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Free read ¶ Shards Author Allison Moore D while actually traveling to get a steady supply of meth from a brutal Seattle drug dealer When her intensifying dependence on meth put her at the mercy of the ruthless dealer he made her a prisoner in his house subjecting her to unthinkable physical and sexual abuse and monitoring her every move through a web of hidden camerasAstounding gripping and told firsthand in a deeply sympathetic voice Shards spares no detail of Allison’s horrific experiences and the tangle of addiction and betrayal that cost her the career she loved the colleagues who adored her and the island that was once her paradi. AWESOME BOOKThis book was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I am a recovering addict myself and I could relate to alot of the feelings of guilt shame regrets etc I was BLOWN AWAY by her honesty and ho

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Free read ¶ Shards Author Allison Moore Allison Moore had everything going for her She had been the star student of her recruit class and was uickly promoted to vice cop at the Maui Police Department while earning the respect of her colleagues and a stellar reputation But when a doomed love affair with another cop led Allison to seek a desperate escape her life took a sudden and violent plungeUsing her position of authority and skills of manipulation Allison hid her addiction from her lover and her department for as long as possible She fabricated an elaborate story that she had ovarian cancer and needed to seek treatment on the mainlan. At age fifteen Allison tried to commit suicide She shares the outer forces which led up to the day she drove off a cliff in Tijiras Canyon After becoming an officer Allison became invol

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Free read ¶ Shards Author Allison Moore The shocking true story of Allison Moore a cop in Hawaii who became addicted to meth deceived her entire police department and endured prison prostitution and torture until finally seeking redemptionI had told myself when I did that line that I would only try it once But when I started to come down I couldn’t face being plunged into the icy cold water of my real life I couldn’t bear to have those feelings return I did another line bigger than the first It made me feel calm confident excited about my future Meth was the answer to all my problemsAs a beautiful ambitious and fearless young woman. Honest and relatableAnyone who s ever had an addiction not just to methamphetamine can relate to this book I feel miss Moore was honest and forthcoming I apprentice that she brought to