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  • Race for the Gold
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  • 14 September 2019
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Race for the Gold Free read ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Dana Mentink í 6 Read & Download Read Race for the Gold WHO WANTS TO ICE A WORLD CLASS SKATER Speed skater Laney Thompson still has nightmares about the car crash that almost shattered her lifelong dream But as she's poised to compete in the world' Four years ago Laney and Max had just won the World Short Track Speed Skating ualifiers They were on the team to represent the US at the Winter Games But then they are victims of a hit and run Their dreams are crushed along with their bodiesLaney Thompson has managed to fight back and is now again at the venue for the World Short Track Speed Skating ualifiers Her aim to ualify again for the chance to win gold at the Winter GamesMax is back again too but this time as Laney s coach Only someone is determined that Laney is not going to ualifyWho is sabotaging herWho is covering up for that personWho is the reporter who is hanging aroundDoes this have anything to do with the accident four years agoAs the race draws closer the stakes are raised and Laney and Max are in a fight against time for their livesA great fast paced and faith filled suspense I really loved that the story was set during the ualifiers for the Winter Games A uniue setting and a perfect backdrop for a suspense It was also very nice to read as the Paralympics were on during my reading of this I didn t get the book in time for the OlympicsI enjoyed Laney s faith and belief in her God and other people I ached for Max as he battled his own demons of the past along with the battles of the present I did wish though that Laney would have had a battle in herself over loving an unbeliever She knew where Max stood in regards to God but it didn t seem to be a problem for her I wanted her to take hold of 2 Cor 614 and take it to heart not to find it easy but to do it because it s what the Bible reuires us to do Paragraph added in 2020I won this book through the Goodreads FirstReads giveaway I wasn t reuired to give a positive review but to give my view of the story Thank you Dana Mentink for a great story in an interesting setting with heartwarming and relatable characters

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Race for the Gold Free read ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Dana Mentink í 6 Read & Download Read Race for the Gold S most important games she finds worse trouble Someone wants her out of contentionbadly Laney won't let anything stop her not sabotage a stalker or partial amnesia As she and her brooding trai Ouch Someone is seriously trying to wreck Laney s chance at the OlympicsI have to admit I wanted to smack Max when he doubted her I mean come on Does he trust her or not Well I guess I got sucked into the story again But it s not difficult when I m reading great books One minute I m sitting on my couch reading the next minute I m sliding on the ice trying to lesson the impact when I slam into the wall in the next few secondsNope I ve never skated on ice I m not even allowed on roller skates any since I took a tumble and started having seizures but when I read Race For The Gold I could feel myself gliding the cold air rushing past me as I skated faster and fasterI would love to share with you but if I do I might give too much away So read it for yourself you are really going to love itDana Mentink writes awesome believable stories with characters you would love to get to know better at least the good guys You really shouldn t want to meet the bad guys even if you are intrigued by themI highly recommend this book actually I recommend ALL of Dana s books

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Race for the Gold Free read ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Dana Mentink í 6 Read & Download Read Race for the Gold Ner Max Blanco strive to overcome past tragedy the ice between them starts to melt But as the race draws closer a killer becomes desperate and a race for the gold becomes a race for their live This was a fun read Not knowing anything about the grueling preparations for world class speed skaters I enjoyed this book because that aspect was totally interesting to me It was informative and eye opening and I enjoyed learning about the total experience of speed racingWhat I loved The suspense Several times I sat on the edge of my seat and said Noooo Don t go in there Ms Mentink did a good job building tension until you were really concerned for the characters safetyWhat I didn t like The antagonist was clearly obvious to me from the beginning Although the author tried to hide the potential criminal character traits the actions and attitudes of the antagonist were telling Also I felt the motives of the main characters were somewhat weakOverall I give this book four stars and recommend it to anyone loving a good suspense