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Characters The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4 Melody Anne ó 2 Read & download Free read ✓ The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4 102 S boy to a billionaire bachelor He has no time for love in his uest for writing wrongs of the past What he doesn’t know is that love isn’t something he can hide fromSierra grew up with a monster of a father after losing her mother at the tender age of six Her dad punishes her for sins he assumes his deceased wife made against him Fina I was so shocked that I saw this and had to get it right away OMG I loved Damien in Trinity and Drew s story I kept hoping and dreaming he would get a story He totally did and what an amazingI mean AHMAZING twist OMG what a way to join plots I m blown away impressed and I loved itOkay I did get annoyed with Heroine Sierra at times and then even annoyed with Hero Damienbut it worked It really worked The only thing that boggled my mind a bit and yes please refrain this IS a spoiler was the fact there were death threats targeting Sierra If I m not mistaken was never looked into or even solved I m going to go out on a limb and say it was the father but I m still unclear on that My imaginative mind just assumed it was a ploy to get Damien to take his daughterIt was filled with angst an alpha man that I ve loved right along with other readers and THAT twist OMG I had to check if I was reading this right LOL Pure awesomeness and brilliantly done I recommend and will definitely read again I absolutely loved this book Read in less than a day too Read the entire series if you haven t already My fave Billionaire series so far

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The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4

Characters The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4 Melody Anne ó 2 Read & download Free read ✓ The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4 102 Lly her father does a business deal with Damien Whitfield selling Sierra to the highest bidderDamien and Sierra may both be running from old demon’s and forging ahead to what they think are their perfect futures but fate has a way of changing everything Take the journey with Damien and Sierra as they fight a passion that won’t be deni Have read most of this billionaire series And up to this point have enjoyed These silly enjoyable books who wouldn t want to be a part of Joseph George and Richard s families They are easy uick sexy fun reads despite the occasional slip ups such as age inconsistencies typos which even I can forgive and that s saying something pretty huge and shows I do not take these books too seriously as I hate bad spelling such as recurring use of you re instead of your conscious instead of conscience etc But then I read The Tycoon s Secret Big big issues1 Major character inaccuracy In Hidden Treasure Brielle Storm s story it is mentioned several times that she NEVER graduated from Brown University and had NO real friends getting involved in the wrong crowd Yet in this book Sierra and Brielle are very best of friends and graduated together 2 And then I was so totally incensed infuriated and beyond coherent words to such an extent that I am seriously thinking of deleting all of this woman s books from my iPad when I read that when the two main protagonists are in Australia Sierra says she wants to drive around the island Australia s land area is almost 77 million suare kilometres the USA almost 10 million suare kilometres Australia is a continent Referring to this amazing diverse and exciting country as an island is a gross insult How would Americans like it if their country was referrers to as a stateI Drive around the island Really Such arrogance Such unforgivable ignorance I very much suggest the author makes note of character relationships and backgrounds And most importantly learns that the world consists of so much than USA Even penny dreadfuls need some attempt at authenticity to justify people spending their hard earned cash Unbelievable

Characters The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4

Characters The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4 Melody Anne ó 2 Read & download Free read ✓ The Tycoons Secret Baby for the Billionaire #4 102 Damien Whitfield lost his father when he was an infant and then lost his mother when he was a young teenager The only thing his mother left him was a thirst for vengeance On her deathbed she made him promise to seek revenge for those she held responsible for her deathDamien grows up fast and conuers the business world going from a homeles The Tycoons Secret by Melody AnneDOES HE LOVER HER ENOUGHDamien SierraOh my goodness oh my goodness This is the best one yet out of the Baby for the Billionaire series I wept I laughed I got pissed and finally I got happy If you haven t read the first three please do so before reading this one you don t have to but it makes this story that much richerThe characters ahhhhh the characters Well let s see you ve got Damien who s this uber rich uber hot and uber pissed billionaire He s on a mission and nothing is going to stop him well almost nothing He s driven by hatred and vindication and I almost wanted to believe what he was saying but because I ve read the last books in both series I know he s wrong I can feel it Enter Sierra our uiet as a mouse timid little girl who s had the most awful up bringing I know she s 25 years old and not really a little girl any but her spirit has been broken and she seems to be as frightened as a little girl Her father that rat bastard put so much fear into her it broke my heart to read about all that he s done to her The relationship these two form is for all intensive purposes unbreakable there are a few bumpy patches that ll break your heart in two but believe me you it only makes the story betterI read this book in one day finished it last week but I was soooo taken with this book that it s taken me a week to muster up the courage to write a review about it It was effortless to read and flowed very nicely however the subject matter was NOT easy to read about abuse never it That being said I wouldn t change it for all the tea in China Miss Melody really brings it to the table with this books stories can t always be about fun and games and foo foo things believe me when I tell you this story was heart wrenching and nearly broke my heart Don t get me wrong there s plenty of funny parts to keep you laughing and grinning ie Is there another bug Sierra I was laughing out loud at that my hubby gave me a look that told me he knew I was reading a good bookIt was good to see the turn around on both of the characters parts Damien softening and Sierra growing a backbone I was also glad to see the cameos of old characters it makes me wanna go back and reread the entire series again the Baby For The Billionaire and Billionaire Bachelor series both Come on people whadda ya waiting for stop wasting time reading my damn review get your asses over to and get started on this series today The Tycoon s Revenge is the first one and it s FREE and eually as good as this one also get The Billionaire Wins the Game for FREE it s the start of the Billionaire Bachelor series You won t regret it5 stars