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Lila and Alex short story Lila #21

Lila and Alex short story Lila #21 Summary ☆ 108 Chapter 6 in Losing Lila And will be part of. Explain to me how of 2 primary works a collection of short stories and a short story I had to have emailed to me from the author s website that emailed short story that showed up in my junk folder is the best Don t get me wrong the Lila series is not bad but this was unuestionably better It showed all the promise of Alderson s writing that wasn t uite reached in the Lila duologyBeyond Alderson s great writing Alex and Lila s relationship was completely endearing and the story was just a whole lot of fun That said it s not x rated For mature audiences sure but definitely not x rated Other than that my only real complaint was the weirdly freuent use of ellipses but the story was still fun

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Lila and Alex short story Lila #21 Summary ☆ 108 This is the missing chapter between Chapter 5. Lila and Alex short story X Rated by Sarah Alderson This book contains adult content 18 Spoiler Free Review 50 Stars IntroductionThis book is a short story from a series called the Lila It is a missing chapter between chapters 5 6 from the book Losing Lila And it is just steaming hotWhat I liked What I disliked It was short but it was hot and romanticMy favourite uote Alex laughed uietly pulling me tighter Just you wait he said That s just the beginning And no I can t wait and I really really hope that this story was just the beginning of a lot ConclusionWhat can I say I WANT MORE No correction NEED of this I would highly recommend this short story to the readers of the Lila seriesRatingI would like to give this book a rating of 50 out of 50 30 05 2014 by JustFantasy

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Lila and Alex short story Lila #21 Summary ☆ 108 The Lila Collection released in January 2014. Cute not exactly X rated but a little sexual than most YA books I can see why it was left as an additional chapter not in the book I did enjoy it and was glad to see Alex isn t uite as responsible as he appears and that he can get swept up in the moment as well