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Ice Tomb review Ú 6 The year is 2015 Deep within the Antarctic Ice Sheet a hotspot suddenly appears on satellite tracking The US science team sent from McMurdo Station to investigate finds an icy graveyard Minutes later their transmission is cut off The last sounds heard over the radio are their screams NASA lures volcanologist Erica Daniels to a conference in Houston by promising to consider her for their upcoming mission establishing the first moon base Instead her archrival and ex lover David Marsh gets the plum assignment while she’s sent to Antarctica to lead a new team beneath the ice An irritating British archaeologist and a brilliant Russian astrophysicist join her on a journey through unforgiving snowscapes and mysterious ice tunnels They present her with extraordinary suggestions for. Ice Tomb by Deborah Jackson is one of very few books which I disliked so much I couldn t finish them In this case I gave up after struggling through about one third of the bookThe premise of Ice Tomb might be fine but the writing is definitely inadeuate and the end result is a novel which is boring and irritating at the same time One of its many annoyances is the eyes fetish permeating the writing For each and every person appearing in the book no matter how insignificant their eyes are described The reader is constantly bombarded with startling sea green eyes mahogany eyes intriguing mossy eyes almond shaped eyes hazel eyes slate gray eyes and eyes that had a Medusa uality that had made Cathy shiver than once It s so weird and unnatural that I couldn t stand itIn my opinion such style might be acceptable in romances sold at the grocery checkout line but in case of Ice Tomb it ruined the book

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Ice Tomb review Ú 6 The origin of the hotspot Along the way Erica unearths scientific marvels that might just prove her own theory But why is the ice sheet littered with bodies Is the activity under the ice the remnants of an ancient civilization or is there a sinister explanation To discover the truth Erica will have to join forces with the man she despises a man who’s on the moonA Note From the AuthorDear Potential ReaderIce Tomb is a novel I wrote ten years ago I attempted a rewrite performed some minor surgery but ultimately made few changes since other projects were consuming my time and imagination It blends ROMANTIC elements with SCI FI both hard science and fantastical Although several critics enjoyed the story it has flaws the product of an initial effort and a Hollywood influenced i. This book had a little bit of everything from volcanos a trip to the moon a trip to Antarctica Atlantean myth romance and disappearing scientists It seems like a wide variety but it does tie together to form a cohesive story Not exactly plausible particularly the later part of the book but it is certainly entertainingThere were scientific explanations provided for everything that happened along the way While this makes sense since the story has all scientist characters it was a bit much at times The full details did not need to be laid out every time it just didn t enhance the storyThe romance of the story was exciting and a welcome break from all the science The tension between Erica and Allen was great They seemed to toe the fine line between attraction and hatred very well David Erica s ex boyfriend who plays an active role in the book was not one of my favourite characters He was a stuck up jerk who lied and cheated his way through life It was impossible for me to like him no matter how much he seemed to want to change It just didn t feel genuine given his past behaviourOverall this was a exciting conspiracy based story that sometimes delved a little beyond plausible It contained some interesting mythology and theories and it was fun to see everyone reacted to the intense action

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Ice Tomb review Ú 6 Magination which is why I've re released it as a 99 cent fun read rather than serious thought provoking SF EnjoyTop Pick“Ice Tomb is set in the near future and the science in the fiction is very plausible A fast paced story with plenty of twists this book reads like a classic sci fi tale The characters are well drawn the action plentiful and the outcome surprising”– RT BOOKclub MagazineEditor’s Pick“She may be a new kid on the science fiction block but Ottawa writer Deborah Jackson could well rank up there one day with the likes of Isaac Asimov or Arthur C Clarke”“Ice Tomb is surprising not just for its entirely believable plot and well crafted suspense but because it has all the earmarks of a tale written by a sci fi master”– Mike Gillespie The Ottawa Citiz. This an interesting read Jackson did a good job blending portions of hard sc fi with fantasy sc fi The action takes place in 2 brutal unforgiving environments the moon Antarctica There are mysteries about the disappearance of teams sent out before Daniel s team Also mysteries that reuire a volcanologist Some of my favorite reads about people pitted against tremendously dangerous environments that they have to battle for survival Sometimes the objective is accomplished sometimes it s not Woundering who if any will make it back to safety

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