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  • 01 January 2019
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Less Doing More Living

Read Less Doing More Living Download Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Ari Meisel Ari Meisel À 5 Read & Download Less is or specifically the less you have to do the life you have to live Efficiency expert Ari Meisel details his Less Doing philosophy which will streamline your life and make everything easier In business and our personal lives it often seems as if the only way to get done is by putting in time hours at the office days running errands But what if there were a way that we could do less and free up time for the. I won this through FirstReads so even though I m having a hard time figuring out what I think about this book I will review it My main problem is who is this for The target audience is apparently entrepreneurs who are comfortable outsourcing their entire lives over the internet who have also never heard of Google A sample chapter is You should hire people to do things for you and then four pages of reviewing different websites where you can hire people to do things for you It s not that it s all bad advice although some of it is bad advice it s that there s nothing in here that couldn t be found in a simple search online It s written like an infomercial and I don t think you could ever convince me that he didn t get paid to advertise some of these services Is it really that big of a timesaver to personalize your vitamins and supplements I don t think so Yet it gets half a chapter complete with website shoutout and I saved so much money testimonial I feel like this should have been a blog not a book And if it was a blog there are two or three posts I would ve sent to a friend or my mom But his goal seems to be to change people s lives and he s oblivious to how incredibly specific some of these tips are Yes everyone can set up a recurring order of household staples through should they given s labor issues That s a interesting uestion No everyone cannot outsource a big chunk of their job to an online secretary that they hire for an hour a week I m an attorney that would be a violation of privilege The short version is he writes like everyone has or at the very least aspires to have a web based personal business andor brand And I know that there are a lot of people out there who have that goal so I understand writing a book for that audience What I don t understand is having the substance of the book be essentially Let Me Google That For You

Download Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Ari Meisel

Read Less Doing More Living Download Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Ari Meisel Ari Meisel À 5 Read & Download Things and people we love If this sounds like what you need Ari Meisel TEDx speaker efficiency consultant and achievement architect has the program for you In Less Doing More Living Meisel explores the fundamental principles of his “Less Doing” philosophy educating the reader onOptimizing workflow with twenty first century apps and toolsCreating an “external brain” in the Cloud to do all of your “lower?. This book is packed with tips advice ideas suggestions on how to automate yourself By turning your brain over to the internet and semi anonymous online services that will do the thinking for you you can become efficient productive and creative I am uncomfortable with signing up for free or low fee services that have access to all sorts of personal information and data I wonder what s being done with all this private data how else it might be usedI was also struck by how we have taken some very modern technology and turned it into a sort of Mad Men style bosssecretary relationship Let s outsource buying flowers for our girlfriends have your online assistant send flowers but not too regularly that way it seems spontaneous and heartfelt Do we all need secretaries to handle our dry cleaning and make appointments for us Is it ok to pay anonymous services pennies a month to schedule mammograms and write checks on our behalf because we don t feel like we should have to do it ourselves Do we have a responsibility to know the working conditions of these establishments These are some of the thoughts that popped up for me during this read which makes me think that I am not uite up to speed in this modern worldIf your work is primarily online there are very useful explanations of different softwares and apps that you ll want to check out and I like the minimize everything approach I liked the Wellness chapter because it was an excellent analysis of how to think about health along with solid suggestions that weren t just app reviews This is a book that I would like to revisit in maybe five years and see if my own ideas about privacy and the uantified self have changed enough to appreciate this approach

Read Less Doing More Living

Read Less Doing More Living Download Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Ari Meisel Ari Meisel À 5 Read & Download ?? thinking like keeping track of appointments meetings and ideasHow to use technology to live a paper free lifeThe three fundamentals of wellness fitness sleep and nutrition and technological  approaches to improving these areas of lifeAnd so much This book will give readers new tools and techniues for streamlining their workload being efficient in their day to day activities and making everything in life easier. This book is like a walking ad for different websites I don t think its very useful unless you have money for websites The sites LOOK interesting and he promotes them but I can t take his reviews of these sites seriouslyOne of the sites that I looked at was shut down in July 2013 This book came out in April 2014 I don t buy that if he used this site he didn t notice when it went down So it makes me wonder which of these resources he actually uses regularly Some of the sitesapps listed are insidetracker idonethiscom evernote billshrink and auanotes There are SO many listed This book is pretty much a list of other peoples things Anyhow some of these may be useful if you make decent money but I don t I don t know I just didn t find this book worth my time Luckily it was very short and I don t feel like I wasted too much of my life