of Breath in addition to Asking For It Allen s journalism and short fiction have appeared in a variety of publications He is also film maker and has a MFA in Cinema Studies from the University of Southern California

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download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Paul Allen Paul Allen ½ 3 review read Asking For It Rom his cabin Ed goes outside the law to find and save her before it is too late A love story and a story of the aftermath of war in the end when called up for another tour Ed must make the gravest decision of his lif. Asking For It Is a Great RideIt would have been so easy for Paul Allen s Asking For It to turn into just another melodramatic potboiler as it has all of the elements to do so but it is not Yes it does have the right ingredients but under his deft hand the story that he tells is much At its core it is a story of a man shattered by war who comes home to pick up the pieces of his life and move on It seems easy at first but 1st Lt Ed Greene of the Rhode Island National Guard who has served two tours in Ira has his doubts Was his wife Brenda as faithful to him as he was to her If she wasn t who was it with Greene really doesn t want to know the truth it is obvious as he and Brenda live their lie together Eventually the truth comes out and the story moves on It would have been so easy for Allen to take the easy way out and write just another true lust novel it does have some rather over the top scenes but if you read between the lines you can see that the author is writing about a much broader social problem the plight of warriors who return home and who while they look the same on the outside are actually dramatically changed They have been scarred by the horrific sights they have seen or they have lived throughLt Greene was deeply scarred when one of his men Billy was the victim of a suicide bomber Who wouldn t have been than a little messed up when in trying to help the wounded GI the only thing he could do was watch the young warrior as he died in the officer s arms Lt Greene carries this incident with him and it works its way deeply into his psyche It changes not only Lt Green but also the men under command When they go back to the fight their operations assume a new brutality No one who had served there would ever blame them but those back home would likely be shocked if they knew how the soldier had changed They just have to keep it to themselvesEd Greene returned home to his wife Brenda a woman whom he really never loved but who he married out of a sense of duty to the daughter a night of ecstasy produced for the couple Well maybe Ed actually loved her in a way because he always remained faithful to her even after he suspected that she was having an affair Until almost the end Brenda tried to act like the faithful wife she really wasn t Ed found out the truth after a party honoring him Brenda was flirting and it seemed to Ed that there was much to it There was and it ended his marriage Afterward he was morose gloomily walking the woods drinking and entertaining thoughts of suicide as his father had done That was until he found Beatrice They renewed a dalliance they had had before his service however Ed realized there was much to their connection He found that he really did love the beautiful Beatrice and that she really loved him It began to change their lives in many waysYou ll have to read the novel to find out the ways in which Allen the author changed everything It is uite a journey It is a journey that also highlights the ways in which average people respond to unusual circumstancesThat response is central to much of this novel and Allen s masterful way of handling it keeps Asking For It from becoming just another novel of lust under the trees Allen goes into Greene s thoughts and presents them in a nonjudgmental manner They are just experiences that Greene has gone through and they now define his core This might seem a bleak outlook however Allen gives him an outlet Beatrice She is the one who draws him from the depths heals his wounds and makes him whole Asking For It is not only a thoroughly enjoyable romp in the woods but it also touches on some major social issues confronting us how we treat veterans and their wounds Allen is master storyteller one with the skill to create believable characters and scenes He pulls us into the world of Ed Greene keeps us there and makes it thoroughly believable the mark of a good author His characters are multi dimensional and are realMore than that though it is obvious the Allen knows his material as his research is spot on and his writing shows The best part though is that it is nicely blended into the fabric of the story becoming another element Allen s ability to weave the many elements of Asking For It into a satisfying novel is first rate It is really worth loading into your tablet to give it a read

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download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB ½ Paul Allen Paul Allen ½ 3 review read Asking For It S true love but fearing for her safety with the apparition drives her away into the arms of another Coming to his senses he begs her to return only to have the other man unwilling to let her go When she is kidnapped f. This novel has everything romance beauty danger a ghost that haunts the story A setting and atmosphere as real as the characters There are timeless themes of love and war that will stay with me