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  • 10 June 2019
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Forced Alliance

Forced Alliance free read Ü 100 Lenora Worth Ó 0 download read & download Forced Alliance Turned FBI asset Connor Randall is too deep in the mob syndicate to pull out now But when the crime boss they are trying to take down becomes a target himself Josie is forced to take Connor into hidin. This book follows The Diamond Secret and In Pursuit of a PrincessAll intriguing stories set in New Orleans area

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Forced Alliance free read Ü 100 Lenora Worth Ó 0 download read & download Forced Alliance G without blowing his cover Now dodging hit men and fighting a perilous attraction she has to make a life and death decision Can she trust the man who has stolen her heartor is he working one last con. The heroine is one brave lady Going after a Mafia boss is not something I ever wanted to do She seems to take it all in stride but a lot of that has to do with trying to prove to herself and everyone else that she is good enough for the job and not like her father Either one of those can be daunting but to tackle both in her job would be overwhelming for most people Fortunately for those around her she isn t most people She works to stay focused on the important things To complicate matters she is working for a boss who doesn t really care for her and she is forced to work with a confidential informant that she has trouble trusting Forced alliance seems to be an understatement I enjoyed the suspense and drama as the book unfolds Is this really the time and place for romantic feelings I guess you will have to read it and draw your own conclusions I recommend it if you like suspense

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Forced Alliance free read Ü 100 Lenora Worth Ó 0 download read & download Forced Alliance AN UNEASY PARTNERSHIP By the book FBI agent Josie Gilbert has no business falling for her confidential informant but she can't walk away She needs this case her career needs this case And suave thief. I have received an ARC via NetGalley I didn t read the previous book In Pursuit of a Princess where Connor was introduced but Forced Alliance can be read as a stand aloneSomehow Forced Alliance reminded me of a steamier version of the TV Series White CollarA criminal turned FBI asset Schemes of revenge and betrayal turned agents and gangster clans Count me inI loved how the stern Josie and charming Connor danced around each other and after all they went through got their deserved HEA yes sorry about that spoiler As for the ending of the story I was surprised how it played out but it left me a bit unsatisfied for Connor where was the retribution for the things he had to endureIt was frustrating to read that he sat face to face with the person responsible for his pain not spoilering that and not being able to do anythingDon t get me wrong I m not a supporter of violence but when the agents stopped Connor lashing out at the culprit I was eually angry at the situationI guess I got sucked into the plot because of Lenora Worth s great storytelling For some time I almost felt like watching a movie instead of reading a bookGreat romantic suspense with two strong leads