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Free download Eiger Dreams Ventures Among Men and Mountains 105 Al fraternity of daredevils athletes and misfits stretching the limits of the possibleFrom the paranoid confines of a snowbound tent to the thunderous suffocating terror of a white out on Mount McKinley Eiger Dreams spins tales of driven lives sudden deaths and incredible victories This is a stirring vivid book about one of the most compelling and dangerous of all human pursui. What a page turner And also the perfect book to drag along rock climbing or on a hike which is what I did I sat on a boulder and devoured this book until it was my turn to climb or belay Krakauer s narrative style is simple and straight forward but still evocative in its description of nature because he doesn t add anything superfluous and that s as it should be K2 Eiger Chamoix etc do not favor the superfluous and they certainly don t need anyone to dress up their reputations He draws senses of awe and fear from his reader by telling it like it is and if you re the outdoorsy type of person you ll get it I have no desire to try and summit McKinley but I understandSome of the information and celebrities are a bit dated as this was a collection of articles that he wrote in the 80 s but it s a great look at the history of the sport and the dangers that you might very well face today particularly the overpopulation on mountain peaks where few have earned the right to climb but many have paid to clutter up the slopesAll in all I was very impressed with Krakauer s writing style and his subject and I look forward to reading in the future

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Free download Eiger Dreams Ventures Among Men and Mountains 105 Erienced mountain climbers in one horrific summer In Valdez Alaska two men scale a frozen waterfall over a four hundred foot drop In France a hip international crowd of rock climbers bungee jumpers and paragliders figure out new ways to risk their lives on the towering peaks of Mont Blanc Why do they do it How do they do it In this extraordinary book Krakauer presents an unusu. Love Krakauer These essays are somewhat dated but still interesting and delivered in his inimitable style The was the last book fo his I had not already read and while it ranks near the bottom as far as favorites because of the datedness and form I m glad I read it and I hope he is working on his next

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Free download Eiger Dreams Ventures Among Men and Mountains 105 No one writes about mountaineering and its attendant victories and hardships brilliantly than Jon Krakauer In this collection of his finest essays and reporting Krakauer writes of mountains from the memorable perspective of one who has himself struggled with solo madness to scale Alaska's notorious Devils Thumb In Pakistan the fearsome K2 kills thirteen of the world's most exp. I came to each of Krakauer s works independently I read Into the Wild first on a recommendation and years later I read Into Thin Air because someone told me it would be a good insight into the effects of altitude as I prepared to climb Kilimanjaro a mild but high peak Finally I found this collection of essays and realized that somehow I d read the final essay somewhere before once I can understand why some people think that Krakauer is a selfish bastard at times because the very act of climbing is often a selfish one in the eyes of others Though Krakauer believes in the sacrosanct nature of the bond between ropemates on Everest he notes that the nature of the beast drives many to an every man for himself mentality This is revisited in A Bad Summer on K2 during a discussion of saving those near death at great risk to the lives of everyone else Considering the effects of altitude on the human brain I don t think any armchair philosophizing or moralizing applies here people simply cannot and do not behave normally at 26000 feet and everyone who climbs that high knows that to do so is to put your life on the line Asking others to forsake theirs for a slim chance at saving yours can we ever truly ask that of people Every life is on the line in a storm Is it honorable to perish attempting to save someone who may and likely will die despite your efforts than it is to abandon them and hustle down to save your own skin One reviewer commented on how selfish Krakauer was to risk his own life in such a callous manner as climbing the Devil s Thumb and yet to risk his own life on Everest to attempt to save someone else seems noble Does anyone engaging in this armchair moralizing understand what it means to carry 180lb of dead weight down an mountain without injuring the person further in bad conditions while you yourself are addled by altitude and saddled with gear etc I suppose these people think that such mountains should not be climbed at all But there it is Some people will never understand why others are so willing to hang their entire lives on a half inch of steel kicked or picked into ice a thousand feet off the ground I think Krakauer does a good job of explaining the clarity ones life and mind take on when circumstances reuire such uncompromising focus on what is immediately in front of you I think other athletes and aesthetes may have an easier time grasping this mentality and perhaps will get greater enjoyment from this book I do wonder how the sport has changed in the last thirty years many of these essays were written in the 80s and I imagine mentalities and technologies have changed things since then