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  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • The Echo
  • James Smythe
  • English
  • 07 August 2019
  • 9780007456796

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Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ James Smythe James Smythe ↠ 5 Summary Read & Download The Echo Others Tomas and Mirakel Hyvönen – this space craft has a bold mission to study what is being called ‘the anomaly’ – a vast blackness of space into which the Ishiguro disappeared Between them Tomas on the ground guiding the mission from the command centre and Mira on the ship with the rest of the. This is uite possibly the most depressing book I have ever read The main character the narrating voice is a petty insecure and hopelessly inadeuate person whose accomplishments are completely and incredulously out of sync with the task to which he s been assigned The writer mercilessly and sadly rather elouently explores in infinite detail the conseuences this has for the mission and then subjects the reader to the incredibly slow paced exploration of a plot mechanism that had me at times almost writhing with angst I guess that could be seen as some kind of intellectual achievement but personally I feel I do not need to examine the futility of life at the pace and with the sensation of fingernails being extracted

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Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ James Smythe James Smythe ↠ 5 Summary Read & Download The Echo Hand picked crew are leaving nothing to chanceBut soon these two scientists are to learn that there are some things in space beyond our understanding As the anomaly begins to test the limits of Mira’s comprehension – and his sanity – will Tomas be able to save his brother from being lost in space too. I absolutely loved The Explorer and though this book isn t directly a seuel it follows the events of The Explorer but can be read stand alone I highly recommend checking out the first book if you haven t yet The Echo is similar in style to its predecessor dark atmospheric paced and tense However the voice of the main character in The Echo Mira a Swedish scientist is distinct and very different from the first book whose main character was a journalist Mira has a twin Tomas with whom he has competed and collaborated with his entire life yet Mira is the one who goes into space while Tomas stays at mission control on Earth and has remote access to everything on the ship There is a perceived power struggle and we can never be sure when Mira is being paranoid or when Tomas is actually exerting too much control Since we re only in Mira s head we are awash with his emotions and self doubt and the internal struggles of this character are inexorably linked with the flow of the storyThough The Echo is sci fi it is not a fun raucous romp through space It s a deep dive into the psyche of the main character and even the side characters Sure there s escapism they re flying a spaceship into the depths of the solar system to investigate an unexplained anomaly But this is not a floor you with action kind of book It s measured and intense In a world where the flashiest science fiction is becoming increasingly mainstream particularly in the movie industry this kind of novel is refreshing even if it is so dark Smythe clearly values depth of character over plot though don t get me wrong because the plot definitely does not come up short I can only imagine the kinds of diagrams it would take to design such a twisting overlapping plot such as this or that of The Explorer as well So if you love time jumping plots then sure go for it Or if you re like me and dare to read both genre fiction as well as that one L word coughliteraturecough give Smythe a try and you won t be disappointed

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Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ James Smythe James Smythe ↠ 5 Summary Read & Download The Echo Twenty years following the disappearance of the infamous Ishiguro – the first manned spacecraft to travel deeper into space than ever before – humanity are setting their sights on the heavens once Under the direction of two of the most brilliant minds science has ever seen – that of identical twin br. This was not uite as good as the first one but I still completely loved it I m very curious to read the rest of the series when he gets around to releasing them He writes really well also He gets an amazing amount of information across about what he s not saying by what he is saying It s fascinatingSeriously I may have to start stalking and harassing him so that he ll write the other two ASAP Get your head out of the YA clouds buddy and give me about The Anomaly