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  • The Haunted Life
  • Jack Kerouac
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  • 05 May 2017
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Free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¶ Jack Kerouac Read Ç The Haunted Life 109 Impetus for its title Garabed is a leftist idealist and poet with a pronounced tinge of the Byronic Dick is a romantic adventurer whose wanderlust has him poised to leave Galloway for the wider world with or without Peter The Haunted Life also contains a compelling and controversial portrayal of Jack's father Leo Kerouac recast as Joe Martin Opposite of Garabed's progressive New Deal persepctive Joe is a right wing and bigoted populist and an ardent admirer of radio personality Father Charles Coughlin The conflicts of the novella are primarily intellectual then as Peter finds himself suspended between the differing views of history politics and the world embodied by the other three characters and struggles to define what he believes to be intellectually true and worthy of his life and talents The Haunted Life skillfully edited by University of Massachusetts at Lowell Assistant Professor of English Todd F Tietchen is rounded out by sketches notes and reflections Kerouac kept during the novella's composition as well as a revealing selection of correspondence with his father Leo Keroua. Got this at the library but I d like to own it and read it again sometime mostly for his sketches and reflections which give further insight and explanations of his ideas for The Town and the City of which The Haunted Life is pretty much a lost early unfinished rendition and ideas for his future projects and also for the several letters from his father Leo which are great to read They show similar interests and themes as Jack s and reveal what had to be earlier a fairly formative influence upon the child There is even Leo s sketch of Jack s older brother Gerard Leo s favorite who died at age 9This book is definitely well done by the editor and a valuable contribution I feel I got to know Kerouac even better and I got to read his creative thoughtful ideas when he was still pretty much starting out even though it almost seems he d already spent the now proverbial 10000 hours reading everything to forge and spur his own creativity and ambitions I definitely feel a kinship with Kerouac And there are so many books of his to read

Free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¶ Jack Kerouac

The Haunted Life

Free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¶ Jack Kerouac Read Ç The Haunted Life 109 Hter and thus nullifying the charges against Kerouac At some point later in the year under circumstances that remain rather mysterious the aspiring writer lost a novella length manuscript titled The Haunted Life a coming of age story set in Kerouac's hometown of Lowell MassachusettsKerouac set his fictional treatment of Peter Martin against the backdrop of the everyday the comings and goings of the shopping district the banter and braggadocio that occurs within the smoky atmospherics of the corner bar the drowsy sound of a baseball game over the radio Peter is heading into his sopho year at Boston College and while home for the summer in Galloway he struggles with the pressing issues of his day the economic crisis of the previous decade and what appears to be the impending entrance of the United States into the Second World War The other principal characters Garabed Tourian and Dick Sheffield are based respectively on Sebastian Sampas and fellow Lowellian Billy Chandler both of whom had already died in combat by the time of Kerouac's drafting of The Haunted Life providing some of the. An odd collection of writings And a really terrible choice to make an audio book The main snippet of a story is fascinating as an artifact than as a section of an unfinished book It feels very much like a 2nd draft of a developing author The essay at the beginning is insufferable and boring I have no idea why essays that speak about the book are in the introduction they belong as epilogues And the rest is just random Some notes some discussions of The Town and The City And even some letters from Jack Kerouac s father Leo some of the better stuff in the book This one is only for Kerouac completists For everyone else start with Dharma Bums and On the Road and gofrom there Those are the only two Jack Kerouac books I really love This was a slog Much better to skim as a physical book then listen to as an audio book

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Free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¶ Jack Kerouac Read Ç The Haunted Life 109 1944 was a troubled and momentous year for Jack Kerouac In March his close friend and literary confidant Sebastian Sampas lost his life on the Anzio beachhead while serving as a US Army medic That spring still reeling with grief over Sebastian Kerouac solidified his friendships with Lucien Carr William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg offsetting the loss of Sampas by immersing himself in New York's blossoming mid century bohemia That August however Carr stabbed his longtime acuaintance and mentor David Kammerer to death in Riverside Park claiming afterwards that he had been defending his manhood against Kammerer's persistent and unwanted advances Kerouac was originally charged in Kammerer's killing as an accessory after the fact as a result of his aiding Carr in disposing of the murder weapon and Kammerer's eyeglasses Conseuently Kerouac was jailed in August 1944 and married his first wife Edie Parker on the twenty second of that month in order to secure the money he needed for his bail bond Eventually the authorities accepted Carr's account of the killing trying him instead for manslaug. Oh Jack how I miss theeFirst of all the story behind how this manuscript disappeared is fascinating It seems like it was left in a dormitory closet probably Allen Ginsberg s old room but I prefer the romantic story of how it was left and lost in a downtown taxi by Kerouac doing laps of the city in the back seat of a cab This is one of the earliest books Kerouac wrote In the past 20 years there have been a string of new publications by JK including Some of the Dharma Orpheus Emerged the play script of Doctor Sax and The Sea is My Brother along with the letters collections between Kerouac and Ginsberg and Kerouac and Ed White which have recently seen the light of day Well this is another one to add to the Kerouac shelf The Haunted Life read like an early version of The Town and The City and for all means and purposes that s what it is It follows the life of Peter Martin which must be based on Kerouac himself who is going through the young stirrings of any typical college youth He has a football scholarship is interested in the great books and writers meets friends and stays up to dawn and basically has a good time while at the same time feeling restless about the future the impending war and importantly what to do with his lifeThe manuscript itself is only about 70 pages long so the rest of this book is full of filler material and I know that that word FILLER generally has negative overtones However the filler material in this book is great First the reader is treated to a number of essays written by the young sometimes brooding Kerouac who is desperately in search for a method to implement his vision As he said he has a vision It s the method he is looking for Remember that this was all written before he discovered his spontaneous bop prosody style which would not come until he read Neal Cassady s famous Joan Anderson letter which has been just recently found only last year in full after being lost for many many years My favourite part of the book was the letters from his father Leo and his sketch of his father working for his small printing company The Lowell Spotlight It is well known that Kerouac was working on a book about his father when he died which was going to be called Spotlight These sketches and diary entries from a heart broken Kerouac witnessing the slow death of his father from stomach cancer show what Kerouac could have and probably would have written if he had lived a little longer Here s hoping that another manuscript such as the Spotlight manuscript will someday magically appear out of the blue like this one did dropping into our laps like delicious manna plucked straight out of heaven You might be up there safe in heaven dead Jack but we are down here missing you a helluva lot