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Gerald Brittle ↠ 5 review review The Demonologist The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Owned paranormal investigators Lorraine is a gifted clairvoyant while Ed is the only non ordained demonologist recognized by the Catholic Church Together they have investigated thousands of hauntings in their care. A reader s enjoyment of this book is going to depend entirely on how they feel about possession exorcisms and he supernatural in general It s not going to convince anyone one way or another so the skeptics are likely to find it ridiculous and the believers will likely find this interesting and at least slightly terrifyingPersonally I found myself somewhere in the middle since I m a big fan of The Conjuring films and was really looking forward to learning about Ed and Lorraine I have to say I wished the book was a bit personal characterizing them as people but The Demonologist is 100% focused on the career as the title suggests of the pair The book discusses various cases the Warrens were involved in very briefly for certain cases while also detailing their point of view as far as dealing with the demonic goes It does get repetitive every case comes down to the basics weird things happen demons are exorcized things get better As for whether or not this is fabricated there are still a lot of uestions when it comes to the validity of the testimony and the extent of Warrens involvement in certain cases

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The Demonologist The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Gerald Brittle ↠ 5 review review The Demonologist The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free If you think ghosts are only responsible for hauntings think again The Demonologist reveals the grave religious process behind supernatural events and how it can happen to you Used as a text in seminaries and clas. Yes I believe in the paranormal stuff and I am not ashamed of that NO ONE BELIEVES UNTIL And I don t blame anybody who didn t I won t start a witch hunt pun intendedI think that if you never have met anything paranormal it s totally understandable if you don t believe in any of thisSo it s normal that you won t believe in the paranormal untilsomething unexplainable would happen to youIf you believe in God then you have to accept the existence of demons There is no light without darkness Even the Bible mentions about demons and exorcisms PERSONAL EXPERIENCES My family have a couple of ghost stories just to name some highlightsFirst my paternal grandfather died when I was a kid and some time later many stuff starting to get lost in my home and reappearing again later He didn t live with us and while he was my paternal granddad it was my mom instead the one who was certain that he was him behind of that Some night my dad was out working I was slept and my mom was the only one awake my brother hadn t born yet so she talks to the air and she said to my grandpa that she knows that he love us very much but the thing about dissapearing stuff was scaring her too much so she pleaded him to stop doing that She didn t tell anyone that she did that for uite some time but right after she did the talking the stuff stopped to dissapear in my homeSecond my mom was really close to my maternal great grandmother and when my great grandma was dying the process took several time One night my dad got sudddenly awake and for a split second he swore that he saw my great grandma at the door of their room watching my mom He awaked my mom and advised her to call to my maternal family s house since he thought that my great grandmother had died She phoned right away and they told her that indeed my great grandma had died like half an hour ago and they were still making calls to tell all the family the sad newsYep true stories I gained nothing making up these 101 ON THE WARRENS The book is about the lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren that they were paranormal investigators since the 1940 s and they were uite known by clergymen of several religions college scholars and even the military but it was until the Amityville case that they got publicity enough to be known by general publicLorraine Warren is still alive 2014 when I read this book and she has clairvoyance skills Ed Warren was a demonologist one of the only seven demonologists recognized at least on the 1970s and the only non priest person allowed by the Catholic Church to make exorcisms Both dealt with hundreds of paranormal cases on the United States and England since the 1940s until early 1980s SOOO THE BOOK The book was uite good and a very entertaining reading however it didn t cover all the most important and famous cases of them While the book mentions here and there the topic of the Amityville case it isn t exposed on detail About that particular case I don t know if it was a decision since the polemic status of may be a hoax However there are several other cases like the Snedeker Union and Stepney Cemeteries and Smurl cases even the Perrons case aren t commented in detail here not matter when the publicity on the cover of the book mentions that that particular case that inspired the film of The ConjuringBUTWhile the cases that the book does cover are uite interesting and I didn t know about some of themHonestly expected a most complete biography of their cases especially the most famous ones I know that their career was uite long but definitely the book should cover the most known casesHowever the cases that the book covers indeed are captivating so I have no real complains and I enjoyed a lot the reading and yes it got real spooky at several momentsBesides the info and details about some of their cases the book also it gives extended explanations about the differences between kinds of spirits human and inhuman ones and also the typical signals of the process of a haunting in any house Many of those cases with people involved in hauntings they were guilty for being playing with books with dark rituals and most commonly with ouija boards Certainly not matter if you believe or not in those things there isn t any excuse to start playing with dangerous stuff like that In some really rare cases the person affected didn t do anything to deserve it they say that it s like one every ten years that this may happen So in the most cases someone in the family must do something to provoke the hauntinguite interesting enough besides civilian families in most cases in the book is detailed a paranormal case on the West Point Academy and the military command there asked for the Warrens to help them And you can bet that so prestigious institution wouldn t call them if they wouldn t believe that they were dealing with something paranormalOn the book too they detailed various cases of hauntings and demonic possessions presenting the transcripts of recordings while talking with the possessed people And one of the highlights is that the book indeed cover the famous case of the Annabelle dollSo while I expected that the book would cover all the major cases of the Warrens still the book is well written uite entertained and highly recommended to any interested on the real deal of the paranormal phenomena

Gerald Brittle ↠ 5 review

Gerald Brittle ↠ 5 review review The Demonologist The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Srooms this is one book you can't put down Illustrated with photos of phenomena in progress from the Warrens' private collection For over five decades Ed and Lorraine Warren have been known as the world's most ren. I truly tried I really really did I love anything that belongs to the realm of ghosts and ghost stories They re my favorite horror stories and movies of all time so when I say the advertisements for The Conjuring I had to read this bookIncidentally I did read the book first but I don t feel that whole read the book after the movie or else you ll be ruined really applied to me The movie wasn t scary at all and that s truly saying something I mean cheesy TV series like A Haunting and Haunted terrify meWhat ruined this book for me in order of least to worst4 The number of times the author used the word diabolical It was diabolical how many times it was used Was there something NOT diabolical Pft3 The examples of diabolical demonic things in peoples life just wasn t concrete enough It was like oh you talked on a ouija board and that s why you had a flat taken to the extreme AND ON BOTH SPECTRUM If you won money it just be because a demon is luring you into something terrible It s like you can t win I will say that comparing it to old witch trials like throwing into a pond make sense now You re damned if you do and damned if you don t Basically Find your dream house Watch out Demons are closing it Got a painful hangnail Fuck Go find that holy water ASAP2 The bragging was way way WAY too over the point He says over and over how he s the ONLY non catholic exorcist recognized by the Church and how much proof he s gotten over the years All of which is BS If he had such solid proof than it would ve been documented That s what scientists want right Documentation not you tell us what you saw over and over and over again1 The worst though was his assertion that demons steal money to teleport into the bank accounts of satanic wizards Famous cases like the Amity Horror were the brother in law lost 1500 for his wedding was teleport into an EEEEBIL wizard s bank account Apparently Sounds legit He states that these ebil wizards never have to work a day in their life That the money just floats into their bank accounts and I thought geez do these two have something against trust fund babies I mean I m all for the evils of greed and all that but come on

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